Thursday, December 31, 2009

DNA Test

Some time ago I took and got the 'results' of a Y-DNA67 DNA test. I had hoped to get some information useful to my niece or in building my family tree. Didn't. Paid about $250 through Family Tree and really haven't gotten any useful information. Haven't figured out how to make any use of my test results. The only thing that I am aware of learning is to not be in a rush to have another such test.

For Affirmations

For Affirmations click on

I am willing to attend to reality and the nature of process.

I am willing to be aware, happy, and honest.

I am willing to learn, help, love, clarify, recognize, enjoy, praise, and prosper.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Progress may be called correct or useful change, it often refers to movement in a predetermined direction, too often it just refers to newness. Sometimes it proves to be evidence of rot.

How About That Sound!

Just bought a set of Panasonic digital home phones. They are like mobile cell phones, but can only be used at my home. I find the sound bad. The two new phones replaced to much older phones. One of the older phones was an ivory colored dial model. Both of my older phones had much clearer and more pleasant sound reproduction than these new ones do.

I've also just bought a new slim Vizio TV to replace an ancient RCA set built like a large piece of furniture. Not only was the sound better on the old RCA but so was the picture!! This RCA was old. I had it for about a dozen years. I was left in a house I bought from and elder woman's estate. I asked her daughter why the set was in the house. She said that it wasn't sold because no believed it worked. She said that her mother had owned it for as long as she could remember!

Why is the sound getting worse? Why is the picture getting worse too??? What is happening? Why is it happening. Is it due to ignorance, hatred, or what?

Who Are You?

I don't know who you are. I don't know anything about you? I don't know what you like? I don't know any of your interests, values, fears, problems, loves, convictions.

One reason I am having trouble writing to you is that I don't have any idea of who you are.

As you can tell, by checking out the posts on this blog, I don't know much about health. I will add that I am more motivated to learn of things little related to health than I am to learn about health.

So, a second reason I have trouble writing to you is my lack of knowledge about health.

Yet, I can sincerely say, that I'd like to see you have a better chance for better health. I also assure you that I want to increase my chances for better health.

I am willing to continue this blog a bit longer on the chance of: getting to know you; learning to write a bit more helpfully; learning a bit more about health; giving us a better chance of maintaining better health.


I am becoming increasingly unable to take care of certain parts of my daily business.

Jane Murray

I have especially appreciated Jane Murry's offerings in the newsletters of the School of the Natural Order.
They have brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my lips and helped me to great days. Her words have helped me to greater awareness and greater serenity.

Thank you Jane.
Thank all of you who support her and the SNO.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Free Tutoring

I am willing to tutor the following subjects via a blog of mine
without charge:
~ Fractions, decimals, arithmetic
~ English as a second (3rd or 4th)language.

Please leave comments, questions, or requests here.


History is our memory of our experience. It is powerful. It is the way we know how to make our morning coffee.

We look at the outline, but it is very useful to know some of the details.

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This Day In History

To check out the This Day In History ap, go to my A Journal site.

What a Wonder!

There is nothing you have to do and you can.

There is nowhere you have to go and you can.

There is nothing you have to be and you can.

You are able enough.


"SNO" refers to the School of The Natural Order.

It's seat is at Home Farm.

Vitvan directed its founding.

You can find Resonance there.

Look for freebies.

Christmas thoughts are available now.

Click on

Get Fifty Dollars

Use it to pay attention.
Attend to attention.
There are many ways to direct attention. The Ray Way has sometimes been a good way for me. They say that there are Seven Rays. One out of six can be a life saver.

Attention can take you to an understanding that leads to knowing comfort and joy.

and pay for hard copies of Resonance

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's a bright clear day here at my new place in the village of Joshua Tree.

Health Hints

Squats hurt my knees and I fall over.

Takes awhile to get up.

I've Become a Complainer

How can I give myself a chance for better health?
I feel so bad I can ignore the bad effects of my four,not very effective blood pressure medications.

I have more headaches now that I had during my preteens and early teens. I've had headaches nearly every day; some days, all day

I have not learned to talk effectively with doctors nor have they learned to talk with me.

I fact doctors have often ignored me when I am speaking directly to them.

I still have the hope of finding a doctor who will act as a health teacher. How can I continue with such foolishness? Of late I care much less and have slight hope.

The pain in my right leg started deep in my hip joint in the mornings; now it is lasting much of the day and and is strongest in muscles of calf and thigh. I believe the pain originates in my spine.

What Now?

I'm losing my energy and my good humor.
I have diarrhea which must be controlled daily.
I have a great deal of pain in my right leg.
I have lost some mental ability.
I am fat.
I lack energy to exercise.
I have cut back on eating.
MDs seem unable to help.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can You Name the Country

Using these few historical hints?

It was aiming to become a republic about the same time 'we' were. It had an airline before we did.

Like all countries it was created and supported by men and families. Here are some few family names important to the existence of this country: Santander, Bolivar, Mejia, Restrepo, Corral, Narino, Caldas.
Learning, honor, generosity, kindness, family, liberty, courage, public service each has been known to be important among them.
Religion too has been important.
Doctors and poets have been respected. Men of letters and learning in general have been well respected.

Picking a name more or less at random we may find some details helpful to your guess. Let Restrepo be that name. It has long been respected in Antioquia and Santa Fe. it is known now and It was known in the United Provinces of New Granada. It was known to Simon Bolivar and to Juan del Corral. If you know orchids, you may know the genus of Restrepia. There have long been Restrepos in the city of Envigado.

Well, what do you think?

San Francisco

There were, at least, five Sheehans in San Francisco, California in 1898

Great Cities

What city do most Americans, who appreciate good air, know as BA?

Friday, December 25, 2009


I am unsettled, made afraid, by my weakness and diarrhea, the doctors' inability to help. I fear my lasting loss of ability to take care of business.

It's been this way nearly two years now. I feel anger and curse.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Days!

This blog of mine is much about this journey through my days.
It is a way I relate the content of these days to you.

At this time of year I am reminded of my strong wish that:
your days be happy,
your merry moments be many,
you and yours prosper and thrive,
you love reality,
you grow in honesty and wisdom.

A toast to your good health!
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Second Longest River: Guess its Name

The reality of water in the US seems to have begun to save the land from careless exploitation. This next to the longest river in the US, for too long, seemed unable to slack the thirst of its exploiters. Now there seems to be growing awareness of the limits and preciousness of the waters of this river. Some lovers of the "Land of Enchantment" are thanking the gods for the awareness that is slowing the march of exploitation.

Far up this long river one can find certain villages. A wise man on the way up toward those villages may keep his eyes open for the 'asequias' for the old mother ditches. They are well made and of time tested design; tested in old world and new. They were loved and cared for. Those 'irrigation canals were tended with love close to reverence and they watered beautiful, well tended gardens and orchards. Let me name some of these villages: Truchas, Cundiyo, Arroyo Seco, Hondo, Rio Sarco, Ojo Sarco, Cordova, Canjilon, El Valle, Llano, Rodarte, Tierra Amarilla. Some of these were founded as early as the 1500s others as late as the 1800s. Las Trampas, one of those little towns was there when George Washington was born, and it is not the oldest.

Knowing the power of culture, of the lasting of the ways of mankind, imagine the combining and stirrings of cultures of 16th century Spain, with that of the calmer cultures of the 16th century Pueblos, with the newer, cultures of Apache and Navajo.
Now imagine and remember the march of England and most of western Europe across the new continent from sea to shining see. Remember that recent history.

Imagine yourself satellite high looking down on the rivers of that land. Though the name of the river of which we speak is not written across that landscape, its reality may come to you.

Will you comment on water, river, reality, enchantment?

Monday, December 21, 2009

All of Us

How many of us are there now?
In 1999 the human population of the world was more than six billion. That is over sixty billion toes!
How many of us will there be in 2010?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mastery of the Invisble

A power to work your will upon invisible energy in motion in a way that is manifested in the workaday world is available to you through appropriate us of mathematics or history. Either discipline will put you on a road to mastery.

The narrower, straighter roads are those of math. You might start by becoming familiar with Lorentzian manifolds and then work your way back to high school geometry. You may not need arithmetic, but number sense is a help. Understanding certain manipulations of symbols is necessary. Sound like magic?

History has wider roads and ones that are often in disrepair. You can start anywhere. You may benefit by attending to power, energy, motivation and natural law. You might save some time by looking at the sources of Faraday's learning and let Faraday be the center of a sphere of time and space for you to explore. You may find that having the development of modern physics within your sphere of exploration is more rewarding than making certain that the ancients are included.

Ours is an energy world in constant flux. We seem to built to sense it only imperfectly. One must meditate on ones findings and learn form those who have gone before. Making some of the discipline of each of the following yours, will make you more able: philosophy, history, mathematics, and science.

Follow your pleasure as you learn. If it pleases you, go to
Wikipedia and see if searches on items like: Thales, Maxwell, Marie Curie, isomorphism, overlapping fields, electricity,magnetism, light, vector fields, homeomorphism manifolds, and the like yield anything pleasing.

May the force be with you.

Treat Wounds Sweetly

I have mentioned sugar as a treatment substance for wounds. Another excellent treatment substance for many wounds is honey.
It has been used as an excellent dressing for burns, ulcers, and open wounds. It has been used successfully to treat burns, amputations, bedsores, leg ulcers, surgical wounds, and a variety of trauma wounds, including cuts, abrasions, puncture wounds and gunshots.

For deeper wounds and abscesses, honey has been used to fill the cavity after it has been cleaned.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dr. Appointments

I don't know how to make them work for me. They have too many times become damaging to me.
Thank goodness most often they just turn out to be a waste of time.

Monday I have an appointment with Levy

I am supposed to make an appointment wit Zadeh.

I won't wait for more than 30 minutes.

I might be much better off going to a clinic.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pillars of Hercules: some notes

Neaderthals may have been on Gibraltar as late as 25000BP. Did they arriver there while running from us.

There seems to be good evidence that Phoenicians had a presence there by ca 950 BC.

The Pillars of Hercules have been called Monte Hacho and Jabel Musa. The Romans were there and Arabs controlled it for centuries.

The Pillars might well be called gates or gate posts for there were times they kept the Atlantic from entering the Mediterranean basin and times they let those waters in. In fact Strabo tells us that Pindar called them the Gates of Gades.

Atlas, Romans said they heard, was the mountain that closed the that gate across the straights.

In one history Hercules, on the way to Erytheia island, violently opened those gates so that the Atlantic flooded the Mediterranean lowlands. Did Diodorus Socolus recount that history?

In the case of Gibraltar the Spaniards may have been rooked by Englishmen.

Please add something. Just a comment would be a pleasure to receive.

To Love ............

is a wonderful Christmas gift!

Other fine gifts include to:
to understand.

Let's try to be clear about the nature of love.

Solar Power

I may not be able to profit from my own solar power set up.
Still ,,,,,,, it is interesting.

The idea that battery-based back-up power can ensure power even when the grid is down attracts me. The maintenance of such set ups may be a good business for someone. However, a propane powered generator set-up is probably cheaper and even easier to keep up.

I guess, that here in California, we still can't sell electricity that we produce even though net metering for credit is allowed. I think that one can check on selling rights, tax credits, rebates, and the like at

A grid-tie system with back-up may have been useful at Camp Thunderbird, but here at this little JT House Edison is probably good enough.

A catalog from Appropriate power got me reviewing thoughts of solar power. you can contact them at

Phone Foolishness

Verizon people are dunning me for money they claim on my closed MCI account.
MCI is happy; why is Verizon sticking their nose into my closed MCI account?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Colonoscopy Accomplished

The hardest part was waiting months to have it done.
The most acutely painful part was a misstep in having the IV placed.
No, polyps, strange beasts, or the like. That's good.
Still have diarrhea, headaches, and a right leg losing some function.
The doctor did not greet either before or after the procedure. I'd say his behavior reflects poorly on his mother.

The anesthesiologist and nursing staff were good.
Dr. Zadeh did take, I understand, a biopsy to see if there was any cause (?) for the diarrhea evident there.

Another initiatory (if not hazing) step has been taken.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mago Bill

Check to see the beginnings of a Sheehan family tree.

For the First Time in a Long Time

Tomorrow I will begin to fast and cleans.
The next day I will experience as much of a colonoscopy as I can through the sedatives I have agreed to take.
I probably will not have a bed to come home to.
This new home is closer to the place of colonoscopy than was my home of a short time ago.
I have almost no expectation that the colonoscopy will lead to correction of diarrhectic condition or my feeling of illness.
I do feel that it is a bit mad of me to let a relative stranger perform this procedure (on me).

May I have wellness, strength, and energy in abundance.

I have enough and am enough.

Is this a conversation starter?

What can you tell me about colonoscopy and wellness?

First Notions of Thai Beginings

I'm trying to start a conversational exchange. So far I have had small success. I'll try to find more popular topics as I proceed.

Grain farming began in the Thai area before 9000 BC. Other very early farming included betel, bean, pea, pepper, cucumber.

There is strong evidence that the Spirit Cave near Mae Hong Son Province of NW Thailand was occupied from about 9000 BC to about 5500 BC.

Bronze appeared in Thailand in the 5th millennium BC. A very advanced metalworking culture was wide spread and flourishing before 1500 BC. Iron was worked as early as 1500 BC.

Early Thai peoples included Lao, Lanna, Shan.

The Buddhist kingdom of Sukhothai founded in 1238 AD is often considered the first Thai state. I'd guess that by 1440 it was know throughout South East Asia and well beyond.

However, before the 13th century a Tai kingdom existed in the northern highlands, centered on Chaing Saen, a predecessor of Lanna.

A good way to begin to learn more of Thailand is to learn more about Lanna past and present.

"Land of Enchantment"

A smattering of my notions of the early history of what was to become New Mexico. As always, my hope is that this be a conversation starter.

The Pueblo revolt of 1680 probably began at the Taos Pueblo. Pope was probably an important Pueblo leader. Many of the Spaniards retreated to Mexico. Some criollos headed up river.

The 'Spanish' returned in 1692 under Diego de Vargas. A considerable number of present day NM families could trace their arrival to the time of the Vargas expedition. There are some who remember the family names of those colonists.

We could argue that New Mexico was Spain's remotest colony. Important supplies which helped to sustain the colony came over a 2000 mile mule trail from Mexico City. As Spain's power declined the colonists in NM were left more and more to sustain themselves as they could. The Indians were rapidly become fine horsemen riding decedents of good Spanish horse stock.
They raided the colonists well armed with lance, bow and war club. The colonists defended themselves with lance, bow, and long knives.

Haciendas, Missions, and Pueblos came to be abandoned before pressure from the Navajo, Apache, soon followed by Comanche. Comanche were early armed with French muscats. Colonist faced them mostly with lance and bow and few fire arms and little scarce powder.

As the above was taking place everything else was going. The Inquisition has hot. Some up-river colonists courted Apache and Apache them. Some down river colonists Pueblos and Navajo were intermarrying. 'Natives' and 'Europeans' were learning much from their close association.

Some powerful forces seemed sure that they already knew enough.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Moving Blues

Much of what could go wrong has.
No phone service.
Haven't been able to contact MCI people to stop them from charging me for a service I no longer have.
Time/Warner people haven't been able to figure out why I don't have the phone service I paid them for.
The best Property management outfit in 29 won't handle Camp Thunderbird because of problems they've had in dealing with places on well water.
Hard for me to contact anyone when I don't have a phone.

Friday, December 04, 2009


I'm moving from my spacious and now good looking Camp Thunderbird about 5 miles outside 29 Palms; to a little house, on a little lot, in the little village of Joshua Tree.

At the little JT House I will be closer to health care and nearly everything else including transportation and neighbors.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Down Time

I'll be neglecting this site until about the 14th of this month.

I'm changing from satellite transmissions to glass cable transmissions. Let me know if you note a difference.

Monday, November 30, 2009

An Anita Meditation

I believe that Val Taylor has found gifts in the following question asked by Anita: "When someone offers you a gift and you do not accept it, Whose gift is it?"

I think that it is worth hearing the question more than once. I believe that Val would suggest that 50 times is not too many.

I might be pleased to have you meditate on it for years. Val is probably sweet enough to tell you that it may be valuable to consider it when someone 'does something to you' or says something which seems unkind.


It's Good To .......

Welcome faith, light and joy.
It's good to love, pardon, hope, console, and understand.
It's good to love.

Viva Vitvan

From here it looks as though as Val Taylor attends to the teachings of The School of the Natural Order, her heart sweetens.

A bit of practice helps.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Inspired by and 'Stolen' from "All Considering" blog

"Mindfulness" is a excellent way of saying 'awareness' which many English speaking Buddhists use.

Mindfulness or awareness practice is a way to take some time to consciously be here now. When am I?

Some practical practices may include:
1. attending to your feet while grocery shopping;
2. attending to how you are sitting at the computer;
3. considering the nature or state of your "I" as you go through a door;
4. changing the the way you brush your teeth or put on your shoes;
5. while waiting, attend to your breath;
6. while doing an everyday task, attend to each little step;
7. take a deep breath, look around and see what is there;
8. when you find yourself getting irritated, smile.

Katinka jingled the mindfulness bell and the above came to mind.
Errors and foolishnesses are mine.

Lyre of the Bard

The words to modern songs and poems may hold the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of the sages. There is power in listing to them when one hears well enough.

Listen to the words that ring true.
Listen to the words that help you to remember how great you are.
Listen to the words that help you feel that you are born to win.
Listen to the words that remind you that you are enough.
Listen to words that are welcoming.
Listen to the honest, fair, and just words.
Listen to the words that say what's on your mind and in your heart.
Listen to loving words of country, clouds, mountains, deserts, seas, shadows, colors, beaches, treas.
Listen to words that remind you of a beautiful, powerful kid within.
Listen for the words which ring true.

listen that you may hear

This Is It

It's not this or that.
It's not order or chaos.
It's not organized or disorganized.
It's being here and having a memory.
It's listening to one another
It's everything.
It's all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Hyperborean Education

In this education dietary suggestions were made. For example millet was recommended for its nutritious qualities. This disciple was urged to avoid foods which acted counter to illumination, purity, and chastity of the soul or which got in the way of temperance or virtue.

Music and poetry were taught. Music was taught as a 'medicine' and an instrument of purification. Music was used to help develop and support mental states of readiness and fitness. Dancing to string instruments was included. Homer and Hesiod were important poets in his teaching.
The theory of music which lead to number and computation, was thought of as coming from sailors, merchants, and astronomers.

Cooperative politics were taught.

Divinity was taught. Nothing real need be hopeless. God first and then my promised word. An oath should be taken as sacred. Things divine can be learned even from the Celt and the Iberian.

Short sayings of the teacher are fine seeds for meditation.

The teacher called philosophy not only a desire for, and a love of, wisdom, but also the science of objectified truth.

Early Prussian Stuff

The Bronze Age Prussian culture, like other Bronze Age cultures, cam to be be strongly affected by the Iron Age technology of the La Tene Celtic culture as later as 400 BC.
The strength of the goddess Neringa wasn't protection enough in the face of the numbers in the Celtic migrations.

Scandinavian Viking began controlling trade in and through Prussian territory in about 890 AD. The Hill of Kaup near Wiskiauten may have been their first trading stronghold on the Prussian mainland. The wealth that this Scandinavian trade brought to the eastern isles of Scandinavia probably funded the beginning of the Swedish state.

Truso was an important trading center in Pomeranian Prussia long before the arrival of Scandinavians Viking. I suspect that amber trade with Rome moved through Truso.

Before 98 AD Romans found the Prussians to be more like Britains of that time then like the peoples of what the called Greater Germania. The Romans called the people they found on that Baltic coast Acstii. They noted that they still had very few iron weapons and tools, but still used mostly bronze and even stone.

Linguists believe that the evidence shows that Prussians are more closely related to Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians than to almost all other peoples.

My aim here as on all by blogs, is to start a conversation.
I'm interested in your questions, answers, comments, feelings, beliefs, thoughts,,,,,
You might ask, "What's Prussian?"
You might answer, "My aunt Millie."
You might comment, "Who cares about Balts."

You're really into this if you look for answers to:
Who knows a lot about the Nehugs-Kurisch language? or
How did the Sambians affect the Old Prussians in what became the Duchy of East Prussia.

Mostly Teddy

I've always thought pretty well of both presidents Roosevelts, but have tended to favor Franklin.

I have admired both of them for their support of the American Labor Movement.

Their last Dutch ancestor was Cornelius V. S. Roosevelt. Cornelius was born in the Netherlands in 1794 and later founded the Chemical Bank of New York which later became Chase Bank. The family got off to a good economic start.

I wonder if Theodore named Sagamore Hill after Wampatuck, who was, it seems, related to the Mattakeeset of Massachusetts Indians and was known English settlers as Josiah Sagamore. Who can tell us more about Sagamore? I believe that he is thought to havre sold the land Boston stands on to the English and that he died leading tribal members to fight Mohawks.

Speaking of Teddy, do you remember the Main?
I heard that in 1976 Admiral Hyman G. Rickover established that the blast on the Main was most likely a large internal explosion cause be spontaneous combustion in inadequately ventilated bituminous coal which then ignited gunpowder in an adjacent magazine.

Wasn't there something about a ship near the beginning of the Viet Nam "war?"

It it was a war in VietNam why was it a police action in Korea?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Citizen, You Can:

~ enliven our republic,
~ dialogue,
~ practice compromise,
~ choose,
~ practice forming coalitions,
~ be a functional part of the body politic,
~ participate in ongoing National dialogue,
~ educate yourself,
~ have a legal contract with a representative of yours,
~ know more of about our laws and treaties,
~ help another to good citizenship,
~ better know what it means to love your neighbor appropriately,
~ have a representative working for you and yours,
~ have all the needed information,
~ arrange to get the information you need,
~ know that without movement there is no Movement,
~ know who would deny you your legal power,
~ have the freedom to exercise your natural, god given, Constitutional power,
~ know the rights of a citizen,
~ practice your rights,
~ have help in claiming your rights,
~ know that by law citizens have equal rights,
~ its against the law for a rich citizen to have a right another citizen does not,
~ know the laws of citizenship,
~ as as citizen there is very little you have to do,
~ state your ideas of justice,
~ lay out your political sentiments,
~ state new rights you believe you should have,
~ get a new and better representative,
~ have more than one representative.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Citizens, You Can

Citizen,you can:

be represented,
know your representative,
be a good citizen,
have a representative who knows and respects you,
be free to make a mistake and to learn fro it,
decide with others,
get a representative,
support a representative,
share values, assumptions, opinions,
protect yourself,
demand the full service of the law,
tell your representative how to vote,
claim your Constitutional rights,
get effective representation,
support another citizen,
be supported by another citizen,
get rid of a representative who doesn't cooperate,
send a representative to our representative,
decide what great justice you want,
prioritize your wants, needs, desires,
and live your life.


According to my doctors I have:
permanent nerve damage,
chronic diarrhea,
chronic hypertension,
and do not deserve help in collecting my medical records.
They also seem to believe that they have no duty to share my records with other doctors.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Could Be Prayer

* Displayer of solutions to all of my problems, show the best way.
* Allow me to see the best way.
* You who has my respect, reverence, and love, help me to love myself, listen to my best advice, and to know your will.
* Show me the way.
Most worthy of respect and reverence, show me the way.
I, take good care of me.
I, let me take what I need.
* Let me accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.
* Keep me from repeating painful cycles of ineffectual behavior.
* All of me is yours.
* Help me to examine the probable consequences of my actions before I act.
* Help me to see my defect.
* help me to accurate and useful self-awareness.


Who killed McKinley?
Who made the Winton car?
Who was Mark Hanna?
Who taught John Burrows?
Who was Griffin Pichard?
Who are you?


You can find buskers in Chicago, Ferrara, Coffs Harbour, Whymondham, and where ever men listen for talented poets of 'truth.' But, take care, a busker can be a tricky devil and his vision ma not be yours.

What's buskin brother?

Picaro puede buscar fortuna pura.

A busker may be seeking his fortune and able to contribute to yours.

A talent can busk it.
A busker may be a tricky soothsayer and a danger to some.
Put a fin in the case. Put a nickle in the hat.
Enjoy the show.


Which Pashtun poet has best taught the Wali?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Adult Education

Important parts of our learning often proceed as follows:
From awareness,
to practice,
to mastery;
in an ongoing recycling process.
We never complete any of those three areas of learning.

The areas on which we train our awareness may well be: body, emotion, thought, and, perhaps, 'knowing.'

Part of our practice may best include meditation and contemplation.

As most of us will continue to relate to others in a society, it will help to consider the nature of justice, ethics, morality as part of our understanding.

After some growth and maturity we may want to reconsider the nature of reality.

What do we get?
Well, maybe .....
The the satisfaction of being in the process.
Raised consciousness.
A set of skills.
the pleasure of approaching mastery.
An improved way of being in the world.
A way of educating yourself.
A life of greater meaning.
And, you get growth of understanding.

Bits of Irelands Past

Beneath the peat of County Mayo have been found fields that were cultivated before 3500 BC. Wheat and barley and many other crops were grown in those fields. They may be the oldest actual cultivated fields found on earth to date. There is, of course, much older evidence of agriculture and cultivation on earth, but none that I know that includes in tact fields. It's the peat.

I suspect that there were Sheehans in Bronze Age Ireland long before iron bearing Celts. That might be about 2500 BC.

Who can make the best guess how long Brehon Law has been in Ireland? It's Been long. Some of the terms of the law date back to a time when Welsh and Irish were much more similar. Fenechas, Feni Poets, kept the law in esoteric language. In early Christian times those poets were the social equivalent of Bishops. Changes were made in that law in Christian times to bring it more in accord with Roman and christian law.

Who can tell us a bit of the early history of oats in Ireland?

Let me get a 'comment' from you here. Even a friendly 'Go to Hell' would be appreciated.

May 1st Notes and Beyond

I've wondered what happened to May Day in the U.S. I thought that perhaps the changes occurred in my toddlerhood. Some changes surly did occur then, for I remember May baskets, flower garlands, and stories of recent Maypoles. I see none of of these things associated with the season now.

Lately I've learned that the first among our founding fathers participated in some of those changes. George Washington himself encouraged the transfer of the mirth and jollity of May 1st to "King Tammany" at Valley Forge. The Valley Forge of our history preceded my toddlerhood.

To make St. Tammany Day on May 1st a national day of recognition was proposed by way of Senate Resolution 39 and House resolution 123 at a very early date.

Please help me to learn about this Tammany business and about May Day. Tammany began long before 'Tammany Hall' and May Day must have pre-Christian origins. What might we lean about ourselves through more understanding of this part of our history.

Was there an Ann Julia Hatton of Sait Tammany Parish Louisiana who wrote an opera libretto that turned out to be the earliest dram about American Indians. Was tammany mentioned in that operetic work?

Now it seems like I remember a name like Tammany in 'Last of the Mohicans.'

I believe that New York had a Tammany Regiment in the Civil War.

More questions:
Who was King Tammany?
Did George Washington have something against May Day?
What was so special about King Tammany that made celebrating his day a good replacement for other or addition to May Dy celebrations?
How are King Tammany and St. Tammany related?

The Hyperborian's Education

He was compendiously taught even though his teachers communicated to each only that part of wisdom which was appropriate to him.

There were psychological requirements. One was an easy, perhaps natural, gentleness called culture.

There was a daily program that began with a solitary walk to an appropriately quiet place. The most sacred place handily available was considered the best choice.

Friendship was practiced. The removal of strife from relationships was advised and taught. The younger were taught to subdue their anger when with elders. Elders were taught to correct or admonish the younger softly and cautiously.

Symbols were used in instruction. Their significance and arcane intentions, mostly aimed toward morality and reality, were freed from their enigmatic form.


Friday, November 06, 2009

Glad It's Avaialble

Suicide is looking more and more to be the available way to express my power.

My g. i. track is not working well: chronic diarrhea with no cure in sight

I have ongoing headaches and growing variety of joint pain.

My circulatory system is self-destructing: out of control hypertension.

Damaged upper respiratory system: excess fluids, shortness of breath, closing of nasal passages.

Hot flashes, lack of energy, daily periods of exhaustion.

I am doing very little to remedy this deterioration of my functions. I know of little to do. I have been unable to get a plan of action from health professionals.

I don't know how to give up.

I don't know how to take any constructive action.

Suicide doesn't yet seem easy, but I am very glad that it is available.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Well Enough

I am willing to die well enough. I'm not in a hurry, yet.
I am exhausted much of the time.
Have my share of aches and pains.
Have become short tempered and forgetful.
Have had diarrhea for 18 months now and doctors find it easy to call it chronic and forget it.
My blood pressure has been out of control for over six months now.
After taking my blood pressure successfully for nearly 4 decades, I now seem incapable of doing so.
Ignorance more that my lack of energy keeps me from doing more to take care of myself.
I do what I can as energetically as I can.
Doctors say something is wrong, but they don't know what.
Something is wrong, but I don't know what.

A Republic

Where did our republic come from?
Just what is a republic?
Who represents you in this republic?
Who is representing you right now?
Why is that?

"The Greatest Number"

You have heard the dictum, "The greatest good for the greatest number." use as an aid to decision making. It has always sounded pretty good to me.
How has it worked for you?
Do you know of a case in which it has been used?
What was "the greatest good" in that case?
Who was left out of "the greatest number" in that case?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blood Pressure Plan

Adding only 2 mg of terazosin seems seems to have brought down my pressure. I've been more responsive to terazosin than to any drug I've tried recently.
It seems that the maximum recommended dose 20 mg a day and that 10 mg is not uncommon.

The plan at the moment shall be to see how I am reacting to 4 mg. If 4 mg brings my pressure to 139/79 or less great. If not I will try raising dosage in 2 mg steps up to a maximum of 10 mg.
If that doesn't do the trick, I'll need a new plan

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Pressure right now 206/120 pr 60. Average pressure is 180/104 pr 57.
I experienced this jump up in pressure after I had been dealing with this diarrhea for over a year.
Most of that time I had been treating that diarrhea as a parasitic infestation when most of the time it probably was not. It took me 17 months to get an America doctor to do cultures. What a waste of time and health!
When I finally got a doctor and a lab to help me the lab through out my first 9 samples because of a dispute with the doctor!
Still have diarrhea.
Have had out of control blood pressure for six months.
Right hip has been giving me a period of really disturbing pain most mornings.

Pressure medication
terazosin 4mg
metoprolol 200 mg
amlodipine 10 mg
enlalapril 40 mg

Sunday, October 25, 2009


175/100 pr61. Not good, but about the same as it was when I was taking more medication. Still I am taking fairly large amounts of four different medications right now.


Bp is down to 147/91 pr62 now at 1:45 pm.
What about most of the night and all morning??


Morning Med

An hour after taking morning medication my pressure is 169/108 pr 68.
I'll start looking for a new doctor next week.


Blood pressure is back up to around 210/113 with a pulse rate of 63.
At the moment its 174/131 and pr of 70.
Recent average has been 185/109.
I don't know what to do.
Six months ago my pressure was under control and had been for years. Now neither my doctor nor myself seem to be able to do anything about it.
I guess its time to look for a new doctor.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I think that I have brought my blood pressure down by increasing my daily metoprolol from 100 mg to 200 mg and dropping the tecturnaHCT and valsazrtan.

Still have headaches, but it is great to see pressure going down.

Now, of I can get rid of diarrhea and joint pain, I'llbe a happy man.

Hiredmeat's "Dispatches from the S.S. Helen": California Teachers Association Comics

Hiredmeat's "Dispatches from the S.S. Helen": California Teachers Association Comics

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Native Thoughts

Some things I've heard that American Indians said:

~ A community that can distinguish itself from the greater society offers greater freedom, more personal fulfillment, and greater survivability.

~ This is my land. I have no other. I am related to this land by birth.

~ Support law and order by supporting the local chapter of the American Civil liberties Union.

~ Action attempted without discussion leads to dissension. Ongoing dialogue leads to harmony and understanding.

~ In this situation whether it is best to fight, coax, or run is probably a question of which is safest.

~ If he is not a friend and has the power to effect my life, that I can firmly grip his Adams apple with one had and his balls with the other comforts me.

~ I purposely show my feelings only to a very good friend, still I may show them to a great enemy.

~ Love is good. However, love may be felt or show for an inferior. A filthy animal may be loved.
Respect may be better than love where justice and equality are important. Reverence is best. I want to feel and demonstrate reverence for myself, my friends, my family, life, and all.

~ Consider well when one should take precedence over another.

~ Your group economy may find a better way to adapt to the economy of the country.

~ In relating to another you must serve that persons desires. If you do otherwise you are doing things to him, not for him.

~ A people should be made of strong individuals, with sound principles of their own choosing.

~ Decide before acting.

~ The function of the community is to protect the individual.

~ I want to be willing to learn from any one.

~ Parents teach their children.

~ Love all living.

~ We are we by speaking our will.

~ An idea may never die of old age.

~ Let's be quiet and listen to our inner urges again.

~ To be consulted and heard, get together.

~ I need no function to justify myself.

~ Trust accumulates.

~ Law is best when it follows the reasoning which comes from talking among ourselves.

~ A weak claim is no claim.

~ Strike for life!


I'm ill.


Foods that tend to counteract diarrhea; so I've heard:
brown rice


I feel too sick and overwhelmed to do anything.
Diarrhea for 17 months.
High blood pressure uncontrolled by the 6 drugs I am taking.
Rapidly increasing joint pain. Hip pain is particularly tiring.
No help from doctors.
No Ideas.
Little energy.
Little hope.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happening in the Middle East

Something interesting in the world looks like a Semitic coalition before and against Iranian possession of Atomic weapons.

Most agree that the people of each nation have the right to atomic energy, even if they wish it weren't so.

Israeli people and government are reasonably against having to face an Iran which has atomic weapons too.

Most Arab leaders are little pleased with the prospect of having an Iran armed with atomic weapons as a neighbor. Many justice loving Arabs ask why it is right and fair for Israelis to have atomic weapons and bad for Iranians to have them. Still, even in the name of justice, they cannot be hoping to be surrounded by increased likelihood of mushroom clouds in their neighborhood.

So Semitic people, Arab and Jew, do not want to feel threatened by Persian weapons and so may be tempted to cooperate.

Might such cooperation may prove a boon to the Palestinian people?
Might Arab and Jew benefit by the vision of a new way to cooperate?
Might Jew and Palestinian see such Arab-Jew cooperation as even making a one-nation solution to their problems possible? Could it lead to an acceptable compromise?
Might Arab/Israeli cooperation lessen the chances of armed conflict between Israel and Iran

My Memory

Here is what I remember about the Korean War/police action.
There was a war between the North and the South.
We wanted the North to lose.
We fought against the North and they beat us off.
Since then Americans have been on that border.
How long has it been?
Where have I remembered wrongly?
How do you think we should decide to join a civil war?

Theravada Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism shows a continuous and ongoing influence in South East Asia from very early times. I believe that people of Burma (Myanmar) were the main SEA influence in the spread of Theravada Buddhism, shared by Sinhalese and others. Theravada was not, and is not the only Buddhism in the area, just as Buddhism has never been the only religion in the region.

Buddhists of what we now call Sri Lanka were not the only Buddhists in contact with the peoples of what we now call Myanmar; though Buddhist teachings an revivals have flowed both ways between these two peoples. One example of an influence on Myanmar Buddhism which was nor Ceylonese may be found in the career of Atisa(AD 982-1054) after the advent of Islam. Atisa probably spent a dozen years in southern Burma before going to Tibet to reform tantric tradition there.

Theravada Buddhism stayed strong through the Mongo evasions and the destruction of Pagan by them at the end of the 13th century. In the 15th century the Mon order Dhammaceti restored the Theravada order.

I hope to write more in this vein soon.

Native California Peoples

Native America peoples of what is now southern California usually had names for themselves other than the ones will I give here. Here are many of the popularized ones I remember. There are many more: Chumash, Alliklik, Kitanemuk, Serrano, Gabrielino, Luiseno, Cahuilla, Kumeyaay, Hoopa.

Of course other native peoples made their presences strongly felt in California. For example: Shoshone, Paiute, Yakee (Yaqui), Mohave, Apache, and many others.

There was cultural and economic commerce between and among these people. Trade was carried on to the Northwest US and beyond, to deep into Mexico, up and down the Colorado and beyond.

Each of these peoples have their stories and their history.

The Chumash, for example, traded up and down the Pacific coast in their well-made, brea-caulked boats. They also were know for introducing new religious ideas to inland peoples.
The Chumash were among those to bear much of the brunt of contact with European explorers and conquerors. They were among the first to contact the Spanish and in very early times had unfriendly dealings with the Russians and their Native allies. It's not surprising that Chumash made these contacts first, as they were a sea going people and the Spanish, Russians, English and a surprising number of others first came by sea. The Chumash may also have traded with Chinese and perhaps Japanese.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Thunderbirds

The thunderbirds are back, but no thunder.

Seems like October. Must be time for Gary's "birthday."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

California Teachers Are Still Losing SS Quarters

Teachers pay into their retirement account. Their pension is not a free benefit. Unlike many corporate workers teachers have been required to pay 8% of their salary into an account with the California State Teachers Retirement System. This is a higher rate than most workers pay into Social Security.Further, by a great travesty of law, teachers lose most of all moneys they earn under
SS. Teachers made and make their monthly contributions in good faith and deserve not to lose the modest pensions they were promised.

I had SS deducted from my pay for forty years. Why must I lose that just because I taught for 20 Years.

Reminds Me

Looking at the photographs on the site below reminds me of the Desert Hot Springs of the late '40s and early '50s.

I don't know of what they are likely to remind you.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bleeding First Aid

If you or another is bleeding in a way that seems to be leading to serious blood loss or just a big mess, here are seven ways you might try to control it:
1. direct pressure on wound
2. pressure wraps
3. icing the area
4. elevating the wound above heart
5. apply a product call Bleed-X or TraumaDEX
6. apply corn-starch directly in the wound and cover with a wrap
7. sugar use as the cornstarch above does a good job of staunching the flow and also acts as a bit of a disinfectant.
8. honey may flow into deep and large and deep wounds to staunch bleeding and also be a better anti-biotic than is sugar
Each of the acts should be considered short term. All wounds should
cleaned and disinfected. Deeper or more serious wounds should be treated by a physician or surgeon.


I'm still feeling comparatively ill.
I still have something going on in my gut. All my experience points to parasites. I expect the results of some cultures soon.
My right hip is newly very painful. Inversion table is of some help.
Pain in right wrist and thumb have increased.
My blood pressure has gone down a bit, but is still much too high in spite of adding medication and doubling old med.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

I've been too ill to take care of business around the place as well as I have been accustom. But, I am not dead and neither is my curiosity.
Looking out the window I saw a flock of large whit birds, not something one sees often on the desert, and went out to investigate. I couldn't see a trace of them. This accrued in mid-morning.

After noting that the birds were not to be seen, I saw the two young coyotes which have been spending a lot of time on the property. They were very close to me. They stopped to take a good look at me. Then I watched as they circled leisurely, and not very cautiously, to my left.

I fear for them. Although they are about full grown, they could benefit from a mother's wisdom. I first saw them earlier this year at night. Then I began to hear them them very near at night and to see their scat and their pad prints very close to the house. I saw one or the other of them morning and evenings while the sun was up.

This morning I heard the neighbors small pack of dogs, usually quit and well behaved, barking long and excitedly. Now, I see them moving around man and dogs in the mid-morning light in a way that will attract a man with a rifle.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Let's

Let's see how more democracy and fewer elections can improve our republic.


Let's do a bit more to avoid unilateral intervention in the internal politics of sovereign nations even in our clandestine operations.

Let's try a bit more to avoid turning and twisting 'democracy' into a bad and and unjustly dangerous word.

Doesn't a bit less external intervention and a bit more internal democracy sound good?
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A killick is a stone anchor in old Irish.

A shebeen is liquor dispensary that hasn't be legitimated by some greater authority. It is in fairly common usage in much of Africa, but seems native to Scotland and Ireland.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Paternal Grandfather: born 1885

Between 1907 and 1913 my grandfather, Joseph Carroll Sheehan, and his wife Josephine had four children: Carroll, Eleanor, Winifred, and Cliff.
Before WWI Joseph was a fireman in Chicago.
He was in the U. S. Army from 1916 to 1920.
He was discharged from the Mounted Engineers in El Paso, Texas in 1920.

His father, Mago William Sheehan, who was born in Ireland, was naturalized in the U. S. in 1859.

Please help me add to and correct these notes


Abstracts are a valuable form of reference which can help one to keep more nearly in touch with reality.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


There's a lot we don't know about it.

When is the beginning of time?
Does it begin when we set the alarm.
Did it begin in the first cities?
Did it have a beginning?
Has it ever ended?
Is it ending all the time?
Did time begin with the calendar?
Is time with every man?
Has there ever been a man without time?
What's time out?
Did it begin on your birthday?
Can it begin without a birthday?
When will it end?
How many kinds of time are there?
Where does time exist?
Where is it?
Did homo Sapiens have when they were really getting active about 30,000 years ago.
Does a clock make time?
Can a clock keep time?
What time is it?
What do you do with time?

Culture on the Baltic

Map of the Baltic Sea.

I'm very new to the Baltic Sea and am finding it interesting. Looking at a photo of the waters of that Sea, I am somehow reminded of the wine dark waters of Homer. At the moment my focus is on its eastern shores and what has been called Prussia and Pomerania.

It seems that the Baltic is a crossroads that has long supported a high level of culture. My imagination, which seems realistic, sees that culture as much older than the Age of Vikings, older than 'the amber route' traveled by the Romans, older even then the coming of the Celts and Indo-Europeans; though the proto-Italo-Celts may have been fairly early contributors to it.
The Amber Route is the Western equivalent to Silk Road. A difference being that the Amber Route was largely on water.

I suspect that numbers of newcomers with iron technology may have been arriving as late as 800BC, but I also suspect that the culture there was significantly high 2000 years before that and maybe long before that.

There is available evidence suggesting human settlement in Pomerania going back 13000 years.

Some of Europe's, and perhaps the world's earliest man enhanced water-ways(canals) enter the Baltic and connect(or connected)it to the Black Sea and on to Greece, Egypt, Persia, and beyond. It was connected to the heart of the Eur-Asian land mass as well as to the Norse lands, the islands of Britain and Ireland and beyond.

Language students may be the source of much important knowledge of the area.

We know that in recent centuries the languages of the Poles, Swedes, Germans, and Russians too have had their impact on the eastern shore of the Baltic, as well as many others. Much earlier Indo-European languages like the Celtic ones impinged upon them strongly. But traces of much earlier languages remain. There are important traces of language which is not Slavic, German, or even Indo-European.

As late as 300AD, Roman travelers and traders were still noting a people called Veneti. And, indeed, called the Baltic the Venetic Bay (later Vikings would call it the eastern lake). The word Veneti may be related to Venus. It seems to be closely related to Old Irish words for fine, kinship, alliance, tribe, and family. It also seems to relate to Old Norse 'vinr,' meaning, I believe, friend. I think that by this 300AD date the Goths had well begun their conquest of the area.

Peaks the curiosity.

An environment can be unhealthy.
A social environment can be unhealthy.
It may not be correct to call a social environment sick, but it is probable that it is possible for our social environment to sicken us. It may impair ones mental health.
It is probably impairing our physical and economic health right now.

Why is that?

Well, for a time, we did not listen to the people who were telling us that our society was making them sick.

Why is that?

We know that some people seek and benefit from psychiatric or psychological help. They make what might be called inner changes.
We know that a person may also make changes in his or her outer situation.

However, we associate with others with whom we may cooperate. We act in a society of others. We act within a social system. We note that the system may effect our well being. We have learned that sometimes systemic changes may be needed. We may be called upon to cooperate with one another to make this change.

How may we do that?

It calls for practice, skill, and understanding. We most have real knowledge of how we got where we are. That means we need a lot of knowledge about us and a good understanding of our present situation. We need to have communication skills that go way beyond 'fair fighting.'
We need to be realistically clear about where we find ourselves. We must a true and honest understanding of our past. We must dialogue in a way that helps us to listen to, hear, and understand the assumptions of others.

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Psychology is a science, in important part, to the extent to which its language can clearly communicate empirical findings. A clearly understood classification system is a big help toward that end. Make sure you know what they are talking about. When I don't understand what they are talking about, I suspect that they don't either.

A great value of science is that it facilitates the communication of knowledge.
A classification system need not become dogmatic.
Because a finding is empirical does not mean that it has been subjected to the methods of science.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where Am I Wrong?

Jesus knew that ignorance is a major, perhaps the major source of the hurtful and harmful in man's existence. He choose enlightenment (not punishment) as the cure for ignorance as have most wise and holy persons. The enlightenment he chose included the will to prompt and loving action to right wrongs.
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Statements About Democracy

We want and need your comments.
Please say how much you agree or disagree with each of the following statements.

~ Middle of the road democracy includes social, economic, and political equality.

~ Democratic equality is sustained by elements such as excellent education, skill at dialogue, a high level of courtesy and respect among the people.

~ Democracy is ancient bur must be renewed daily.

~ The Roman Republic may have been farther removed from democracy that ours.

~ The Cossack republics of the Ukrain may have been closer to democracy than ours.

~ There have been leaderless groups of, say, 50 or fewer who practice an equitable and effective democracy.

~ There are many kinds of democracy.

What is your favorite kind of democracy? Check Wikipedia or another source for a menu of available democracies.
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Another Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises are often associated with meditation or relaxation. They may help in lowering blood pressure. I might feel better if I'd complete a couple of breathing exercise each. I do attend a bit more to my breathing than I once did and seem to be better for doing so.

Here is a exercise I've tried, but not done regularly. Allow me to address it to you.
a) lie on your back,knees up, feet flat on floor. Support head and shoulders on a pillow.
b) Relax. Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose, allowing the air to fill the lower part of your lungs. In doing so push abdomen downward and upward so that it appears to rise above the level of your chest. See that the air is allowed to flow to the bottom of your lungs.
c) Once the lower portion of your lungs is filled with air, hold the position for a few seconds, and then slowly contract the abdomen and lower the ribs, exhaling strongly at the same time.
d) Try counting to, say, 4 as you inhale, 2 as you hold, and 6 as you exhale.
e) Continue this round for 10 to 15 times.

Within the posts on this site you will find other breathing exercises which might please you.
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Leaves of Cinnamon, Pithoragarh, Himalayas, IndiaImage via Wikipedia

Cinnamon, it seems, may refer to more than one spice. More probably, there have been four species of cinnamon known since classical times. It is most often as type of evergreen tree. In earlier times it was found mostly in southern China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India.

Cinnamon is known as a 'fundamental herb' in classical Chinese pharmacology. It now seems that most types of cinnamon combat the diabetic effects o sugar.

My grandmother's cinnamon toast was probably a wise and healthful idea. It may be a good idea to use cinnamon with sugar whenever it doesn't seem too weird to do so.

Please help me to update us on the health effects of cinnamon. Is "cassia" another name for cinamon?
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

These Live Sheehans

The famous Stanford historian, James Sheehan, lives on as does his brilliant sonMichael Sheehan.

Maybe learning a bit about James Sheehan could help put us on the track of some interesting Prussian history. I understand that he has specialized in German History.  A Prussian may be a Baltic Slav more closely related to Norsemen than to Germans, but it seems that Germans have made much of recent Pussian history.

To learn more about Michael check:  

If you are a techie who is interested in a useful way to have your head in the cloud check out:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who Are We?

How do we decide what our will is?
How does one decide?
How do we translate our will to action?
How can we cooperate more effectively?
How can we express our will. if 'we' don't have one?
How do we communicate amongst ourselves?
How do we carry on a dialogue?
How do we discuss our common problems?
How do we clarify a common problem?
How do we tell others what we think individually?
How do we discover what we think collectively?
How do we think collectively?
How do we discover our common will so that we may covern ourselves?
How useless are we if we are quiet?
How are we deciding carefully and in person?
How do we decide matters of life and death?
How do we consider what we might do to live better?
How do we reason together?
How do we understand one another?
How do we participate in our 'we-ness?'
How well can we survive?
How can we do it better?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Prince Wenzel Anton von Kaunitz

Louis L'Amour quotes the Prince:

"Much is not dared because it seems hard;
much seems hard only because it is not dared."

Louis L'Amour Suggested

Louis suggested:
~ that it is easy to find someone to tell you a lot about the country you are passing through;
~ that one read more than one book at a time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are any of these men still alive?

~ H. L. Sheehan, British endocrinologist for whom Sheehan's syndrome was named about 1937.

~ John J.Sheehan, (b. 1940), United States Marine Corps general.

~ Michael J. Sheehan, Brig. General, WWII Burma campaign.

Tell Me Some History or Just Some Stories

About these Sheehans who have lived their lives.

  • Winfield R. Sheehan, (1883 - 1945), American film producer and executive.
  • P. A. Sheehan, (1905 - 1996), Irish journalist, lawyer, author: son of D. D. Sheehan.
  • D. D. Sheehan, (1873 - 1948), Irish politician, journalist, and labor leader.
  • Jack Sheehan, (1893 - 1987) America baseball player.
  • John Sheehan, (1844 - 1885) New Zealand politician.
  • Patrick A. Sheehan, (1852 - 1913) Irish Catholic clergyman and author.
  • John C. Sheehan, (1915 - 1992), American chemist.
Who should we add to this list?
Who knows something interesting about these people?

Tell Us about These Sheehans

I know a bit about Cindy Sheehan the anti -war activist, but who can tell me something about the following living Sheehans of some fame?
Billy Sheehan, an America rock bassist.
Bobby Sheehan, and American rock bassist!
Casey Sheehan, an American soldier. Related to Cindy?
Edward R. F. Sheehan, American journalist, diplomat, and novelist.
Fran Sheehan, America rock bassist!!
Frank Sheehan, a Canadian politician.
Helena Sheehan, American-born Irish academic and former nun.
James J. Sheehan, an American historian.
James Michael Sheehan, an Australian politician.
Michael Jarboe Sheehan, the current archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe.
Michael Jerome Sheehan, U. S. Naval Public Affairs Officer, former crew member of Mystery Science Theater.
William F. Sheehan, an America politition.
Neil Sheehan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist.

Who else can we add to this list of live fame?

Citizen, Can You Help Me

  • What is citizenship?
  • What is a good citizen?
  • What is the good of being a good citizen?
  • What's in it for me?
  • What does ones citizenship have to do with ones relationship to a community?

I Had Fun With My Mazda

Most Iranians are informed by the religious reform brought by Zarathustra. He put morality into Religion before Buddha, Jesus, and Mohamed.

He preached that man has the freedom of moral choice. He taught that man did not owe blind obedience, but rather had the responsibility to understand the injunctions of his religion.

He taught that goodness may proceed from good intentions. He supported the value of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.

He valued highly the knowledge of mans inward relationship with truth.

For him the "Supreme Being" is realized as spirit.

He taught that it is man who has responsibility; that it is the good mind that may divine the truth; the mind may divine the false, less false, the less true; the true. The good mind has the ability to approach the truth.

He conceived of god as the Father of the Good and as the Creator of Truth. He announced his relationship with God to be a bit like this " .... the Good Mind instructed me to adore Him; by His Wisdom let Him teach me about what is best." He asks his listeners to " .... ponder well over all things, weigh my words with care and clear thought."

There are those who believe that in Zarathustra was a scientific spirit and a willing to use truth to unlock the source of power in nature.

Zarathustra seems to ask us to resist untruth and materialism, and to embrace freedom.

Rabindranth Tagore seems to have thought highly of Zarathustra's teachings.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Web Site

I've just started a new website.

It's mostly just a rudimentary family-tree and so will mostly interest just a few family members.

However, if you have Daniels, Sheehan, or Carroll surnames in your family, you may want to check it out ..... or even add to it.


Louis L'Amour seems to have been pleased that his education provided him with:
~ breadth of view
~ ease of understanding
~ tolerance of others
~ a background from which his mind could explore in any direction
~ honesty
~ a grounding in history


We are in a search for meaning.
We are newly urged toward an enormous new collective awareness.
We are subject to insanity.
Our collective awareness may be more or less mad.
How are we recognizing good, better, and best observation?
How are we recognizing good, better, and best interpretation?

Readings Mentioned As Good by .........

Louis L'Amour:
Commerce of the Prairies, by Gregg
Cudjo's Cave
The Little Sheppard of Kingdom Come
Science fictions in general
Dumas' books
The Rise of the Dutch Republic, by John Motley
Martin Eden, by Jack London

I'd enjoy your comments on any of these works. I have a lot to learn about each of them. I expect that Commerce of the Prairies would be valuable and fun look at an important bit of US history.

Cudjo's Cave sounds like a work of fiction I'd really enjoy.

The Little Sheppard of Kingdom Come was recommended to me by my father so I never read it.

Some years ago I read and enjoyed a great deal of science fiction. I found the works with a sociological bent of particular interest.

Everything I've read by Alexander Dumas pleased me. I might return to him.

Martin Eden is great. However, you may find London's Burning Daylight
a welcome balancing volume.

Friday, September 18, 2009


As being overweight may be a cause of hypertension, pushing back fro the table a bit earlier may be a positive help. A decision to continue to eat everything, but a bit less of it may lead to progress toward lower blood pressure. Walking a bit more than has become customary could lead to similar progress.Coupling a reasonable cut in calories with a calorie-expenditure increase may help too.

Calorie-expenditure usually refers to exercise or physical activity. A moderately paced walk of a mile once a day is considered moderate exercise and is often to lead to longer walks at greater speed. Such exercise is not expected to result in marked increase in appetite.

Those, like me, unwilling to eat less and be more physically active may opt for chemical surgery. For example, taking drugs which are powerful ganglionic blocking agents. Such drugs, in effect, perform chemical surgery.

I have also taken relaxer drugs, like hydralazine, which produce a more gradual and more lasting fall in pressure than gangionic blockers. A combination of hydralazine with hexamethonium seems helpful. Then there wee others like rauwolffia and resepine.

Drugs which might be called usurpers(guanethidine)and also the diuretics didn't seem helpful. Enough diuretics to actuall reduce my pressure, for example, lead to heart discomfort. I am experiencing heart discomfort an pressure right now. I wonder if the aliskiren I've just begun to take is a diuretic!!

My Blood Pressure Is Up

I am experiencing a bit of kidney pain.
I think that my blood pressure has bee up since about March of this year.
I've just about doubled my medication recent months. I am now taking the the following medications daily:
Tekturna 300mg
metoprolol 100mg
enalapril 40mg
amlodipino 10mg
terazosina 4mg
The most recent increase was from 150mg of Tekturna to 300mg of that drug. I've doubled everything accept amlodipino to no apparent effect.

The changes in medication have made little to no change in my pressure!

Averaging my early morning pressures for the last 5 days I get 222/115. I've told Dr salhotra that my morning pressure runs about 200/110. It seems he does not believe that it runs that high. This morning it was 231/113 with a pulse rate of 55.

Relaxation techniques sometimes lower my pressure 6 to 7 points for a matter of minutes.

I don't no why my pressure jumped up this time. It something similar a couple of years or so back for no reason I have discovered, but it did seem easier to get under control that time.

I am over-weight. Dropping 50 pounds did not bring down my pressure in the past, but there is little chance that doing so again would hurt me.

I am truly concerned. In the past, when my pressure reach these ranges blood vessels burst in the whites of my eyes, my vitreous fluid became cloudier, and some kidney damage was found. I haven't had a stroke although my facial paralysis has led some to believe that I have.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Earliest Europeans In North America, Speculation

I was speculating about some of the earliest Europeans to arrive in North America. I was thinking that at first their number was very small and that their arms little better than those they found in use here.
Their bow and arrow technology was frequently no better than that which the found here. The did sometimes bring swords that were in many case superior to native spears and clubs, but the usually did not bring with them the high smithing technology need to make a new sword. And they seldom brought the needed knowledge of metal extraction.

Even in later days a Spanish colonist without horse or armor was about on par with native warriors. It was often lance against lance and bow against bow.

Kearny and California

Stephen W. Kearny may not have been a sweetheart, but he was perhaps the top pre-Civil War officer in the US Army. He is important for his part in the conquest of California. The Kearny ("Kar-ney") code for governing government behavior towards Californios may not have been great, but was many times better than what that behavior became. What it became may not have been as bad as government behavior during Reconstruction, but it was comparable.

Kearny was born in 1794 in New Jersey and died in Missouri in 1848. He was of good family, being able to trace his roots back through general William Alexander and Sara(Lady Sterling)Livingston.

In 1826 he was appointed as fist commander of Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. While there he married Mary Radford, the stepdaughter of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

While at the Jefferson Barracks, Kearny organized a regiment of dragoons on the lines of a cavalry unit. The U.S. Cavalry eventually grew out of that unit.

Kearny left for California with a fighting force of 300. Arrived tired in California and was stopped dead in his tracks by Capitan Leonardo Cota of the Californio-Mexican cavalry under Andres Pico at the battle of San Pasqual where Kearny was wounded. Even after Kearny was helped by Commodore Stockton's naval force at San Diego it remained a 'Mexican Stand-off, for some time. After the Battles of San Gabriel and La Mesa with the subsequent control of Los Angeles the Anglos gained the upper hand. They were helped a bit by lack of trust for the Mexicans which had been developing in the Californios.

Still for a short time, a bit like Camelot, the "days of the Dons" had been a bit like the dreams of the Caliphs.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prussia or

history map of Ordensstaat, 1455Image via Wikipedia

You won't find Pandow in Prussia though You may find Luneburg and Lotzen there. You will find neither Lunenburg nor Lotzen in Myanmar, but you might find Pandow there.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

Felt well enough to do quite a bit of work around the property today. Perhaps a talk with family and friends about taking care of my health helped.

The place is looking so good that a cute, speedy kangaroo rat has moved into the house.

Watched the sun go down as I played with my water and reestablished my play river in the back.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Uncontrolled Hypertension

My morning average pressure is 220/110 with a nice pulse rate of about 60.

My medication level has been high and is newly higher.
See Ways and Means

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

Malaysian vinegaroon

I Might be the Monster in the Bedroom

The vinegaroon might just have been scavenging a meal which I provided.

The centipede was just where it could have easily be crushed by my calloused heel.

The vinegaroon in the picture looks tougher than the ones around my house. The ones around Camp Thunderbird are a translucent yellow green, its pincher are smaller and its eating parts a bit more prominent. However, looking much like a scorpion without the scorpions businesslike tail is correct.
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Monday, September 07, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

Monsters in the Bedroom

Walked into the bedroom and found a vinegaroon finishing off a centipede.

Gathering my courage I threw a rug over vanquished and vanquisher and trampled them both.

After cleaning up the carnage I decided to watch a bit of TV before going to bed.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Question of Indians

What kind of food was "pechita" among Spanish speaking Indians near the boarder of Northern Mexico and Southern California?

Who has information about the hot and cold water wells of Coachella Valley Indians from the earliest times?

What did "Piatopa" mean to Coahuila Indians and how was it related to Mt San Gorgonio?

In What ways are the Pima similar to the Cocomaricopa?

How are the Apache similar to the Yuma?

What is the history of the Yaqui as miners?

Is there a good translation of Geronimo Boscana's ethnographic work on the Luiseno of Southern California? It was written not long before 1830.

Where can I get information about the Yaqui-Mayo rebellion of 1740?

What is known of the early sea trade of the Yaqui with people of Baja California? The trade was active in about 1800. At that time Yaqui were crossing the gulf in their 'canoes' from Guyams to Loreto about 140 miles across pretty rough water.

Was there and Apache revolt in New Mexico in about 1680?

Who will tell us something about the Hachedun Indians who lived along the Colorado River?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Josh of Joshua Tree House just called to say that he expects to be out of the house by midday on October 15th.

So, it looks as though I will be moving from here. Will it be just to Joshua Tree, or a step beyond the step beyond?

Guess I had better get out the paper work. I think I will be returning most or all of $900 or $1000 security deposit.

On with plans. Fix up patio and have a bit of tile work done here and then get ready to move tools and things from garage and start packing up smaller things here. Or, should I place rental ads for the JT House now.

Its good I've kept the Van. I can use it for moving.

If I'm moving out of the country I don't want to be buying new furniture for the JT house.

A Bit Less Negative

The property manager for for the JT House disappeared. Now my tenants expect to move in October. I expect to get notice from them soon.

I could move into the JT House. I suspect that I would find it a more convenient place to live than here. The neighborhood seems quiet enough. Putting in a privacy wall in the back should make it a very livable place. I told myself some time ago, that when it became vacant I would probably move in.

I'm nearly 72 years old and it now seems that I should not wait long to do things I'd like to try.
I'd like to try living in the JT place. I'd also like to try living out of the country again for a time. If I rent out both houses and add that rent to my retirement money, I'd have enough for me to live well in most countries of the world.

This bears some consideration and planning. If I move to, say, Montevideo, it would help to have a home address here in the States where I could receive tax returns, bank statements, rent receipts, and the like. That means I will have to arrange to pay a friend or relative to receive my mail and to tell me each month what kinds of mail I'm getting. Maybe a local mail place would do as well.

I'd probably also rent a small storage place near here as well. Mail forwarding and storage should not be more than I can afford.

I imagine that I might rent a furnished apartment in Chaing Mai for a couple of months and then decide that i don't like it well enough to stay. So, it may happen that I spend some time moving from city to city or country to country fro a time. This will take a bit of planning, and I can begin considering the possibilities now.

What, for instance, my tenants don"t move.

Health first and then wealth. Dr. Abdul Zadeh will not see me until the 22nd of this month. That's a long wait, but I don't see my liver giving out before then! I have an appointment with Dr, Salhotra this coming Friday. Perhaps he can help me adjust blood pressure medication. I know I could quickly find excellent doctors in Bogota to care for my gut and pressure.
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