Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cahuilla Homeland

European history in and around what I earlier called the Cahuilla homeland was well begun by 1750. The Spaniards had begun relationships with some native peoples by the mid-1600s! In 1769 when Spain began systematic establishment of missionary and defensive outposts in California and sent expeditions by sea and y land up the peninsula of Lower California, a sequence of events was begun which led to happenings I hope to write more of.

I have begun to look at some of happenings relating to the experiences of certain Spaniards and persons of Spanish heritage from about say 1750 to about 1850 in the region of the Cahuilla homeland.

It was during this time that peoples of many tribes began to learn to communicate in Spanish and learn about Europeans. At the same time the Spanish began to learn much about the Native Peoples.

During this same period people like the Hoopa were already speaking Russian and adopting Russian names. Starting in the Aleutians and Alaska the Russian were trading and trapping well south of their fort near what was to become San Francisco.

Interesting times for Native Peoples.

Lots of Neat Mysteries

Etruscans had a higher culture than did the Italics who became the Romans. Did those Etruscans come from what is now Turkey about 900 BC as they claimed? How close to those of Troy might they have been? How is it that Etruscan see ms to have been the language of the early inhabitants of the Aegean island of Lemnos?

Besides the Etruscans other peoples around before the great Indo-European migrations included a Caucasian group typified by Georgians. I find it interesting that the languages of the ancient kingdom of Van and of the Hattites, Kassites, and Elamites are probably part of this group. And interesting also that all of these may be related to the Sumerians who are an early part of our direct line of high culture.

Elamites and Sumerians lived in close contact with each other near the delta of the Tigris and Euphrates about 2500 BC.

There is evidence that as early as 2300 BC there was contact by sea via Bahrain among the people of southern Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley.

Where might knowledge of the Caucasian kingdom overthrown by the people who became the Armenians lead us?

Where might knowledge of the ancient, interesting and important towns of Mari and Isin lead us?

Knowledge from all these people nourish us via the culture of Persia, Greece, and Rome. And Egypt, forget about it!

An small, but notable vein of that culture started for the Americas before Columbus via Ireland and Iceland.

There are stories available to us about these happenings which carry much more wonder than the brief notes above.


As I have the leaders I have earned; why am I mislead?

How well are you lead?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

American Nation

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, as an infant, was carried across North America by his mother Sacagawea. He was born in Fort Madan in North Dakota in 1805. His father, French Canadian trapper Toussaint Charbonneau, had been hired by the Lewis and Clark Expedition as an interpreter. Jean Baptiste spent six years in Europe and learned to speak German and Spanish as well as polishing English and French their.
Captain William Clark had seen to his earlier education at St Louis on the Mississippi.

This may be a place to begin to appreciate anew how much our existence as a nation depends upon the French and the Native American.

It Was Abdication I Know

It seems to me that many of our school boards are abdicating their duties and responsibilities, because many of our parents are abdicating theirs.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Sarah Conner Chronicles

While you check out my history blog: imagine the strategy and the morality. Then watch King of the Hill and the Simsons. After that watch a couple of episodes of The Sarah Conner Chronicles, then consider the part history plays as you reconsider the morality and strategy. Then be lead to the proverbs of Go.

So. Cal. Now

Anza-Borrego State Park at Borrego Springs preserves 600,000 acres of the Colorado Desert. You can check-out the fossils of the Carrizo Badlands and the shade of 17 Palms Oasis while visiting the the Park. You can get into hot water near there too.

Joshua Tree National Park is nearly in my back yard. Its east of the mineral baths of Desert Hot Springs and south of the 29 Palms Marine Base. If you are healthy and energetic a walk to and a visit at Hidden Palms Oasis near the Parks Cottonwood Springs entrance is a great way to begin to explore the area. My first visit to Hidden Palms was by moonlight, magic! Traveling south from that Cottonwood entrance you can reach the grapes and dates of Mecca in surprisingly short order. From Mecca you can visit the Salton Sea, Indio, and Palm Springs. The Slabs too, if you want.
If you leave JT Park at night by the 29 Palms entrance you will probably be treated to the lights of the great Marine Base. They may remind you or Disneyland.


The Cupeno band of Indians was moved off Warner Ranch in 1903 and relocated to the Pala reservation 70 miles away. The march took three days and was not a happy trail. The 35 or so remaining Cupeno had be accused of stealing from the heard of 5000 or so head on the ranch. When the decision of Barker v. Harvey was handed down, the U. S. government offered to buy new land for the Cupeno, but the refused.
Cecilio Blacktooth, spokesman for the Cupa at Agua Caliente Village said, "If you give us the best place in the world, it is not as good as this. This is our home. We cannot live anywhere else; we were born here, and our fathers are buried here."
My first hand evidence for these things is slight, but when did the U.S. purposely give 'relocated' Indians the best lands?
Let me add more of my opinions. Cupa still believe that the area of Warner Springs is sacred. The spirits of their ancestors live in the Cupa as they try to regain their cultural and religious places. Still, just because the Cupa probably have right on their side doesn't me that there isn't a mean spirited Cupa. And is the spirit of Juan Jose ner and of Dona Vincenta Supulved de Carrillo all bad?

Sunday, November 30, 2008


It seems to me that it is better to make comments about posts to this site, on this site.

I received a comment about a link to this site by email. However, It was about a link to this site and I really don't know where it could have been made. What do you think?

Here's part of the comment:
"I would bet that there are insects which attack Cannabis and others which attack Poppies. Know anything about such things?"

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