Saturday, January 17, 2009

Freedom, Love, and Onward

I am grateful for the freedom to .......
and more.

Love seems a joyful freedom. What can be found, given, shared while doing love? In loving I have found some:

What might one find in reinterpreting?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who Risked Their Sacred Honors?

We have more than a social contract with each other through our Constitution. You and I and all of us have a sacred covenant between and among our selves. When we do not honor, uphold, enforce, and support our laws we dishonor our sacred covenant. We need to honor and uphold our agreement until we formally and honorably decide to change that agreement. If we do not enforce our laws until we agree to change them, we are not we. It takes a while to destroy a we.
I saw in 1954 that our immigration laws were not enforced. Now I see the rich and powerful openly scoff at our immigration laws. Where is the we in that? Where the honor? Where the sacred?

Wonderul Site

Take some time to check out http://www.allconsidering
It's about life, spiritual growth, complimented by the ponderings of
a lovely lady and here teachers. Her posts treat morality,
comparative religion, consciousness, and better.

All Considering seems to be almost completely the creation of Katinka Hesselink. Don't let her competence, learning, and intelligence put you off.
She loves your thoughtful comments and I bet she will give a kind straight forward answer to your courteous question. If you want to improve your grades in a Comparative Religions class you will need but check out appropriate posts on the site.

Icelandic DNA

A few years ago while in Iceland and speaking of Icelandic history, I was told the the first Norsemen on the island found Irishmen already there. It was said that they were "mostly monks living in caves."

Well, on the radio today I heard part of an investigation recently carried out in Iceland. It seems that the investigation consisted mostly of DNA testing. The Testing included testing DNA found in teeth going back a thousand years.

The upshot is that the DNA of past and present Icelanders is more similar to that of a Scott or Irishman than that of a Dane or Norwegian.

I knew it.

Embrace Reality

I have suggested that it seems wise to embrace reality.
One might ask me, "What makes you think so?"

If the reality I experience often does not bring a smile to my lips or a laugh to my throat, much less to my belly, why embrace it? When the reality I see often lacks play, reverence, affection, and respect, why embrace it? When I see that reality has much inequality, injustice, and scarcity, why would I or anyone embrace it?

What does it mean to embrace reality? What might it mean to embrace reality? Does it mean I must love reality? Can it mean that I must love antagonism, hate, and murder? Must I love unconsciousness and carelessness?

Just what is reality to me?

Is the accepting of the the reality of a situation just settling?

What can I do about reality?

What can I do with it?

Can I do without it?

Do I want to?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well, Baby

Will it be you who tells us interesting things about Mari and Isin? You might start between 1800BC and 1500 BC. You might look into the First Babylonian Dynasty. Hammurabi was an interesting guy of the period. He lived from about 1728 - 1686 BC. Who developed Isin to the point whereat Hammurabi felt it was worth taking over? What motivated Hammurabi to push on to capture Mari? Who named Mari, Mari? How come? What was Abraham doing during this time? He lived from about 1871 - 1784 BC. Was Abraham a Rabbi? Was Hammurabi a Jew?
Come on. Tell me something!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starting in Colombia

Joesph T. K. Korzenioski's pen name was Joseph Conrad, wasn't it? Is it true that this same Korzeniosko shipped on the Saint Antoine to Colombia and there acted as an arms dealer?

What is there interesting to know about President Aquileno Parra and General Rafael Reyes of Colombia? Were later day Parras in the colombian foreign service?

Do you still call Bogota, Santa Fe?

To counteter balance all of my questions, I'll offer what seems to be a fact. by 1824, Commodore Johann Bernard Elbers registered the Fidelity. That old steamboat was the first to regularly sail the Magdalena River.

Tell me something interesting about Elbers.

Do you remember watching anyone somking with the lit end of the cigarette in their mouth?

Factoid: An excellent way to destroy a river is by allowing uncontrolled deforestatin along its length. Poorly controled deforestation works the destrucction quite well too.

Notes on Maya

We have noted that the names for people and places in the land of the Maya are not all Mayan. In fact the people of the land of the Maya are not now nor have the ever been all Maya.

Still the faces seen there now look Mayan. The cultural remnants found in, say, the Yucatan peninsula are strongly Maya, and they are many.

Ancient gods and rites persist. Hach Chac Yum, Akyantho, Usukum, Kakich and other gods are remembered. Pilgrimages are still made. Offerings are often. Copal is still burnt. Prayers are made and purification carried out.

The Mexican state of Tabasco can be a good place to start a visit to the land of the Maya. In the region of Chontalpa(Putun-Maya) is the town of Cardenas. If you want to see ruins, Comalcaco is not far from Cardenas.

Comalcaco is of interest to some as a place of debunking. as a student you may have heard that Arabs brought bricks to the Spaniards, and that the Spaniards brought them to the Maya. At Comaclco are found pre-Colombian son-backed bricks of clay. Stucco made of oyster and other shells was used for ornamation and for covering those bricks.

From Cardenas you might drive to Villahermosa and then on to Palenque in Chiapas. I don't mean to turn this history essay into a travelogue, but they do often seem to go together. As for history, La Venta Park, may be a good place to meet the Olmec, the Maya's predecessors. I stop here to allow you to remember what you will of incomparable Palenque.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

They Are History

It is hard for me to say, "Check out the older posts at 'pointstopower' before they are history"
I will say check out anyway.

One Fourth Irish

My mother was likely Scott and Prussian; my father Norwegian and Irish. My father once told me that his father said to him, "Remember son, all Irishmen are wits, and you are half Irish."

Given my background you may have the kindness to forgive how I begin this bit of history. I begin with a pure heart and a tear in my eye.

Holy places and powers be.

We are descended from a race of bards and heroes and there was once an age of gold.
Let your memory be deep and fine.
No need to remember too sharply the giants, fire, and advancing sea. Better to remember some proper names older than the Dagda. Remember the times before the Tuatha De Danann and let your memories be stirred.
Trust your memories enough for there are finer things there.
Be ready to embrace the truth.

Remember a short time ago to a time just before the viking Norsemen came to North America. Remember the men who came from places we now call Wales, Scotland, Ireland came with pre-Celtic memories moving down the hills of Kentucky.

Now, back again to times before the bright gods of Asgard. Yes, even then your ass was guarded.

Study of pre-Christian North and Western Europe has often been based in the medieval literature of Iceland and Ireland. Still, there are things to be learned from the earlier Romans and Greeks, and earlier yet. From the Greeks come hints of iron bearing Celt coming west as early as a golden age. They were clearer about iron bearing Celt moving west at the end of the bronze age. Some called those later Celt Galatians.

More is prepared.

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