Saturday, May 02, 2009

RSEI Database --

About air quality in 29 Palms.
Check out the site below.
Can you help interpret it.?
The site probably has information about area important to you.
Can you help us understand it?

RSEI Database --

Ryan Hall

A young man of 18 who looks to be well worth knowing.

The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

Vice President Biden seems to a smart, open, honest man who puts people first.

Friday, May 01, 2009

How Many of Us

How many of us does it take to make a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people?
What is a government of the people?
What is governance by the people?
What is a politics for the people?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sanctuaries and Sacred Places

Far back in time prominent landmarks, certain woods and groves, forest meadows, certain hill-tops and islands, and many springs had been set apart as holy. A cave, an artificial hill, a standing-stone, or a tree was sometimes such as place. Many were considered still so until recent times. There a such places considered holy today. Often those same locals were intellectual centers, places of teaching and learning. They were to be kept clean and pure. They were places to be kept free of violence and bloodshed. Often too, they were places of healing. Notably, these place often symbolized a center or a beginning.

Some sacred place might be marked by a shaft or pillar. At certain times or places they might be marked by a representation of a cross, a tree, a phallus. Also representations of the mother figure were found in and around some of the older of such sites.

I such places kings were made and laws recited.

These holy places were considered sources of power, inspiration, healing, and hidden power.

I have said that these places were set apart. I meant that they were accepted as different. Most often they were community centers. Where they were not community centers, was in cases in which they were associated, by the dominant society, with over-thrown gods.

Chem-Trails Over the Mojave

Why can't we get information about the enormous number of "chem-trails" obscuring the sky over the Mojave desert of California?
What is the source of this pollution?
Who is doing it?
Why is it so different from con-trails?
They are very ugly?
How dangerous are they?
When they are present I experience trouble breathing through my nose and often experience throat irritation.
Why are citizens kept in ignorance.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May First

Events around the "Haymarket bomb" tipped over my May Basket.

Middle Class

If you work for wages or if you work for salary you are of the working class.

Long Strong

We Know that there is great variety among Christians. We are beginning to discover the variety in Islam. Buddhism also has its variety. We as humans, for all our similarities, are each unique. Should we be surprised that we see our religions from so many different points of view?

Theravada is an important branch of Buddhism. I think that it is the dominant for of Buddhism in South East Asia. I believe that Burma, Myanmar, was the principle SEA power in the spread of Theravada Buddhism there. The Sinhalese of Sri Lanka have long been Theravada Buddhists and there has long been a cross-fertilization of Buddhism between what we came to call Ceylon and what we came to call Burma.

In Myanmar and in Sri Lanka Theravada is not the only Buddhism just as Buddhism is not he only religion.

There have been all kinds of Buddhist renewals just as there have been in Christianity. At times much of that renewal was carried by one man. Atisa (AD 982 - AD 1054) seems to have been such a man after the advent of Islam. Atisa probably spent a dozen years in what became southern Burma before going to Tibet to reform the tantric tradition there.

Theravada stayed strong through the Mongol invasions and the destruction of Pagan by them at the end of the 13th century. In the 15th century the Mon Dhammaceti order restored Theravada again.

You might find it interesting to check out Atisa and Pagan on line in Wikipedia or elsewhere. You might even find it fun to review the basic tenants of Buddhism.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Like-Minded Men

The like-mindedness of like-minded men is a great part of that which enables them to cooperate powerfully. How do men come to be like-minded? Let us count the ways.

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