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My paternal Grand Mother hast roots in Norway. Her parents are very likely from the village of Helvik on the peninsula of Nesodden. It seems the family may have been poised to go to sea.

My Sheehan Line

Mago William Sheehan arrived in Burlington, Iowa in the very early 1850s. I believe that he emigrated from Ireland shortly prior to his arrival in Iowa. He probably emigrated from Ireland with his parents. They may have been from County Kerry. I think that he might have met and married Mary Carroll there in Iowa. Mary probably came from Ireland with her parents Martin Carroll and his wife Margaret. They to were from the south of Ireland, possibly County Kerry.



Valid point of view.



Agrarina Reform and the Social Sciences in nothern Thailand

No end in sight as Thai protesters refuse to leave - The West Australian

No end in sight as Thai protesters refuse to leave - The West Australian

Why was Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra 'ousted?'

How was he 'ousted?'

Friday, May 14, 2010

Google Translate

Google Translate
check this out

Old Obits

My favorite high school teacher died at the age of 87 in August of 1996. He was born in NY, married in Berkeley in 1932. He earned a doctoral degree in English literature from my favorite school. the University of California at Berkeley. He taught at my favorite high school, Palm Springs HS, from 1945 until 1967. He was also an advanced student of literature and the Bible.

I think my aunt Virginia died June of 1999 at 78 years of age in Ventura County, California.
She was generous with me and many other family members.

Her friend and advisor, Michael Ladiana died in Ventura county in February of 2oo1 at the age of 53.

Thanks To Viewers

Thank you to those few I know who return to check out these posts from time to time.
Thank you Rex, Gerry, and Gary.

I very much appreciate knowing some of those who view these blogs.


A not quit full grown ground squirrel comes back to squeak persistently at my front door even though I have frightened it by opening the door, throwing up my arms and saying firmly, "What the hell do you want?',

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Plan

Still don't know what I'm planning.
Is it a trip? A visit? A move.
It seems to have something to do with a destination.
I've considered Norway, Myanmar, Germany, and Switzerland.
I've also considered Sri Lanka, Poland, Cambodia, and Spain.
My sister has mentioned Ireland. Thailand is great. Turkey, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and even Nicaragua have their points.
In order of preference my top nine are:
  1. Uruguay
  2. Ecuador
  3. Argentina
  4. Panama
  5. Malaysia
  6. Colombia
  7. India
  8. Honduras
  9. Brazil

There was a time when I did little more than point my toes in a likely direction and take one step after another.

Now I have lots of questions. I question my motives, my sanity, my lack of clear goals and much more.

Questions that occur to me at the moment include:

  • Why choose Uruguay?
  • Why not stay here?
  • Where should I go?
  • Why should I go?
  • What do I expect to find there?
  • What do I expect to do there?
  • How long do I intend to stay?
  • How does a destination effect my top goals?
  • Why do my top goals seem less clear than usual?
  • Am I planing to make a new home? Why?
  • How shall I go there?
  • What if I find I don't like being there?
  • Shall I rent out the JT House before I start.
  • Should I drive to Miami and sell the Astro there?
  • What should I do with my mail?
  • What should I do with my utilities?
  • Do I have the strength and energy I need?

One thing that I do know that whatever it is I intend to do, now is the time to begin it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Foreign Policy Watch

Foreign Policy Watch

And I figured Etizioni was dead.

You and I are as resposible for our forign policy as President Obama or Professor Etizioni.

BBC News - Argentina charges Operation Condor suspect

BBC News - Argentina charges Operation Condor suspect

What has this to do with US foreign policy?

Pitt River Purity

The following is my paraphrase of the words of Elder Craven Gibson as interpreted by Darryl Babe Wilson in "The Californians."

"It-Spo-Iotsi" is from the Ajunan-wi language of Pitt River People. It is pretty close to the the English word "truth." It means straight talk. More, it is a spiritual agreement with the self to speak the truth. It is a hallmark of true humanity. It-Spo-Iotsi is truth made visible by living in a good way and cherishing life.

It is good to know that the cleanliness of truth is.

Pitt River People know that the Sacramento Valley was once a great lake 'as long as the land.' They know that an earthquake opened the coastal range, allowing that great water to drain into the pacific. When it did, there was San Francisco Bay and in it Shinning Rock Island, Alcatraz. A truth was there.

When Pitt River People were taken away by force in many directions, some were taken to Alcatraz. Truth will set us free. The Mouse Brothers may have brought a strong consciousness of truth to the Pitt River People from Alcatraz, Shinning Rock Island. Truth must be understood, appreciated, and acknowledged.

The Decline of Opera in Argentina

YouTube - The El Ateneo Bookstore in Buenos Aires


Visit destinations in order of recent interest:
Uruguay 19
Ecuador 17
India 13
Panama 13
Argentina 12

~ Do I lack the strength, energy, and alertness necessary for a solo foreign trip?
~ What am I looking for?
~ What is my motivation?
~ I'm pretty sure that part of my motivation is an ancient one of looking for a home. How sane is that?
~ I'm thinking of renting my JT place before I start. Does that make good sense.
~ Should I make a shorter trip to more expensive lands?

Sunday, May 09, 2010


If you are really interested in reality, I ought to tell you that it probably didn't even exist before the Arab ruling class left the Iberian peninsula.

If that seems complicated I suggest you try prayer. If prayer seems attractive you might what to remember that persons familiar with the process suggest that to be effective prayer ought to be sincere,m honest, and, probably, realistic. Knowers of prayer have also suggested that the best prayer is for knowledge of God's will. Others suggest that prayer for self knowledge is also worthwhile. It's also fair to prayer that your car fly you and your significant other around the moon.

If that seems complicated .........
For a fairly accessible way to extend your understanding of reality try Wikipedia. Check out:
~ General Semantics; but, remember that the Count is a dead Pole.
~ Philosophy of History; but, remember that history is really big, philosophy too.

After that you might want to check out field theory, philosophy of physics, and a lot of math. Before you do you might first ask yourself, "Whadahyawanaknofer?"

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