Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Plan

Still don't know what I'm planning.
Is it a trip? A visit? A move.
It seems to have something to do with a destination.
I've considered Norway, Myanmar, Germany, and Switzerland.
I've also considered Sri Lanka, Poland, Cambodia, and Spain.
My sister has mentioned Ireland. Thailand is great. Turkey, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and even Nicaragua have their points.
In order of preference my top nine are:
  1. Uruguay
  2. Ecuador
  3. Argentina
  4. Panama
  5. Malaysia
  6. Colombia
  7. India
  8. Honduras
  9. Brazil

There was a time when I did little more than point my toes in a likely direction and take one step after another.

Now I have lots of questions. I question my motives, my sanity, my lack of clear goals and much more.

Questions that occur to me at the moment include:

  • Why choose Uruguay?
  • Why not stay here?
  • Where should I go?
  • Why should I go?
  • What do I expect to find there?
  • What do I expect to do there?
  • How long do I intend to stay?
  • How does a destination effect my top goals?
  • Why do my top goals seem less clear than usual?
  • Am I planing to make a new home? Why?
  • How shall I go there?
  • What if I find I don't like being there?
  • Shall I rent out the JT House before I start.
  • Should I drive to Miami and sell the Astro there?
  • What should I do with my mail?
  • What should I do with my utilities?
  • Do I have the strength and energy I need?

One thing that I do know that whatever it is I intend to do, now is the time to begin it.

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