Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's Cooperate

Let's be a healthy people.
Let's consider public health care for a healthy public.
Let's support each other in our efforts to keep our families healthy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Know What Murder Is

Killing an unarmed person is murder. That's the kind of killing that the major religions call a major no, no.

Some major powers tell us it is okay to kill unarmed men, women, and children during time of 'war.' We can choose to believe them or not.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something Fishy?

Dead fish.
Lots of dead fish floating on the river July 13th.
Too many dead fish floating on the river and accompanied by a strong strange unpleasant smell.
Many dead fish floating on the Colorado River near Parker Arizona.
The river seems clearer than usual.
Live fish were swimming in the same water, so perhaps the kill happened elsewhere.
What caused this big fish kill?

Where might we get more information?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Strikes and You are Out

Our laws are important.
In general our laws are good enough.
When we find they aren't good enough we can change them.
So long as a law is in effect it is our duty to enforce it.
Persistent illegal aliens must be prosecuted and deported.
Persistent employers of illegal aliens must be prosecuted;
perhaps they should also be deported.

Around Camp Thunderbird

The mason has finished and been paid off. The Cement finisher has begun pouring today. I contacted one of the plasterers I talked to and ask for a proposal this morning. Plumber and phone men have come and gone. Don't have electrical or insulation people on hand yet. Have talked to a guy who will install two gates for $1200.

I'm very pleased to have this work well started. I'm a bit concerned because I'm dipping into my health and medical money. By the time I replace the Astro and pay for this work a big chunk of my reserves will have been spent. Replacing my refrigerator yesterday contributed to what feels like the beginning of 'massive' outlay.

The round-tails are participating in the construction work. They are digging more borrows around the place than they ever have.

Second load of cement just arrived. That should do it for today.

Perhaps tomorrow I will make an appointment for my first pedicure in the US. I feel the need for a bit of a reward. Why a reward? I've spent travel and doctor money on the exterior of this not really great place, but have perhaps saved some capital from being deflated. Also I'm so fat that I can't breathe when I bend-over to cut my nails, and then am unable to see them well when I do. Maybe its consolation I want.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Not a great many years after the reconquest of the Pueblos by groups organized in Mexico ......
US forces came to dominate New Mexico and the Pueblos tried to revolt again. Canon of the US artillery made short work of there try. The Pueblos and crillollos did have the satisfaction of seeing US forces taking over the job of fighting the Comanche, Navajo, and Apache. That fighting occupied most of the US Army for half a century. American fighting men's blood has ever been offered.

In ways not always supportive of American honor US forces finally disposed of the Spanish, Mexican, French, Navajo, Apache, Comanche, and all who were seen as standing in the way of American Progress.
Spanish land grants which our forefathers promised to honor in written treaties and with hand over heart were not honored. The land person and dignity of others was dishonored.

New Mexico, the West, and much of the continent became 'ours' from sea to shinning sea.
I like historical novels in which there is an advetourus hero with whom I may enjoy identifying. I've gotte

Why Octopus?

I like historical novels in which there is an adventurous hero with whom I may enjoy identifying. I've gotten a useful feel for other times and places from such works. Many lesson of great use to us here and now may be found in them.

Even historical novels without heroes easy for me to identify with have been enlightening pleasures to read. One such novel which helped me to a better understanding of important aspects of the history of California with its lessons in economics and personal power from just after the advent of statehood to shortly after our Civil War, is The Octopus. In fact, this novel by Frank Norris does much to help one find lessons in our history during the period 1870 - 1900 in particular.

As you read the novel you may find it useful to remember that:
~ in 1848 gold was discovered near Sacramento,
~ the following year the 49ers came,
~ in 1850 California was admitted as a free state,
~ in 1853 the U.S. made the Gadsden Purchase to provide a southern route to California,
~ Wheat(a crop valuable enough for Rome to invade Egypt)was grown in Tulare county from about 1855,
~ in 1856 wheat was regularly quoted on the market reports in NY.
~ after 1860 California became one of the world's largest exporters of wheat,
~ in 1861 the Central Pacific R.R. was organized under the incorporation law of California(to learn more check names like Stanford, Huntington, and Crocker in your history book),
~ in 1862 the Union congress created the Union Pacific R.R,
~ in 1867 labor unions began to form in the state,
~ in 1869 the transcontinental R. R. became a fact.

I hope to continue this discussion in the future.
Your Librarian will find the novel for you.

Exercise Is Probably More Effective

I think that I can profit from more zinc in my diet.
I've heard that many Americans lack sufficient zinc.
I have experienced angina for which zinc is prescribed.
I have experienced prostate enlarging for which zinc has been indicated,
Polish zinc miners have an unusually low incidence of angina.
MDs have lowered angina in their patients with high dosages of zinc.
Some believe that they have evidence for a chelating effect from zinc which reduces hardening of arteries.

I'd like to have a good menu of foods high in zinc. I've heard that pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, but also hear that most of the zinc is in the husks. And, pumpkin seeds don't make much of a menu.

It would be wonderful if you could tell me of a food high in zinc.

Oh, by the way, when I did have exercise induced angina, I got rid of it by jogging to the point of pain and then changing to a walk until the pain receded and then jogged to the point of pain again. I don't remember how long it took until my pain was gone, but feel sure that it was much less than half a year.


I take my blood pressure, but still forget the difference between diastolic and systolic pressure. I'm pretty sure that one can be called resting pressure and the other working pressure. the lower of the tow resting and the higher, working.

Pulse pressure is the name given by some to the difference between resting and working pressures. Pulse pressure may be a true and useful measure of the condition of my arteries. the lower it is the more flexible my arteries. the higher it is the stiffer my arteries. I take it that generally flexible arteries are healthy arteries.

I might say that the lower my pulse pressure the healthier I am. Then again when the difference is zero, one is probably dead or very close to being so.

Still is a heuristic, a difference of below 40 might be a useful indication of healthy arteries and a difference above 40 may be an indication of hardening arteries.

At the moment my readings are as follows: 155 systolic
90 diastolic
65 pulse pressure
75 pulse rate
Oh, my God! My readings have really gone bad. They have been this bad and worse in the past.
In recent years they have been more like: 135 systolic
70 diastolic
65 pulse pressure
60 pulse rate

So, even when I thought my readings were good, I had indications of hardening arteries.


We Declare

Isn't it true that we are not legally and Constitutionally at war until we the people declare, through our representatives in both the House and Senate, that we are at war?

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