Friday, May 28, 2010

Destination List

I'm slow, but still at it.

Dropped five: Chile, Dominica, Estonia, Fiji, and Haiti.

Top choices too have changed a bit. Below are the top five in order of preference. Number one being the most preferred:
  1. Uruguay
  2. Ecuador
  3. Colombia
  4. Followed by Malaysia, Panama, and Argentina tied for 4th
  5. India
  6. Thailand
  7. with Brazil and Honduras tied for 7th.

When Asked

When asked, "How do you like your men?" I've heard outspoken ladies answer, "High, wide, and handsome." "Well employed." or "Ready, willing, and able."

I liked an answer I heard when a thoughtful man was asked "How do you like your women?"
"Panting" was his answer.

Reasons For Going There

The reasons for going there ought to be better than those for staying here.

I have made a fairly extensive list of my major important goals an objectives and upon analysis of it, I find that can meet almost all of my important goals here, as well as I can there. There are, however, some few that I nay be able to better meet there.

Here are what at the moment seem to be excellent reasons for making the move:
  • Here, I have been feeling unmotivated and poorly rewarded. For whatever the reasons I'm kind of bored. I have learned that I need a bit more novelty than do many. There, I feel that I will be blessed with pleasant novelty and variety for some time.
  • Here, I am finding little satisfaction in driving. I am finding more evidence that I drive less safely and skillfully than I once did. I also so that keep a personal vehicle is a significant expense. There, I am sure that I can live comfortably with no personal vehicle. I will probably find it necessary to live in a city.
  • Here, grooming help such as haircuts and pedicures seem expensive. There they will be cheaper.
  • Here, I cannot afford housekeeping or maid-service. There, I a can more economically find such help.
  • Here, I have not been appropriately physically active enough. Here, I am compulsively over-eating. There, I believe that I will have a greater likelyhood of making appropriate life changes.

Because of the way I have arranged my life here, my housing and medical care costs will probably be no less there than the are here. However, even thees to items may be more simply handled there.

However most things of life are as easily and congenially handled here as they are there.

I do seem to b very busy here, but suspect that I will be more appropriatel active there. I see more movement and more fun there. I see a bit more abundant life thee.

Saints Alive!

My friend, Eleanor, helped me trace down some of this information without a computer.

In or near Rome around 250 AD lived Hyacinth and his dear friend or brother Protus. Shortly after that time they were martyred, burned, a buried together in a small crypt. They have been called Saints.

Another St. Hyacinth was born in Poland and lived there from 1185-1257 AD. He was canonized in 1594. He became a Dominican.

In Spanish St Hyacinth is San Jacinto. San Jacinto has been a place name in California from at least 1820.

In Southern California, between the desert and the sea stands steeply dramatic 10,000 ft Mount San Jacinto. In the desert, at the foot of Mt, "San Jack" lies the resort city of Palm Springs.

Mt San Jacinto has a 'brother' mountain of which I may post later.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cities with the Cleanest Air in America

Cities with the Cleanest Air in America

I'd love to get the same info for cities world wide. Or, even just for major cities of South America.


I am losing mental an physical powers so quickly that that I am frightened by those changes.

I fear the changes are disabling my good judgement. I want to be appropriately cautious while not being frighted into an inaction which keeps me from enjoying as I once knew how.

The Way of Don't

When worse is all there is and one feels down, bad, low, angry, frustrated or worse, the way of "don't" can be a life saver:
Don't' recall.
Don't imagine.
Don't think.
Don't examine.
Don't control.

Let go and don't try so hard.
Relax. relax and rest.

Still, ongoing action and attending to ones guidance system will usually keep one from the worst.
My excellent guidance system works to guide me when I stay in motion.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jablon, Lutenberg, Litzburg

I'm imagining that the towns mentioned in the title are Prussian, although they or their iterations are probably called German or Polish today.

I"m interested in Lutenberg, Litzburg, and Jablon as they were from about 1850 to about 1900 because I believe that I had relatives in that area thinking about moving to the U. S. Those relatives surnames included: Daniels, Danielewski, Goczwelski, Miller, and Zgozelski.

~ I'd like to be able to see the geographic location and relative positions on a map.

~ I'd like to see maps of that area showing political changes from 1850 to the present day.

~ I'd to know the spelling and pronunciation of these towns in the Language of the Poles, Germans, and Prussians living there.

Please email me or leave comments here to tell me anything you may know about "Litzburg," "Lutenberg," and "Jablon" and their history that you can.
I'd also be very interested in persons with the surnames mentioned above who lived in or near the three places I have mentioned.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quality of Life and Cost of Living in Bogota

Quality of Life and Cost of Living in Bogota

Best, most useful cost of living analysis I have seen!

Thank you.

File:Metrode bogota.bmp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

File:Metrode bogota.bmp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bogota may still have less than 10 million inhabitants and still is one of the truly grand cities of the world.

It has fine public transportation too.

Google Перевести

Google Перевести

News of Moscow

Google Перевести

Google Перевести

A Russian point of view.

An Expat Account of…The First Uruguay “Phyle” Meetup | Ola Uruguay Real Estate and Investments

An Expat Account of…The First Uruguay “Phyle” Meetup Ola Uruguay Real Estate and Investments

People interested in fun serious conversation.

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