Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, But Still Posting

Have you checked my history blog recently?
I have a stack of folders each filled with pages of posts. I no longer have the energy or patience to enter them. However, I have just managed to sort history posts.

El Alto, Sucre, and Potosi

El Alto is great. It is located on the plain above La Paz. It is something of a native American nation; important politically and something new in the world. I think that officially El Alto is considered part of La Paz.

I believe that Sucre is elegant and comfortable. I suspect that I could live well there. It is the constitutional capital of Bolivia.

I haven't been to Potosi, but suspect that there are facts about it that you can find interesting. Below, I've sketched a few of them for you:

~ You might say that it was built by European energy and initiative, motivated by European greed.

~ Its high. I'd guess that it is over 13,000 feet above sea level.

~ It's located at the foot of Cero Rico. It has been said that with the silver taken
from that 'hill,' a bridge from Potosi to Madrid could be built. I suspect tat it did fiance much of the latter part of the European Renaissance.

~ In 1650, Potosi may have been the most populate city in the world. In that year I believe it had a population of over 160,000 inhabitants. How many people lived in London that year?

Haiti First

Hispaniola, an island of two republics, Haiti and Dominican Republic, lies about 100 miles from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Haiti has an area of about 11,000 square Miles and a population of about 8,400,000(perhaps some fewer now)which is about 95% black. The Dominican Republic is a it larger and is about 3/4 Creole.

Haitians created the first black led republic in the world. It is the second republic created in the New World. Looking at its history, it seems that from it inception until very recently that most of the leaders of the western world have tried, with much success, to crush it.
Even recently, it seems that the UN supported the US in depriving the people of Haiti of their most popular elected president.

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