Thursday, March 05, 2009

From Whats Left of My Stream of Consciousness

I was posting from a beautiful Office Max place this morning. Now I am posting from a dark little neighood place with all the letters worn off the keyboards.


Learn a bit of the political philosophy behind collective bargaining. Basically it´s simple: You benefit from friendly, honest, cooperation with your workmates.
The drawback is that you must participate rather than leave it to others.
Some potential benefits may be: improved quality of information, greater safety, greater security, being heard, learning to listen.
Go to the bargaining table. Fair pay could be part of the deal.


On this present trip on the morning of my second day I headed to Andrade, Mexico to buy drugs. Stopped at the new Quechan Casino Resort on the way. They are still working out some kinks, but are in pretty good shape. If you like Indian Casinos you will like it. I enjoyed a nice paninii there.
I went on to pick up some blood pressure medication because I still expected to be traveling in the States and felt myself to be on the way to San Antonio. It was after heading east from Yuma that I began to feel the ´reality´of my poverty.

I´ll be darned; there is English spellcheck here!

More soon.

Old but Here

I`m lodged in an apartamento on the oceanfront in Matzatlan in México.
My spellcheck is in Spanish, sorry.
Matzatlan is `full` of turists and expensive.
Still I am paying $27 for an aparmnent with a terrace facing the sea and a small bacony with a nice view inland.
It was quiet enough for a good nights sleep last night.
The car entrance was of a size that allowed me to smash up the right side of the Astro. It is the worst damage I have ever done a car.
I see a day when I will drive a car no more.

Thoughts While Driving

My calculations did not keep me from enjoying the countryside. Did not stay completely in the `here and now` for my memory was taken back to times of WW II. Seem to be getting ahead of myself a bit. Still let me give you a sample memory.
I was not yet five years old, I find myself sitting with my father at a tiny fire far out on the desert. He is drunk. With us (or we with them) are two indians; they do not speak English. They do not speak much at all. They are thin muscular men as short as my father. They have open white shirts and dark skin. The dark skin shines in the fire light. They look very much alike and could be brothers. They may have drunk some with my father, but I now suspet that they were high on something other than alcohol. Thinking back I now also suspect that they were Yaqui.
They `sang` to the coyotes. Maybe it is better said that they spoke beautifully with the coyotes. I liked it. It seem that they spoke and the coyotes answered. It seemed that the coyotes spoke and they answered. It was an intimate than loud conversation.
I may have felt safer had my father been sober, but still the memory is good.

Looking back I suspect that it was not a good time for my parents. I think my father was having troubling thoughts about being a husband and father. I think he had just hepled my mother to get a late term abortion and that she was begining a depression. I think that the abortion was badly done and left long term phisycal damage as well as lasting psychological damage.

The spell check here is in Spanish. I hope you will forgive my spelling errors.

Thoughts while traveling often differ from the thoughts typical of home.

East by Southeast

From my parking spot near Salton sea I drove to Yuma, Arizona and on toward Tucson. As I drove I began some mental calculations and came to some conclusions. I concluded that I could not now afford long term travel in the US. I find that to enjoy myself these days it costs me a minimum of about $200 a day while driving my own vehicle.
I continued my claculations and was forced to conclude that not only could I not afford long term travel in the US, but that I could not afford to do so even without a car and in cheaper `third world` countries. So, not only am I too old and weak for varieties of travel, but also do not have the wealth to do so within my comfort zone.
Sometimes reality comes with clarity as one drives.


Began by driving down to Palm Springs and on to Palm Desert. In Palm Desert I found a Best Buy and their bought a lap top. Planned to spend about $500, but ended up spending a bit more than $900!
As they were setting up my machine at Best Buy, I drove into Indian Wells and rented a room for the night. freshend up a bit and then returned to pick up my new purchace. I was tired so turned in.
Within hours I realized that the motel room I had selected would be to noisey for me. I packed up and found a place to park near the south east end of the Salton Sea and there slept.

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