Sunday, October 07, 2012

Considerations of Work

~ Where ids the virtue in the renunciation of action? Is doing less and less until all is done still doing?

~ Is there a man who has found, or who finds, bliss in doing what he knows to be his duty? I bet there is.

~ Let each man play his part in all he finds to do. It seems a kind of freedom.

~ Isn't the bliss in the doing, rather than in the results? Is there no virtue in the doing?

~ Satisfaction and serenity can be found in the effort as much as in the results of the effort. 

~ Each in his chosen work, and who does not choose, may learn to govern his heart and untangle his observations.

~ What is the virtue in work? Might attainment through meditation hold as much virtue as gathering potatoes for ones family? Lots to consider.

One may consider each as a door to a kind of meditation..

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