Thursday, March 25, 2010

8500 BC, 8000 BC

8500 BC
Men in South America had already developed a technology for the cultivation of gourds and peppers. What else was going on then?

8000 BC
Remains of a lakeside dwelling in central Oregon buried and preserved by the erupting of Mount Mazama showed that people there probably ate sage, bison, rabbi, bear, sheep, elk, choke berries, hazelnuts, and blackberries. How does your diet compare to theirs? These same people used baskets and wore sandals. I bet they helped their children to a similar diet and skill set.
In Nevada people hunted many species of large game including the ground sloth and the mammoth. Native Americans tell of these hunts in songs, chants, and stories. An 'atlatl,' the spear thrower was used to hunt these large animals and had been used to hunt such large beasts far back into the preceding Ice Age. Bow and arrow and atlatl and spear technologies were quite different. Native Americans developed and used excellent ways to pass on the 'hows and whys' of their technologies. My we do as well.
The most recent Ice Age was truly over and humans were eating chiltepines in Mexico. Mexicans eat them today. Be cautious if you intend to follow their example.
There is again the development of framing an settled village life in Anatolia. There may have been close decedents of Noah in those villages.

Are you intereste in these times? earlier times? later times? Why? Why not?

We and Us

Good governance provides well for freedom, justice, and order. As we as individuals in our society improve the quality of information we are getting about the realities of our society and governance, so we improve our society and our governance. However, the less we discuss the nature of freedom, justice, and order among us, the less we form a functioning we, body politic, or society. If we truly want freedom, justice, and order among us, we must maintain a dialogue on freedom, justice and order among us.

Adrenal Damage

A person with a damaged adrenal system may eat huge amounts of salt.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In mind, word configures energy. The word in mind configures life.

A word is used to stir mental activity. Word in mind is central to my life. Each word may be used to mark the center of all.

Words are vehicles for men. Words bring men to envision, to doubt, to seek, to do, to hope, to quest, an to test. Words have lead men to lay out things of the mind to the view of their fellows. Words are bringing men to question, to ask, to pray, to inquire, to invite an informative reply. Some men and women are finding that to ask shows an attractive and modest humility.


What do I deserve?
What do I really need?
I dare to speak as though I know a great deal about the nature of a human being because I am one. Also I am reviewing a bit of what we can learn from Abraham Maslow.

One of the ways in which health may be approached is through the concept of need. 'Need' is a word so only contains the energy we put into it. It may be no more useful than is 'lack,' or 'want' or a number of other words, but for the moment I choose need.

When I want it in my head, in my hand, in my heart, when I want it all over, I probably need it.
If, when I don't have it, I get sick, I probably need it.
If I tend to stay well when I have it, it is probably a need.
If when I ge it back I begin to feel better, it is probably a need of mine.
If I usually prefer it over a number of other things I find good, I probaby need it.

Now, what in the world is it? What is it?
To know it I need to discover it, acnowledge it, identify it, to recognize it, to clarify it.

To do this recognizing, clarifying, etc. we may use some of the info from above. In many cases you have probaby already done so. If you are sick or dying you might check the quality and uantity of the food, air, water, shelter, sex, and sleep you are getting. We already know lots of its. I believe we can benefit by attending a bit more to some of them.
If I am dreaming about one of them, when it is my main present interest, when it is uppermost in my memory, when my stronger emotions relate to it, when it is the first think that takes my eye, when it is what I want, then I probably really need it.
When the lack of something is negatively effecting my physi cal or mental health, I need it. My health is my responsibility. I have the righ to alliviate certain lacks. I deserve to fill certain needs.

Naming needs is often helpful. Various ways of doing so are more or less helpful. We might sort them into kinds. What kinds of needs are there? Maslow has suggested some by name. He has divided into the following caegories: physical(like the ones we just looked at), safety, love, esteem, the desire to know and understand, beauty, and what he has called self-sctualization.

We may look at needs in many different ways. The more helpful ways are often the ones we call systematic. Being sysematic helps us to know what we are doing, where we have been, where we are headed.

My environment effects the my needs. I live in a society so I may have social needs. Social needs I have discoverd include, freedom, justice, honesty, fairness, and order. Kinds of freedom needs may include freedom to speak out, freedom to inquire, freedom to defend myelf.

Maybe I'll find the strength and will to post more about needs and their fulfillment soon. Love fulfillment may prove inresting.

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