Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little National Dialogue, but some Discussion

I note with pleasure some of the issues being discussed a bit in this campaign season:
Some think it important to:
1. Realize that Congress needs to delegate, not abdicate.
2. Decide how we will monitor the quality of our food supply and who has the primary responsibility of overseeing that monitoring. Seems the thought is that deregulation has been over done.
3. Decide what basic public health research will be supported in our universities.
4. Decide what seem to be our best near term steps toward taking better care of our planet and our resources.
5. Decide on three or four areas in which to best support basic energy research.
6. Decide how we will better provide for veterans' housing, health, and education.
7. Decide on a monetary policy that supports housing for Americans.
8. Decide how we will create better employment for veterans and for the very many men and women who have been pushed so far out of the work force that they are no longer counted.
9. Create a policy which we and others can understand about when we will kill others in their own lands and how we will do the cost benefit analysis for that killing.
10. Consider making national decisions based on our values rather than on our fears.

What has pleased you in our national politics of late.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Though I write to be understood;
I expect to be not read.
When I am read;
I expect to be not understood.

So, when I get reactions like "Huh?" or "What the hell are you talking about?" or "That's just babble." I am pleased. I am pleased that reality is surpassing my expectations.

I'd find great motivation in specific criticism of my words.

I am grateful for any feedback, even the bird. I consider "Huh" a wonderful gift.

Thank you.

Natruralists All

Animals may be heading for the high country, but one handsome, little grey desert fox came to visit me this morning. I watched it calmly and purposefully walk across the back yard and up onto my back porch! Perhaps attracted by my cooler. It seemed to look directly at my door knob. It noticed me watching it and made eye contact with me. Then it walked toward me to just under the window at which I sat! We looked at each other full into both eyes.
It walked away with an attitude that seemed to say that it was well past time for me to be speaking and understanding pretty good fox.
It's great that we can interact with these free beings.

I have started reading "Cosmos." What a wonderful human being the Baron was. What wonderful contributions he made to our advancement. He was more than a naturalist, he was a cosmologist. The naturalists of those days are wonderful to read; wonderful, but not easy. I was pleased to get through a couple of works of Darwin in my early teens, but due to my lack of education and experience could not benefit fully.
Steller and Wallace deserve to be included ,with Humboldt and Darwin, among those early giants. Humboldt is still, I believe, included as part of college prep education in Latin America and Europe. Don't here of him being mentioned in High School here. Pity.

Among the natural history sites on line are: search Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and Grinnell Resurvey Project

Not Tao

Philosophers who laugh.
It is light, witty, and accessible.
Set your burden down and enjoy the water.
Accept the realty of freedom.
Easy does it.
Attend to your energy reserve.
No regrets.
The door is not locked.
Peacefully rejoice in reality.
Know the joy and security of wandering where there is no path.
Enjoy your wit and romantic adventures.
Is it really so?
Great knowledge and long life.
How do you know that it is so?
Be little moved by praise and blame.
Discriminate.Be clear about the knowledge of honor and disgrace.
Small self, little vanity.
Know the rule without ruling.
Know you.
Be willing to know the quality of your perception.
Let go of the clutter and trivia.
Nothing is useless.
All is useful.
As you smell the roses, hear the music.
As you speak, be aware of how little you know.
Nothing depends on your point of view.
Your opinion is changing this instant.
Let them be.
How can we understand it all in one day?
Clarify your understanding today.
Embrace reality.
Breathe well, smile gently.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sheehan, Xian Pyramids

In 1947 the N. Y. Times printed a story about a Col. Maurice Sheehan taking pictures of ancient Chinese pyramids from a DCS plane. Please find someone who can tell me more about the pyramids or about Col Sheehan.

I have heard that U. S. Air force maps of the area around Xian, China suggest 16 ancient pyramids in that area. Who can get us some more info?

Monday, August 11, 2008


How old is the WWW in human years? Is it 7 to 1 like dogs? If it ages the same as we do, was it emancipated last year or will it be emancipated in 2010?

Speaking of years, what was going on in your life:
* when the Golden Gate Bridge was opened?
* when man walked on the moon?
* when gas was 57 cents a gallon?
* when the World Wide Web was 'invented?'

Years in order of occurrence: *1937, *1969, *1975, *1989

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