Thursday, May 29, 2008

Honest and Informed

I would love to what you think about the info on this site.
Enjoy the portraits

Thanks Art

Stopping is good for me.
I stop and rest.
I stop to consider.
I stop and remember.
I stop and remember to rest.
I stop and rest to remember.

Remembering is good for me.
I remember to stop.
I remember to rest.
I remember to stop and rest.
I remember the valuable and the worthy.
I remember what I am about.

It does me good to stop and remember.
It does me good to stop and consider the nature of my growth.
It does me good to remember the nature of my responses.
It does me good to stop to consider the nature of creativity in my life.
It does me good to remember how my life is organized.
It does me good to stop to take the measure of my life.

I stop and remember.
I remember to start.
I start to do.
I do enough.
I stop.
I am grateful.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

M. William Sheehan?

My name is Richard Caroll Sheehan.

My father's name was Carroll Joseph Sheehan.

My grandfather's name was Joseph Carroll Sheehan.

I'm pretty sure my paternal great grandfather was M. William Sheehan, but I know very little about him. He was probably born in Ireland about 1839. I believe he married Mary J. Carroll in DesMoines Co, IA in about 1860.

I'd be very pleased for any information related to M. William Sheehan.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What is a ping?

To what end are pings used on a blog?

How is a ping employed?

Why does one ping?

How does one ping responsibly?

What is a ping configuration?


What is a blog link list? and

What are blog rolls?

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