Saturday, August 08, 2009

Even More "What They Say'

They also say, and so do we, that Apollo was a Greek and Roman god representing most aspects of civilization and order. He was worshiped at, among many other places, Delphi. Zeus was his father. He has been called a sun god. He has been contrasted with Dionysus. He has been identified with Hyperion, the Titan he succeeded.
Check out some of the proper nouns above in an encyclopedia and beyond. If you find yourself interested proceed one step beyond the step beyond. Some other names in Greek mythology that may lead you along an interesting way include: Ares, Hera, Argus, Artemis.

More 'What They Say'

Dido, the queen of Carthage of that time, fell in love with Aeneas and later committed suicide when she realized that he could not stay with her long. After trials and adventures, Aeneas arrived in what is now Italy.
The ancient Romans believed that they were descended from the followers of Aeneas.
Bet there is some truth in 'what they say.'

What They Say

Myth is what they say; or what they used to say. For example: they said of Aeneas, a leader on the Trojan side of the Trojan war, that when Troy fell he fled with his father and his son and was shipwrecked at Carthage in northern Africa.

West Balt to Prussian

The old West Balt language of what became Prussia seems closely related to Lithuanian and Latvian. some see it as coming from Proto-Slavic language. However, it shows some relationship to Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, and Gothic; English does too, doesn't it.

Two more recent Prussians of note are Copernicus and Kant. The Polish and German influence are see through these two greats.

One might think of the existence of a Prussian identity as beginning with year one. However, it was about 180 AD before the West Baltic tribes like Galindai, and Soudinnoi are mentioned by Claudius Polemacus. Romans tended to call those Balts the Western People. Cornelius Tacitus in his Germania XLV calls the west Baltic tribes Aestiorum gente. They were given names like Hesti, Aesti, Estum by persons like Cassiodoris in about AD 524, Jordanus in 550 Ad, Einbert in 831, and Walsta in 890. Don't make any big bets on my spelling. Others might be sure that a Prussian identity began shortly after acquisition by the Hobenzollerns in 1414 AD

In the 5th through the 9th century Prussians carried on trade(notably amber products)along the 'amber way' up to Pannonia and Trusa, the center of Prussian trade in the north,

Prussians may well call the lands along the Baltic Sea from the Gulf of Riga to the Bay of Danzig. They may once have occupied lands between Moscow and Kiev, Warsaw and West Finland, and may have ranged from Tallinn to Berlin. Others may say that it was a bit of land-locked sand outside Berlin.

Discovering Twitter

I'm discovering Twitter, but have not seen a way to make it useful to me.

Is there a way to use it for multi-person dialogue.

Friday, August 07, 2009


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

I've found Twitter.
I'm not sure of how it works yet.
I wonder what the nature of dialogue is there.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Breathing Exercises

My intention here is to begin to list and describe about twenty breathing exercises.

Everything done on purpose in life in which one is aware of breathing might correctly be called a breathing exercise. I want to list here only the exercises in which breathing seems to be the main focus. Still my choices are, of course, arbitrary.

The first exercise I am listing is a boarderline case.

Tighten abdominal muscle while breathing.
~ Stand with your arms stretched out in from of the body slightly above chest level, palms down.
~ Inhale completely, so that your lungs fill with air and the chest expands.
~ Then begin to exhale slowly; using mainly the abdominal muscles to force air out of the lungs.
~ As you exhale, slowly drop your arms to your sides and tighten your abdominal muscles as much as you can.
~ Bring arms up as you inhale.
~ repeat about seven times.
~ Practice until you are breathing smoothly and rhythmically.

Around Camp Thunderbird

~ It's peaceful to have no workmen around for awhile.
~ I'm nearly ready to get some yard clean-up done.
~ The idea of a bit of a walk-about is forming.
~ My companion, the red-racer has left its usual resting spot around the butt of my rifle by the dresser.
~ The round tails are putting on a diverting show with there creosote harvesting activities.
~ I look forward to having stucco completed.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Breathing On Purpose

I suspect that a practice of breathing exercises might be good for me.
~ Such practice might get a bit more blood to my old brain.
~ It might help to lower my blood pressure a bit.
~ It would contribute to my meditation program.
~ No one has ever told me that breathing was bad for me.
~ Doesn't seem that breathing on purpose could hurt much.
~ I am somewhat subject to upper respiratory irritation. How might it be effected?

Okay: I'll work out a plan it seems I'd be likely to follow. I'll not make a goal yet.
Tentative plan subject to ongoing modification:
1. aim to practice twice a day
2. practice for just a short 10 or 15 minutes.
3. one practice might be just before exercise in the morning.
4. the second might be just before getting into bed.
5. Start putting together a menu of exercises
6. practice one for six consecutive times unless it is truly unpleasant,
7. figure out a way to begin to compare it to another exercise.
8. maybe I'll just continue to change them until I find one to good to quit.
9. I'll try the first one I run into so log as it is fairly simple.
10. Maybe I could try to different practices each day
11. One might just be a simple breath counting: Count ten sets of 12 slow in and out breaths. That should take about ten minutes. Might take longer if I loss count.

Okay: Lets see if I can count ten sets of twelve tonight.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Scenic Shortcut

A ferry is often not only a great scenic shortcut, but a great way to give the driver on your trip a deserved break.

I enjoy just being on the water. But a ferry gives everyone a chance to get out of the car as you continue your trip. There are often snacks and bathrooms available. Once in a while there are full sit-down meals and other amenities available.

Check-out the ferries in Canada.

Not the First Time

Yesterday some brazen criminals road vehicles up my drive and over much of my property. I was here but did not see or hear them. I may be getting too old to defend my property.

They not only did not care about "break the crust, raise the dust,"
but also did not care about the sanctity of a man's home, or the laws of criminal trespass.

I can finish my fence and put in gates and probably will. When I do I will be less of a generous neighbor. I also will find it difficult to receive visitors or UPS, USPS, or FedEx deliveries. How will firemen, police, or ambulance get in?

If I catch trespassers in the act,I may be motivate to use the strongest force available to me. If I find that there are those who cross my gates uninvited I will try to better arm myself.

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