Monday, August 03, 2009

Breathing On Purpose

I suspect that a practice of breathing exercises might be good for me.
~ Such practice might get a bit more blood to my old brain.
~ It might help to lower my blood pressure a bit.
~ It would contribute to my meditation program.
~ No one has ever told me that breathing was bad for me.
~ Doesn't seem that breathing on purpose could hurt much.
~ I am somewhat subject to upper respiratory irritation. How might it be effected?

Okay: I'll work out a plan it seems I'd be likely to follow. I'll not make a goal yet.
Tentative plan subject to ongoing modification:
1. aim to practice twice a day
2. practice for just a short 10 or 15 minutes.
3. one practice might be just before exercise in the morning.
4. the second might be just before getting into bed.
5. Start putting together a menu of exercises
6. practice one for six consecutive times unless it is truly unpleasant,
7. figure out a way to begin to compare it to another exercise.
8. maybe I'll just continue to change them until I find one to good to quit.
9. I'll try the first one I run into so log as it is fairly simple.
10. Maybe I could try to different practices each day
11. One might just be a simple breath counting: Count ten sets of 12 slow in and out breaths. That should take about ten minutes. Might take longer if I loss count.

Okay: Lets see if I can count ten sets of twelve tonight.

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