Friday, November 02, 2012

Ancient Teachings on Work

There are ancient teachings about work which suggest the following:

Restraint from making monetary gain the principle aim of work has long been considered good for one and those near one.Seeking work that is right for non is the better principle aim. The one practicing such restraint is to be considered a wise and knowing lover of creation. "Right" is right to your best understanding of the day. "Creation" includes the creativity you practice in your rightful work. 

Your practice of rightful work is part of the worshiping and loving in your life. Your rightful work is done by and for you. By making a work rightfully yours, you engage in the good practice of responsible self rule.

The whole self that you cultivate by right work moves you toward the good of loving all. 

Practices which can move you toward rightful work include:
~ aim to recogniz that whih pleases and satisfies you,
~ take time to sit in a quiet and pleasant spot, there let the unity of all enter,
~ be moderate, be moderate in eating, resting, action, and sleep,
~ rest in that which comes up in meditation,
~ be grateful to curb your more compelling desires again.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The words 'acceptance,' "accepting,' 'accept' are words I closely associate with the word 'reality.'

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