Friday, December 26, 2008

I'd Really Like to Know

Some, probably not very important, questions related to ancient mysteries. Still, one of them might lead you to your thesis.

~ Why is the nature of the Assyrian Hera fish-like?
~ Why is Hiew, a city in Syria near the Euphrates River, thought to be holy?
~ How might the goddess Ceres been a bit cruel in driving off the brutish, primitive acorn?
~ How was a hero older than Heracles named?
~ Where have we learned that the true should be thought good?
~ What percentage of the present race of men are likely to have multiplied from Deucalion?
~ How long has Hermes been a representative of reason?
~ Who knows about the statue of Hera that had a red stone at its head that shown at night by its own light?
~ Why has Dionysus been called "Son of the Bull?"
~ Which peoples have considered the dove holy?
~ Why the confusion of Galli, Galli, Gaely, Gilli from Syria to Ireland?
~ What is the earliest recorded time we were told to use this day well?
~ How does the faculty creative of moisture relate to Osiris?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The People

War is hell.
When we wage war we raise hell.


A knowledge of history moves one to a truer more effective understanding of the action of cause and effect in a fine variety of situations.

Now, just what is history? I know a guy that by early afternoon says, "Lunch is history." Does that mean that 'history is lunch?'

Is there a law of cause and effect?

My Three Blogs

I'm not sure why, but my title above reminds me of the name of an old TV program, My Three Suns.

I have started two other blogs. One I call a history blog and the other I call an affirmations blog.

I started the history blog because I have so many ideas for history posts that they would soon overwhelm other areas on this A Personal Journal blog. I have given the history blog the neither short nor snappy title, Notes on the Past Which May Point to Power. If, after checking out this new history blog, you get an idea for an appropriate title for it which is short and snappy, please tell me (comment below). This new blog may be found at

I started the affirmations blog because my many affirmations would also tend to overwhelm the Journal. The affirmations are both a way to continue a practice important to me and a way to share an intimate inner part of myself to with interested others. Also, over the decades, I have learned much about affirmations which is difficult to find elsewhere. So, this new affirmations blog is a way to teach advances in the practice by example. I've called this new blog Affirmations or Mine. It can be found at

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome Email

Just received a great email in response to the recent Campbell post. I'll quote it:
"I'm so glad to see you've gotten onto Joe Campbell and the JFC. Joe was one of my favorites. He didn't always say what I wanted to hear, but he always said good and thoughtful words. 'The Power of The Myth' could be required reading for students in your classes."
As pleased and encouraged as I am to receive such email, I would still rather see it as a comment here. If it had been a comment here I wouldn't have felt the need to recopy it and we all could have enjoyed it and benefited from it.
I agree that there is much that many of us can learn from Campbell writings.

I must add that I am not now giving face to face classes and really now longer have any students.
In order to teach or to coach anyone or to help anyone on their way I need an inter-active situation. I have hoped that I could be helped on my way through comments here and that I could perhaps help others on their way by responding here to their comments.
As grateful and encouraged as I am by your email and especially by email related to a specific post,I would prefer to receive the comment here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Who Comes After Disney?

According to a Richard Rodriguez article in the January/February issue of California, "Kevin Starr, the preeminent historian of California from the 1850s to the end of the 20th century, has described California as a chronology of proper names: Stanford, Atherton, Ginannini, Disney."
What other surnames would you add to the chronology?
Who can tell us something of Atherton?

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Search the www for SNO, School of the Natural Order. When you get to the site you will find it pleasant. Take some time to enjoy the photo presentation. While there ask for the informative and well written biography of Vitvan and pay your 1 cent. Damn good buy!

Change and Balance Enhanced by Listening

~ It has been my experience that life is more lawful than awful.
~ Many neuroses are rooted in childhood.
~ Changes in personality are sometimes forced by trauma.
~ Changes in personality may occur from insights arrived at by repetition, remembering, and reinterpretation.
~ We can choose what seems appropriate effort to avoid trauma now. As children we were less able to do so.
~ We can choose our repetition, remembering, and re-interpretation better as a loving adult.
~ A child needs respect, attention, and understanding. An adult can benefit from the same.
~ A child needs to begin to see himself as others see him. You and I may benefit from similar seeing. A child does not choose by whom she shall be seen. You and I may.
~ Healing and balance may be quicker and surer as feelings are promptly expressed.
Appropriate expression of feelings may be learned. A child may learn not to express or even not to consciously experience feelings of anxiety, rage, anger, despair, dismay, pain, grief, etc. Adults may better choose to learn to feel and express feelings in more appropriately healthy ways.
~ A child may not only learn to repress certain feelings, but also to deny or disappear from consciousness the very memory of the trauma. We adults may find it very difficult to healingly emote, feel, or react to a trauma in a mature way if, for our conscious self, that trauma never occurred.
~ A man may know that he was exploded off the road in a foreign land, but he will benefit by repeating his story. He needs a respectful, attentive, understanding listeners who are able to hear the expression of his feelings or even raw emotions too.
~ Life is not necessarily fair or easy, but we can find it lawful.

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