Friday, October 24, 2008

Porto Alegre

It is beginning to feel like it is time for me to move less in the jostling, sounding, power of the world and more in the gentle tranquillity, the quiet reality, the silent energy, the beautiful calm of a deep inner undrstanding. Getting old, I guess. It is certain that this 71 year old doesn't have the energy and strength of that 31 year old I was.

I'm in the great city of Porto Allegre and thinking of home. Yes, the history, luxury, industry, trade, sea, cattle, Woody Woodpecker, and general great birdng of this part of Brazil seem less attactive than does my desert home.

Let's see, what have I learned recently, Uruguayans like wiskey, cows, and off track beting. Brazilians like Woody the Woodpecker.

No spellcheck.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Adult Children of Alcoholics has a big new book I wouldn't mind taking a look at. Maybe it could be called a new Big Book.

As you may or may not know ACA is a 12 Step program somewhat similar to AA. Its name is historically correct, but not as discriptive as it might be. As I understand, it is usefull taking over responsibility for self-parenting where earlier parenting may have been less than perfect.

Crossing the Border

Hello again!
I am at the Brazilian border in the shopping town of Chuy on the Uruguayan side or Chui on the Brazilian side. The Brazilian side is celebrating the founding of the town today. I stayed here last night at a place quiet enough for me to sleep well at 'only' about $15 US. I'll stay here again tonight so that I may finish taking care of business for crossing into Brazil. Part of the business is paying the Brazilian Consulate over $150.00 for a visa. That is high enough for me to call it retaliatory.

Don't know whether the spellcheck is in Spanish or Portuguese. It is in Portuguese.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Attempt to Paraphrase

My cousin Kevin's words to his lovely daughters about Sheehan´s; daughters he came by, by the way of his very lovely wife:

The name Sheehan was seen among the Irish Republican Army volunteers of the Easter Rebellion. The name was seen among those who fought in the Irish War for Independence. Sheehans where there in the Irish Civil War. They where among the Provisional IRA of recent years. (Maybe not smart, but damn persistent.)

The song, The Galtee Mountain Boy, a route taken by an Irish Flying Column during the Irish Civil War, the commander was Michael Sheehan. You might also look up the song, Barr Na Straide, more Sheehans.

He speaks more of the South of Ireland and at the very interesting strings of history passing through, in and around through the may years.
He also speaks of claiming our rightful place.´ Hope its not the end of a rope.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Soon you may find it worth while not only to search the posts here, but to make a seperate search of the comments!!!

Health Report

Heart is good. My courtesy could be improved.
No sign of diabetis.
Cloresterol level is just below boarderline. (no spellcheck at all)
White blood cell and monocite counts are both significantly above normal.
Still have a cough and irritated broncchi.
My eyes are free of infection. Great!
Blood pressure is well under control.

Spellcheck is back, but in Spanish.

What's the Deal, Richard?

Just wandered out of the pleasant Posada Verdun to find this Cyber spot just off the main plaza. Stepped into a place to ask where this cyber place was. The place I stepped into turned out to be a sweet shop and fine bakery. It also turned out that this cyber spot didn't open until 3:30 about ten minutes from the time I arrived. So I stayed and ate three marvelous little filled pastries. Had strong coffee from a glass followed by a little chaser of sparkling water. Coffee was not quit as strong as a demitasse of cafe tinto in Colombia, but it was strong good and hot.

I'm in Minas the little capital city of the State of Lavavilleja, Uruguay. The Posada here not only seems quiet, clean, comfortable, and well run, but also of a price more nearly within my budget than any I've experienced so far in Uruguay.

Spoke long with an interesting young woman. She is studying labor law, making an excellent living as a human resources consultant, active in her university affairs, and has just begun tango lessons...... but, had to let her return to her rock and roll drummer husband.

Speaking of ladies, I left Isis at Dayman without saying good-bye. She had invited my to the spa at Arapay. I had the ill grace not to say ├Żes´ ´no` or anything. She is closer to my age than the young woman above, a widow, and likes to travel. She lives on the Rambla, which suggests that travel is well within her means. So, whats the deal, Richard?

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