Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rio Negro, Antioquia

I´m here. Still very tired from trip. It seems more expensive than Thailand. Cost about a dollar and a half an hour to use this computer at this cybor cafe. I´m having to listen to Colombian hip hop as type this. For lunch I had a delicious arrepa de choclo with some very nice cheese. Drank blackberry smoothie and a cup of coffee with it for about 2 dollars. That was great. Had what might be called a typical Antioquian dinner. It was very Colombian.
The country side is beautiful.
What are my impressions?
Not sure yet.
Glad to be here.
More after I´ve slept.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


What's important about our Constitutions?
Why might it be important to talk about The Bill of Rights?
How might it be useful to discuss our legislative rights?
What good might come from a dialogue concerning our assumptions about the rule of law?
Christian and Classic love includes nurturance and support, doesn't it?
To give nurturance and support we must know enough about the loved to know what nurtures it, must we not?
Do we love our country? What do we know about our country that enables us to give it truly nurturing love?
Do we love our rights?
What do we know about our system of rights?
What do we know about loving our Constitution?
How do we love our country?
How do we love our republic?
How do we love our nation?
What do we love.
What do we actively nurture and support.
Why don't we talk about it??

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