Friday, May 15, 2009

What You Don't Know

What you don't know will hurt you.

What you don't know is hurting you and others this instant.

There is no love in willful ignorance.

You can cooperate to stop the hurt.

Is It?

Is the massive movement of wealth to some of the most wealthy, a way to help them through the coming results of climate change?



is required

for our



your happiness.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Giving Circles

  • Giving together
  • Educating one another
  • Join a giving circle
  • Create a giving circle
  • Bigger bang for your charitable buck
  • Potluck philanthropy
  • Decide as a group who gets what you give
  • Communicate and collaborate
  • New charitable options
  • Small, modest, effective

The American Dream

was the dream of a republic of all the people.

We Humans Did It

Far back in time prominent land marks, certain woods and groves, forest meadows, certain hilltops and islands, and many springs have been set aside as holy. Often those same locals were intellectual centers, places of teaching and learning. They were places to be kept clean and pure. They were places to be kept free of violence and bloodshed. Often too, they were places of healing.
A cave,an artificial hill,a standing-stone,a tree sometimes marked such a place. These places often symbolized a center or a beginning.

These sacred places or sanctuaries may have been marked by a shaft or pillar. At certain times they may have been marked by the representation of a tree or a phallus. Also representations of the mother figure were found in and around the older of such sites.

In such places kings were made and laws recited.

These sacred places and holy sanctuaries were most often open to the sky even when they were enclosed by a wall.

These holy places were often considered energy sources of power, inspiration,and healing. Sometimes the power was hidden.

I have said that these places were set apart. I did not mean that they were set apart from the community. Most often they were community centers. Where they were not community centers was in cases in which they were associated with over-thrown gods.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Each Thrives According to its Kind:

democracy demands wisdom,

republicanism requires responsibility,

oligarchy loves willful ignorance.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Before Philosophy

You may find "The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man" by Frankfort, Frankfort, Wilson and Jacobsen provides you a base from which to understand the world of thought and belief or just an interesting read. The authors maintain a respectable level of integrity while showing respectful sympathy for a judeo-christian point of view.

The book was originally published in 1946 by the University of Chicago Press with the support of the Oriental Institute and has enjoyed many reprintings.

The Frankforts deal with the Introduction, 'Myth and Reality," and the Conclusion, "The Emancipation of Thought from Myth." John A. Wilson presents three fine chapters on early Egyptian thought and Thorkild Jaocbsen does the same with early Mesopotamian thought. has a 1077 edition available new for $26. shows it available all over the place and shows used copies available for about $5. has it new, in stock for $22. Amazon lists 100 books citing this work.

Let's get the 'h' out of here

Is that what they want .... to get rid of the 'h?'
Do they know why we have two definite articles?
Do they know why we use 'a' and 'an?'
Why are so many saying 'an historical?'
Why are some beginning to say 'an history?'
When will they begin to say 'an hat,' 'an house,' or 'an hit?'
Haven't they noticed that we say 'an elephant,' 'an apple,' 'an orange,' but 'a car,' 'a fruit,' 'a mammal?'
Can't they hear the sounds of English?
Can't they distinguish the sound of a consonant from the sound of a vowel?
Who are they?
They have their rights, but it would be of some comfort to know that they were aware of what they were doing.


You ask about what countries make up Southeast Asia. Check a map.
makes some good ones.
Indonesia is the largest SEA country. Thailand and Malaysia are perhaps the most representative. Some might include the the south China island Hainan and probably the Andaman Islands. The Philippines and Brunei should be included as should Mayanmar.
Some decades ago we'd have included Siam and Burma.


How many make a troop?

How do you know when you begin a new troop?

Are you a real trooper?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Southeast Asia

The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia is likely to be appreciated by those interested in background for SEA countries.The four volumes of this set deal with the region from earliest times through the 1980's. I've enjoyed Volume One which deals with earliest times to c. 1500.
It was published in 1992 by Cambridge University Press.
The "Viet Nam War" may have been a motivating factor for it being published.

The five scholars writing Volume One let show a bit of their excitement at being early researchers in the field. The work, of course, covers the maritime countries as well as the mainland nations.
Volume one is laid out in five sections:
1. a review of the writing of SEA history
2. pre-history of the region
3. the early kingdoms
4. economic history
5. religion and popular beliefs

Barnes and Noble has vol. 1 available online for $37 has it for less than $30. Amazon now lists 80 books as citing this Vol!

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