Monday, May 11, 2009

Before Philosophy

You may find "The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man" by Frankfort, Frankfort, Wilson and Jacobsen provides you a base from which to understand the world of thought and belief or just an interesting read. The authors maintain a respectable level of integrity while showing respectful sympathy for a judeo-christian point of view.

The book was originally published in 1946 by the University of Chicago Press with the support of the Oriental Institute and has enjoyed many reprintings.

The Frankforts deal with the Introduction, 'Myth and Reality," and the Conclusion, "The Emancipation of Thought from Myth." John A. Wilson presents three fine chapters on early Egyptian thought and Thorkild Jaocbsen does the same with early Mesopotamian thought. has a 1077 edition available new for $26. shows it available all over the place and shows used copies available for about $5. has it new, in stock for $22. Amazon lists 100 books citing this work.

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