Friday, April 30, 2010

Eating Wild Flowers.

A little cotton-tail is eating wild flowers just below my window.

Close enough to touch.

Destination Research Results

Well, my to choices are slowly changing.

There are lots of things to look at. For example, Ireland is one of the freest countries on earth according to people who care. Most find complete free health care there. There is a high level of first world infrastructure there. And added to all these benefits, the Irish are there.
Still Ireland has earned only a seven on my rating scale so far.
Uruguay and Ecuador are tied for first place with a rating of 17
Panama and India are tied a 2nd with ratings of 13
Malaysia and Argentina are tide for 3rd at 12
Honduras is 4th with 10

Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Act

I have on occasion counseled another that it would be a mistake to act from fear.
as a youngster, hiking alone, I would come to a cliff or waterfall I was afraid to go down, but thought I should.
What I did is take off my shoes and throw them down. I created two new fears; the fear of traveling home over very rough country without shoes on my feet and the greater fear of having to explain to my parents what had happened to my shoes.
I climbed down the cliff or waterfall to my shoes.
Is there a lesson in this story that can show me the way to get the increased physical activity I need to live my life healthily well?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

India Is Big

India is big in population, area, variety.....
My first hours of my only visit to India were spent lost on streets on the outskirts of Bombay. In a matter of hours I escaped to Sri Lanka. I enjoyed Sri Lanka.

I'll need a lot of help to make a pleasant stay in India.

My ignorance of the country is my biggest problem. I have thought to start by trying to research some cities smaller than Cennai/Madras.

For luck I've selected seven more or less at random:
Thirovagoor, Madurai, Lucknoow, Thanjavur, Jamshedpur, Vijayangara, Chandigarth.
I'd like to find a comfortable city with great air quality.

Long Foreign Stays

I may be becoming a city person in my old age. For example In Uruguay I would certainly living in Montevideo

In Ecuador I think, that as much as I used to love the beach, like to live inland not much lower than Cueca. So I'd probably live in Quito or Cueca.

In Colombia I think that now I'd rather live in Bogota than in Medellin.

The variety of services in cities seems very attractive to this old man now.

The third country on my stay list, after Ecuador and Uruguay, is India. I am ignorant enough of India to have no idea of which city in which to stay. Probably not it the three or four largest.
I was so frightened of the crowds on my approach to one of those cities that on my first day there I escaped to Sri Lanka. Now even the size of the Quebec City of Canada frightened me away so it is now surprise that my first day lost on the streets of Bombay was a fright.

In India I may need to be carried around in a basket by a guide for the first couple of weeks.


The main reason I like Uruguay as as long term visit destination is for the hot watter spas in the southwest, and for the purity of the air.

You may get a better idea of why others like the country click on
and get their free 'Special Report on Uruguay.

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