Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't Have Another Puppy Photo

Maybe you''l like the elephant. If you do, you might enjoy the following sites:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inspired by the Popol Vuh

May we ~

~ Speak, make clear our feeling about it, and work out an agreement about what to do next.
~ Attend to the flow of light, energy,and movement that we may be struck by illumination.
~ Attend to the colors of our food.
~ See, feel, and touch all that exists and stirs near us.
~ Think about, speak about, and walk about all that exists and stirs near us.
~ Consider the feelings that move us.
~ Be clear about our thoughts of the feelings which move us.
~ Walk in a pleasurable and refined way.
~ Look good.
~ Use clear and precise language.
~ Perfect ourselves to the point at which it will be possible to see where is found the power to produce and be fruitful.
~ Know the limits of our power.
~ Consider well what the probable results of our acts and doings will be.
~ Realize that the clarity of our vision is a power has probable harmful results.
~ Meditate on the danger that our vision and creativity will lit loose.
~ Let women each be given an enchanting name, evoking an image of abundance and beauty in the seasons of the earth.
~ Know that some of us will develop skills that others cannot.
~ Be nourished in the highlands of the west.
~ Seek the security of caves and ravines when need be.
~ Be skilled in more than one language.
~ Hold to a life of tranquillity, reason, and happiness.
~ Appreciate the value of a fast.
~ Learn to better respect and honor each and all.
~ Be through in examining this place with our hands and eyes.
~ Know the characteristics of our stopping place.

Also ~
~May lightening illuminate the consciousness of our creativity.
~May our memories serve us well.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Have Heard it Said that .....

Getting there is half the fun.

Temples have been founts of enlightenment because their doors have been open to flow of understanding. They have been sacred places of teaching and learning. They have honored the process of truth as a way. They have watered the tree of life.

There is a beautiful little door near you right now. You need little of your power to open it. You can look through that door and see the beauty revealed. You may choose to pass through that opening to visit that beauty.
You may pass back through that door to about where you were, but the next little door will not open on the same view. Some say that these doors open from a prison;
some say they open to a magical place. Open one and look through for yourself. By looking you may see.

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