Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Destination to Visit

Turkey could be a destination to visit. I think that I could learn interesting things through a study of the Ottoman State. Istanbul was Constantinople. Perhaps I could gather some wisdom in such a study. Such a study might, for example, give an excellent perspective from which to watch the doing of mankind from, say, the height of Byzantium to the policing of the world by the United States. It could also provide a place from which to gain some understanding of the Arab body politic or of the movements of the Catholic body politic.

I have head that the ottomans caused Dracula sleepless nights. There are interesting destinations in Eastern Europe too.

Gathering information from dim past or chaotic present seems a worthy way to stir the imagination. My imagination is moving from visit to history. They are both a trip.

My historic imagination of the moment moves me to around the end of WWI. But, I think that I have written of these things before. I'll try to get back to looking at tentative destinations for a visit,


It's what I used to call travel.

Looks as though I may be able to do it once again.

I'd like to try staying in the same place for 60 or 70 days. I am just learning to take care of a 73 year old body and have thought that I should perhaps not leave home alone. But, perhaps, if I stay put in one place it will not be beyond me to go it alone. I could try relaxing in one place as so many do, and have done. Maybe this old dog can learn a new trick.

It's not that I like to travel (visit) alone better that traveling with a companion. It is that not many who can, or want to, stay in one place for a month or more; especially if happens to be a place 4 days outside of Ulan Bator.

I figure that I'll have to save up about $5000 for for a trip (visit) of a couple of months. I have begun to save. I may sell a few things. I have a "For Sale" sing over some stuff in the driveway right now. Perhaps I'll put a few things in storage and put this place up for rent.

Now I can begin to dream of destinations and then to contemplate them.

Earth Day

I helped organize and put on the first Earth Day in California. This year I nearly forgot it. That first day seems long ago at this moment. Then, besides helping put together and organize that day, I began to distribute the largest bibliography of Green Earth related material available at that time. Most young students didn't even remember Silent Spring at that time. Now my smile is still broader when I see a raptor or pelican. even the crows came back.

I may be becoming a grumpy old man, but it seems that many are more interested in saving plastic bottles than the are in saving lives.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Trusted Source

Treaty breaking has often been an opening to war.

What is your most trusted source of information about the state of our treaties?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bookmark This Blog

This blog may turn out to be an excellent way to contact me. I check it several times a week.
If you put it in your Favorites or bookmark it, you can probably get a hold of me faster and easier than through email.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Visit" May Be The Word

I am beginning to feel like travelling again. I am beginning to feel like making a trip. However, I am also beginning to think that it is time to make my language be more in accord with my reality. It is true that I am experiencing that feeling that I have associated with travel.
That feeling includes an enthusiasm, a pleasant anticipation, a quickening of life, and more.

However, my previous idea of taking as trip does not call up the enthusiasm it once did. In some ways I still believe that the trip is more important than the arrival; that the exploration and discovery along the way is more important than the destination. However the feelings associated with the experience of exploration, discovery, novelty, and variety, need not be associated with travel or trip.

Let me explain a bit. I have 'travelled' in many ways. One set of those ways included behavior such as traveling 10 or 20 days without sleeping in the same bed twice. I have traveled two and three years at a time stopping only long enough to fill my wallet. Not so long ago I took two trips in on year on both of which I travelled over 40 days without sleeping in the same bed twice. In deed some nights I tried more than one bed.

I may find myself trying two or three beds in one night in order to find one in a place quiet enough to sleep in. However, I no longer am interested in the kind of travel I've outlined above.
It is behavior that I intend to avoid. But it is behavior that I have strongly associated with 'trip' and 'travel.'

I'm not sure how to change my language or of what words to use. Today, I intend to try the verb 'visit.' So, might I not say, I feel like visiting as place or region which seems to offer me a good chance of experiencing pleasant novelty and variety. I feel like practicing exploration and discovery where I can enjoy the same good bed many nights.

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