Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Visit" May Be The Word

I am beginning to feel like travelling again. I am beginning to feel like making a trip. However, I am also beginning to think that it is time to make my language be more in accord with my reality. It is true that I am experiencing that feeling that I have associated with travel.
That feeling includes an enthusiasm, a pleasant anticipation, a quickening of life, and more.

However, my previous idea of taking as trip does not call up the enthusiasm it once did. In some ways I still believe that the trip is more important than the arrival; that the exploration and discovery along the way is more important than the destination. However the feelings associated with the experience of exploration, discovery, novelty, and variety, need not be associated with travel or trip.

Let me explain a bit. I have 'travelled' in many ways. One set of those ways included behavior such as traveling 10 or 20 days without sleeping in the same bed twice. I have traveled two and three years at a time stopping only long enough to fill my wallet. Not so long ago I took two trips in on year on both of which I travelled over 40 days without sleeping in the same bed twice. In deed some nights I tried more than one bed.

I may find myself trying two or three beds in one night in order to find one in a place quiet enough to sleep in. However, I no longer am interested in the kind of travel I've outlined above.
It is behavior that I intend to avoid. But it is behavior that I have strongly associated with 'trip' and 'travel.'

I'm not sure how to change my language or of what words to use. Today, I intend to try the verb 'visit.' So, might I not say, I feel like visiting as place or region which seems to offer me a good chance of experiencing pleasant novelty and variety. I feel like practicing exploration and discovery where I can enjoy the same good bed many nights.


  1. Sounds like it's time to plant a flower from the nursery.
    Take walk around town.
    Visit a local cemetery and take a snack along. It goes without saying, always, always have a book in your back pocket.
    Time to visit a Thrift Shop [especially when you have a sister that adores hand embroidered table cloths and scarves]
    Time to stop and smell the roses.
    Hugs ♥♥♥

  2. Thrift shop vist might be cheaper than visit to Timbuctu of Lasa.

    However, it seems that I usuually need a stronger stimulant.

  3. Gerry, your suggestions seem sane, health and self-serving.



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