Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Destination to Visit

Turkey could be a destination to visit. I think that I could learn interesting things through a study of the Ottoman State. Istanbul was Constantinople. Perhaps I could gather some wisdom in such a study. Such a study might, for example, give an excellent perspective from which to watch the doing of mankind from, say, the height of Byzantium to the policing of the world by the United States. It could also provide a place from which to gain some understanding of the Arab body politic or of the movements of the Catholic body politic.

I have head that the ottomans caused Dracula sleepless nights. There are interesting destinations in Eastern Europe too.

Gathering information from dim past or chaotic present seems a worthy way to stir the imagination. My imagination is moving from visit to history. They are both a trip.

My historic imagination of the moment moves me to around the end of WWI. But, I think that I have written of these things before. I'll try to get back to looking at tentative destinations for a visit,


  1. What about The Blue Mosque?

  2. Is the Blue Mosque better than the green one?

    Thank you for the comment and the suggestion.

    I imagine the Blue Mosque is in Istambul. I'll check it out on Wikipedia.

  3. Maybe its in Iran. There is, I hear, some truly beautiful arhiteture there.


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