Thursday, December 31, 2009

DNA Test

Some time ago I took and got the 'results' of a Y-DNA67 DNA test. I had hoped to get some information useful to my niece or in building my family tree. Didn't. Paid about $250 through Family Tree and really haven't gotten any useful information. Haven't figured out how to make any use of my test results. The only thing that I am aware of learning is to not be in a rush to have another such test.

For Affirmations

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I am willing to attend to reality and the nature of process.

I am willing to be aware, happy, and honest.

I am willing to learn, help, love, clarify, recognize, enjoy, praise, and prosper.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Progress may be called correct or useful change, it often refers to movement in a predetermined direction, too often it just refers to newness. Sometimes it proves to be evidence of rot.

How About That Sound!

Just bought a set of Panasonic digital home phones. They are like mobile cell phones, but can only be used at my home. I find the sound bad. The two new phones replaced to much older phones. One of the older phones was an ivory colored dial model. Both of my older phones had much clearer and more pleasant sound reproduction than these new ones do.

I've also just bought a new slim Vizio TV to replace an ancient RCA set built like a large piece of furniture. Not only was the sound better on the old RCA but so was the picture!! This RCA was old. I had it for about a dozen years. I was left in a house I bought from and elder woman's estate. I asked her daughter why the set was in the house. She said that it wasn't sold because no believed it worked. She said that her mother had owned it for as long as she could remember!

Why is the sound getting worse? Why is the picture getting worse too??? What is happening? Why is it happening. Is it due to ignorance, hatred, or what?

Who Are You?

I don't know who you are. I don't know anything about you? I don't know what you like? I don't know any of your interests, values, fears, problems, loves, convictions.

One reason I am having trouble writing to you is that I don't have any idea of who you are.

As you can tell, by checking out the posts on this blog, I don't know much about health. I will add that I am more motivated to learn of things little related to health than I am to learn about health.

So, a second reason I have trouble writing to you is my lack of knowledge about health.

Yet, I can sincerely say, that I'd like to see you have a better chance for better health. I also assure you that I want to increase my chances for better health.

I am willing to continue this blog a bit longer on the chance of: getting to know you; learning to write a bit more helpfully; learning a bit more about health; giving us a better chance of maintaining better health.


I am becoming increasingly unable to take care of certain parts of my daily business.

Jane Murray

I have especially appreciated Jane Murry's offerings in the newsletters of the School of the Natural Order.
They have brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my lips and helped me to great days. Her words have helped me to greater awareness and greater serenity.

Thank you Jane.
Thank all of you who support her and the SNO.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Free Tutoring

I am willing to tutor the following subjects via a blog of mine
without charge:
~ Fractions, decimals, arithmetic
~ English as a second (3rd or 4th)language.

Please leave comments, questions, or requests here.


History is our memory of our experience. It is powerful. It is the way we know how to make our morning coffee.

We look at the outline, but it is very useful to know some of the details.

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This Day In History

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What a Wonder!

There is nothing you have to do and you can.

There is nowhere you have to go and you can.

There is nothing you have to be and you can.

You are able enough.


"SNO" refers to the School of The Natural Order.

It's seat is at Home Farm.

Vitvan directed its founding.

You can find Resonance there.

Look for freebies.

Christmas thoughts are available now.

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Get Fifty Dollars

Use it to pay attention.
Attend to attention.
There are many ways to direct attention. The Ray Way has sometimes been a good way for me. They say that there are Seven Rays. One out of six can be a life saver.

Attention can take you to an understanding that leads to knowing comfort and joy.

and pay for hard copies of Resonance

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's a bright clear day here at my new place in the village of Joshua Tree.

Health Hints

Squats hurt my knees and I fall over.

Takes awhile to get up.

I've Become a Complainer

How can I give myself a chance for better health?
I feel so bad I can ignore the bad effects of my four,not very effective blood pressure medications.

I have more headaches now that I had during my preteens and early teens. I've had headaches nearly every day; some days, all day

I have not learned to talk effectively with doctors nor have they learned to talk with me.

I fact doctors have often ignored me when I am speaking directly to them.

I still have the hope of finding a doctor who will act as a health teacher. How can I continue with such foolishness? Of late I care much less and have slight hope.

The pain in my right leg started deep in my hip joint in the mornings; now it is lasting much of the day and and is strongest in muscles of calf and thigh. I believe the pain originates in my spine.

What Now?

I'm losing my energy and my good humor.
I have diarrhea which must be controlled daily.
I have a great deal of pain in my right leg.
I have lost some mental ability.
I am fat.
I lack energy to exercise.
I have cut back on eating.
MDs seem unable to help.

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