Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How About That Sound!

Just bought a set of Panasonic digital home phones. They are like mobile cell phones, but can only be used at my home. I find the sound bad. The two new phones replaced to much older phones. One of the older phones was an ivory colored dial model. Both of my older phones had much clearer and more pleasant sound reproduction than these new ones do.

I've also just bought a new slim Vizio TV to replace an ancient RCA set built like a large piece of furniture. Not only was the sound better on the old RCA but so was the picture!! This RCA was old. I had it for about a dozen years. I was left in a house I bought from and elder woman's estate. I asked her daughter why the set was in the house. She said that it wasn't sold because no believed it worked. She said that her mother had owned it for as long as she could remember!

Why is the sound getting worse? Why is the picture getting worse too??? What is happening? Why is it happening. Is it due to ignorance, hatred, or what?

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