Friday, June 20, 2008

History Notes Two

My intent is to get at actual happenings. Still, these note will be imperfect.

The ancestors of the Irish came from someplace else. All our ancestors from some other place in time.

It seems good to begin our investigations by looking at a specific area and time. Let's start by drawing and outline which is both broad and within identifiable limits. We may reasonably Begin by suggesting that the Mediterranean and Iranian polities are well thought of as a single historic unit. That is we might benefit by looking at the Achaenid, Parthian, and Sassanid as we have tended to look at classical Greek and Roman. So, we have a starting place.

A way to approach the above historic unit might be from what we know of the great Indo-European Expansion.

The Celts who migrated to the Irish Island where part of that expansion which I'll say began about 6000 years ago. The Celtic part of those migrations, which might be said to include the Celtic-Iberians, and the Hallstat Culture, continued through the Bronze Age of about 3000 BC to past 1000 BC, and on through the Iron Age of, say, about 800 to about 600 BC. My guess is that I had ancestors in Ireland well before 800 BC. In this paragraph we begin to identify the western part of the Indo-European movement.

There were people in Ireland well before 4000 BC. Besides those people in Ireland, the Basques, the Georgians, the Etruscans, as well as Semitic, Hamitic, And Finnish peoples predate, in more or less their present locations, the Indo-European expansion.

The Basque are now largely found in the western Pyrenees. Place-name, blood-group, and now probably, DNA evidence indicates that the Basque occupied not only all of what is now Spain, but also much of what is now France. This distribution corresponds with the historic peoples known as Iberians. The few inscriptions left by the Iberians are usually, and reasonably taken as being ancestral to the Basques. We are still unable to read those inscriptions.
There are mysteries and mys tries in our history.


In partial response to comment on the post "Talk with the Animals." I have successfully use herbs to treat intestinal parasites. I use herbs almost daily. For example I find ginseng a better pick-me-up than tea or coffee.

Herbs have been used to treat man and his domestic animals for millenia.

I have had others tell me that they have been joyous at the herbal treatment of a general malaise said to come from human yeast infection.

I hope 'mousse' will tell us more of herbal experience. The 'Bea' 'mousse' speaks of may be checked out in 'comments.'

Persons close to me suffer rheumatoid arthritis. Penny Royal in her popular little book "Herbally Yours" lists many herbs used to treat rheumatism and indicates that she has had successful persona experience with Alfalfa and Chaparral. I take alfalfa
and was taking it when I got rid of painful joint problems in my fingers. Alfalfa is easy to take and easy on the system; not so chaparral. In another book I have at hand,
"Prescription for Nutritional Healing " by Blach. Again for Arthritis Blach recommends primrose oil, salmon oil, superoxide dismutase ,SOD, (Including injections, alfalfa, celery seed, chaparral, parsley tea etc.
There is help out there that may not be suggested by your particular specialist. Examples are hot and cold compresses, exercise, raw lemon rubs, caster oil packs.
Some have found avoiding certain foods a help. Foods like green peppers, white potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes.
Talking with those who are improving or suffering less than before is a help

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Traveling Friends

My future travels are likely to be less physical and more mental. Such a change affords me more time for activities such as writing these posts and more time to contemplate your comments and to respond to them. I'll have more time for trips of the intellect and imagination.

Still, I spoke today with a friend about a trip. I may be limiting some solo travels, but travel with friends is very possible. The work at the left seemed apropos, but now looks hard to see. Darn.

"Find your bliss" is still visable! Good enough

A Start

My sister and my niece recently got me thinking about history from kind of a family angle. My niece has begun using DNA tests to learn some family history.
My sister has been following our family genealogical paper-trail for some time.
Something my niece told me caused me to brag that I could tell her about Trans-Iberians. She said something like, 'So tell me.'

My surname is Irish, so probably Celtic. I think that the Trans-Iberians are part of the Celtic migrations across the Iberian peninsula to Ireland. I think that those migrations that were part of the great Indo-European expansion that begin about 6000 years ago. That expansion has some relation to ice age movements of men 40,000 years ago. Which is related to the great dying of giants about two-hundred thousand years ago. Which is probably related to my surname.

The fact is, I don't know much. I checked on-line and didn't find anything on Trans-Iberians. I guess a Frenchman heading to Portugal could be called a Trans-Iberian.

One encounters mysteries in history. That which isn't mystery is opinion. The proceeding, and what follows here, is my opinion.

Mystery started out meaning, a kept secret. Those who hear those secrets and kept them were called initiates. By telling you information I have kept to myself, I am making you an initiate.

The words 'story' and 'history' came into Anglo-Norman from the Latin 'historia.' The underlying meaning of 'history' is knowledge. In Greek a 'histor' was a learned man. 'Historia,' meaning knowledge gained by ones enquiries is derived from 'histor.' The Greek word comes from earlier Indo-European for wit, see, and know. By our enquiry here we are making history.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

On the Desert

Many jack-rabbits continue to gather around the outlet to my cooler hose where the flow of precious water is scant. I have never seen so many jacks in so small an area.

I hope they don't get so bold as to enter the patio and eat the cacti there. They did once before. Where marks of their bites were left, it looked like a burro had been feeding.

I couple of years ago the round-tailed ground squirrels became both many and bold. So bold that they not only fed freely in the patio, not only got into every room in the house, but also got into my bed. These animals are not tiny. I wondered how they got into the house.
These animals have short, fine fur of a handsome light tan shading. They have large, round, bright black eyes. Their tail is long and has very short hair. They are capable of giving one a look that seems knowing.

Once, in the house, one of them and I startled one another by both coming around the same corner at the same time from opposite directions. Though I don't remember my own reactions well, the animal's are bright in my minds eye. It leapt into the air so that it was nearly at my eye level (I may have been crouching a bit). Its forelegs extended up and out; its hind legs down and spread, It looked large and its tiny claws shown. Its mouth was opened wide showing white teeth. Pretty fierce for a cute little animal!

Another day, during this time of the round-tails, I covered plants around the place with five gallon buckets in an attempt to protect them. I put rocks on top of and around the buckets. The following day I check my work. The first bucket I picked up uncovered five round-tails and no plant! As I continued checking, It became clear that the were using my buckets as apartments and fast food places.

My cacti continue to take turns blooming. The most recent to flower is a small tame one. Its blossoms are wonderful shades of orange.

Last night I was serenaded, again, by a coyote in my front yard by the mailbox. I trust I won't find it in my bed.

Talk With the Animals

If you would like to 'talk' with your pet, or if your interest in holistic medicine is wide and deep, you might find it interesting to check out

The Joints (O La Ruma)

I remember when a person saying, "I ache in the joints." got the advice, "Stay out of them." Those who get this little joke are smart, old, or both.

Now good advice for those who suffer from pain in the joints long or repeatedly is to look for a specialist in your kind of arthritis. The specialist you is one that is both easy to speak with and truly helpful. The idea is to find that specialist who is on your Wave-length and helps. As soon as that search is well begun start another. Go out and find an alternative health specialist who knows a lot about your problem. The person you want is one who listens and teaches well and truly helps. Its probably good to have back up in both areas.

Seems to be a lot of rheumatism out there. Bet the specialist are called Rheumatologists.

The experts you want are out there, not too far away. Its up to you to find them.

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