Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Question of Indians

What kind of food was "pechita" among Spanish speaking Indians near the boarder of Northern Mexico and Southern California?

Who has information about the hot and cold water wells of Coachella Valley Indians from the earliest times?

What did "Piatopa" mean to Coahuila Indians and how was it related to Mt San Gorgonio?

In What ways are the Pima similar to the Cocomaricopa?

How are the Apache similar to the Yuma?

What is the history of the Yaqui as miners?

Is there a good translation of Geronimo Boscana's ethnographic work on the Luiseno of Southern California? It was written not long before 1830.

Where can I get information about the Yaqui-Mayo rebellion of 1740?

What is known of the early sea trade of the Yaqui with people of Baja California? The trade was active in about 1800. At that time Yaqui were crossing the gulf in their 'canoes' from Guyams to Loreto about 140 miles across pretty rough water.

Was there and Apache revolt in New Mexico in about 1680?

Who will tell us something about the Hachedun Indians who lived along the Colorado River?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Josh of Joshua Tree House just called to say that he expects to be out of the house by midday on October 15th.

So, it looks as though I will be moving from here. Will it be just to Joshua Tree, or a step beyond the step beyond?

Guess I had better get out the paper work. I think I will be returning most or all of $900 or $1000 security deposit.

On with plans. Fix up patio and have a bit of tile work done here and then get ready to move tools and things from garage and start packing up smaller things here. Or, should I place rental ads for the JT House now.

Its good I've kept the Van. I can use it for moving.

If I'm moving out of the country I don't want to be buying new furniture for the JT house.

A Bit Less Negative

The property manager for for the JT House disappeared. Now my tenants expect to move in October. I expect to get notice from them soon.

I could move into the JT House. I suspect that I would find it a more convenient place to live than here. The neighborhood seems quiet enough. Putting in a privacy wall in the back should make it a very livable place. I told myself some time ago, that when it became vacant I would probably move in.

I'm nearly 72 years old and it now seems that I should not wait long to do things I'd like to try.
I'd like to try living in the JT place. I'd also like to try living out of the country again for a time. If I rent out both houses and add that rent to my retirement money, I'd have enough for me to live well in most countries of the world.

This bears some consideration and planning. If I move to, say, Montevideo, it would help to have a home address here in the States where I could receive tax returns, bank statements, rent receipts, and the like. That means I will have to arrange to pay a friend or relative to receive my mail and to tell me each month what kinds of mail I'm getting. Maybe a local mail place would do as well.

I'd probably also rent a small storage place near here as well. Mail forwarding and storage should not be more than I can afford.

I imagine that I might rent a furnished apartment in Chaing Mai for a couple of months and then decide that i don't like it well enough to stay. So, it may happen that I spend some time moving from city to city or country to country fro a time. This will take a bit of planning, and I can begin considering the possibilities now.

What, for instance, my tenants don"t move.

Health first and then wealth. Dr. Abdul Zadeh will not see me until the 22nd of this month. That's a long wait, but I don't see my liver giving out before then! I have an appointment with Dr, Salhotra this coming Friday. Perhaps he can help me adjust blood pressure medication. I know I could quickly find excellent doctors in Bogota to care for my gut and pressure.
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I am having my usual problems with doctors in the US. I returned from Mexico with my usual 'turistas' and my home remedies have not gotten rid of them. The Indian doctor I have used here has set me up with an Arab liver specialist. I don't get it. What I need most is an adjustment in my blood pressure medication. My pressure has jumped from an average of about 120/70 to and average of about 170/100. Too high. Pulse rate has stayed in the mid 60s.

I'm pretty sure that I can get better treatment from a doctor I find in Morelia, Bogota, Montevideo, or Chaing Mai.

Right now a half dozen helicopters are being put through low level maneuvers just above and around my house. The noise vibrates the walls of my chest as well as the walls of my house. Very annoying!

The 60 some yards of cement I had poured here was badly handled. The grades are incorrect and there is much more cracking than is to be expected. I don't like to look at it.

I don't feel well. Have some chest discomfort.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Eating and Execise Stuff

Walking, Swimming, and eating carbohydrates may prove calming.

Dr Maria Simonson, director of health at the Weight and Stress Clinic at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Good Samaritan Hospital, says that listening to fast music may cause one to eat more.

I do try to get adequate sleep and am trying to learn to eat more slowly.

Exercise helps helps to maintain health blood fat levels.

Exercise tones the muscles, stimulates circulation, helps one from becoming overweight. It also can make me become stronger and that seems a motivating factor.


I dream of a doctor who will teach me. I dream of a doctor who will take the time to be my honest teacher.

Speaking of honesty, I dream of a doctor who will tell me promptly when he does not know or is very from sure about what is going on with me.

I dream of a nurse who has and keeps a useful and ongoing health record of mine.

I dream of a nurse who promptly and definitely tells when she/he thinks I should or should not see a doctor.

I dream of a doctor who will promptly tell me when he thinks I should see a specialist. I dream that he will explain exactly why he thinks the specialty he has chosen is applicable to me at this time. I dream that he will tell me why he has chose this particular specialist.


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