Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Question of Indians

What kind of food was "pechita" among Spanish speaking Indians near the boarder of Northern Mexico and Southern California?

Who has information about the hot and cold water wells of Coachella Valley Indians from the earliest times?

What did "Piatopa" mean to Coahuila Indians and how was it related to Mt San Gorgonio?

In What ways are the Pima similar to the Cocomaricopa?

How are the Apache similar to the Yuma?

What is the history of the Yaqui as miners?

Is there a good translation of Geronimo Boscana's ethnographic work on the Luiseno of Southern California? It was written not long before 1830.

Where can I get information about the Yaqui-Mayo rebellion of 1740?

What is known of the early sea trade of the Yaqui with people of Baja California? The trade was active in about 1800. At that time Yaqui were crossing the gulf in their 'canoes' from Guyams to Loreto about 140 miles across pretty rough water.

Was there and Apache revolt in New Mexico in about 1680?

Who will tell us something about the Hachedun Indians who lived along the Colorado River?

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