Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Bit Less Negative

The property manager for for the JT House disappeared. Now my tenants expect to move in October. I expect to get notice from them soon.

I could move into the JT House. I suspect that I would find it a more convenient place to live than here. The neighborhood seems quiet enough. Putting in a privacy wall in the back should make it a very livable place. I told myself some time ago, that when it became vacant I would probably move in.

I'm nearly 72 years old and it now seems that I should not wait long to do things I'd like to try.
I'd like to try living in the JT place. I'd also like to try living out of the country again for a time. If I rent out both houses and add that rent to my retirement money, I'd have enough for me to live well in most countries of the world.

This bears some consideration and planning. If I move to, say, Montevideo, it would help to have a home address here in the States where I could receive tax returns, bank statements, rent receipts, and the like. That means I will have to arrange to pay a friend or relative to receive my mail and to tell me each month what kinds of mail I'm getting. Maybe a local mail place would do as well.

I'd probably also rent a small storage place near here as well. Mail forwarding and storage should not be more than I can afford.

I imagine that I might rent a furnished apartment in Chaing Mai for a couple of months and then decide that i don't like it well enough to stay. So, it may happen that I spend some time moving from city to city or country to country fro a time. This will take a bit of planning, and I can begin considering the possibilities now.

What, for instance, my tenants don"t move.

Health first and then wealth. Dr. Abdul Zadeh will not see me until the 22nd of this month. That's a long wait, but I don't see my liver giving out before then! I have an appointment with Dr, Salhotra this coming Friday. Perhaps he can help me adjust blood pressure medication. I know I could quickly find excellent doctors in Bogota to care for my gut and pressure.
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