Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Reader!

Hello, dear reader!
I´m very please that you are here.
Please leave me a comment.
I´ve left the Dayman Thermal baths and am back in a nice little hotel with a big name, Grand Hotel Uruguay, in Salto. Loved the water at Dayman.

My health is a bit better and have enjoyed the companionship of some ladies at Dayman. Left there without saying good-bye and with out accepting some invitations.
I still have some health related business to take care of here.

Speaking of business I note that I am still living well above my budget.

Have been considering some moves. I could head toward southern Argentina and even Antarctica. The weather is warming. From Argentina I could head to South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. Or .... I could head north toward Sao Paolo and Rio in Brazil and from there head to western Europe or North Africa or Arabia.

Expect to gradually have some improvements made to this blog.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Export Food Certification Programs for Uruguay, Barzil, and Argentina

Those interested in importing certified meats and other food-stuffs from Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, including USDA ORGANIC, may profit from checking out:

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Am Williging to Pay .......

..... for help in improving the set up and design of this blog.

I really want some help to set up and redesign this blog so that it is easier to find.

I may also need help with the content, but don´t what help in that area at this time.

I need help, want help, and am willing to pay for help in the technical set-up and design of this blog. I need help with RSS, Atom, verification, site mapping, Sitemap, announcing interesting posts help readers find this blog, announce interesting post to aggregators.

I am interested in all that will help readers find this blog, but particularly the technical aspects at this time.

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