Thursday, April 24, 2008

Half a Cake is Better Than None

Tomorow I hope to head for Cochabamba.
I had an idea for a business in Colombia that sounded like fun for me and had ofers o help from two quarters. My thoughts are turning that way because in looking a world wide costs and values, and doing some calculating ---- my availanle principle is now worth only half of what it did just two years ago. Not good. Still days are pleasant and cost are down since this intestial infection has cut into my appetite.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Beginning

Well I am writing this seated between two very young children with a drunken father seated to the left of the the little girl on my left and a nervous mother, trying to appear calm hovering around and pehaps tying to use SKYPE.

Had A nice lunch. A bit like stake and eggs. Translated to the language of Philly it might be called ýeah Frankie!´ It was set off by a very large glass of strawberry juice. Here the better restaurants have double linen as many once did.

This situation is disturbing my mood a bit. The kids are behaving, but the ´father´ is a borderline case.

My rooms at La Montana Magica, which seem very inviting at this point, were a bit like a Swiss or Barvarian chelet. Downstairs was a nicely apointd small living room, a small kitichen, and a bath. Upstairs the bedrom had five very large windows with marvelous log views of cyprus covered valleys and ridges. One of the widows was done in cut glass much liea church window.

In the bedroom was a nice double bed with elegant linen, four wool blankets, and a simple quilt. Close to the been was a nice small raised fire place. I position to enjoy the views was a hamoc, and a wool rug set with pillows. I had the bautiful quiet place with two very good large meals a day --- for 40 dollars a day and cried about the steep prices. Enjoyed myself anyway. I evenejoyed looking at the rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, goats and sheep on the property.

Made to pligimages down to Medelin and saw the changes to be amazing. Beautiful transportation system of elevated rails and cables plus a very good bus system. Tall beautiful buildings everywhere. Great shopping places. Ruanas and carriels were gone and the arrepas were flat!

Still in place were much of the Antioquian fine manners and the beautiful Antioquenas long graceful legs.

While here in Santa Cruz, I plan to attend two days of a festival of barroc and renaisances music. (I need a functional spellcheck!) The festival has been held every other year for about a decade. I have encountered a Dane and a Japanese that not only plan to attend but also to play. A While back, while some wooden mission buildings the Jesuits had constucted in the 1600 and 1700s were being saved, about a thousand pages of original barocco an ranacanse music was found around which the festival developed.

Time to Eat

I am feeling a bit hungry and am a bit disturbed by loud Brazilian TV program.
Seems this blog is all about me.
Still I feel a bit frustrated not having gotten to the parts of this trip I find must interesting.

AOL has been resopnsive and helpful.
Avianca, Taca, and other airline personal have been ver helpful.

árrepa´was a roasted ball of a simple cornmeal recepie. These days it takes a bit more the for of a tortilla. Another form is made from fresh corn from the cob and when done correctly DELICIOUS. I like it topped with a bit of fresh cheese.

My spellchek wants me to write in Spanish and is making all corrections in that language.

´choclo´ is fresh corn on the cob.

Kevin Maloney,, sportsman, lover,world traveler, and all around good man would like to hear from you. He knows a good movie when he sees it and has a weakness for beautiful woman.

La Montana Magica is a resort at nearly 9000 feet near Santan Elena and not far from Rionegro, Antioquia. Its name is taken from the novel of the same name by Thomas Mann.

I find my sister´s sites at: and interesting.

My flight from Lima (Callo?) was supposed to be to La Paz, bbut by mistsake was to Santa Cruz. By mistake also it seems that that $390 flight may cost me nothing.

Well I have´t gotten to the Venezuela Amasador or even the Bolivian Ambasador; much less the hammoc and the geese, the buck rogers transport system, love, money, politics ........ appitites .....


Tired and Pleased

I am in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the Capital of SantaCruz state of Bolivia. I turned getting here into a bit of an adventure. Some would call it making unneccessary complications. I will try to provide some iterestig deails aout where I am and how I got here, but first I´d like to thank my sister ad my property maager for checkig this log with some regularity. My sister has tow nice blogs of her own and I am trying to learn from her example. My property manager, Kim Fulgum of seems to be doing ad very good job of taking care of my nice little rental property.
I find it very difficult to impossible to view, muchless download, photos or PDF files from the variety of boworred or rented computors I am using these days.
I Found a very nice place to stay not so very far from Medellin, Colombia; visited Bogota, touched down in Lima, and La Paz. More on that later I hope.

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