Saturday, August 22, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

The outside stucco looks good. I'm very pleased with the outside lighting.

There are some disturbing cracks in the new cement work

The walls of the interior of the patio should be finished on Monday.

I am successfully combating the interior tiny, meat and animal fat loving Argentinian fire-ants with -- baby powder! Bridget suggested I try it. It seems to disrupt their ability to form trails.

The round tailed ground squirrels have eaten nearly all of my smaller cactus. The larger cactus is able to maintain themselves in face of the little mammals, but still contribute a lot to their diet. Since the dogs have killed the great ferrel cat and the little fox the round tails are taking over.The land closest to the house looks like a great prairie dog colony. I run water into their holes and the often come out soaking wet. Their larger tunnel dens have safe rooms that protect them. Where I wet the earth they love to make little tunnels in which to cool off and rest during the hottest part of the afternoons.

Thoughts On High Blood Pressure

~ 120/80 seems good.

~ I have experienced tinnitus-like symptoms, some foot swelling, some irritability, all of which can be attributed to high blood pressure.

~ I have felt some interest in chelation therapy with some hope of seeing positive results from oral chelation.

~ I have experienced notable liver regeneration in my lifetime. There is some belief among knowledgeable persons that general liver congestion resulting from nutritional imbalance, and lack of exercise is one of the main reasons for high blood pressure.

~ I know that good exercise and good nutrition is probably very good for me. Now it seems important to find more effective motivation to get those good results from good eating and good activity. I especially lack motivation to enough good activity.

~ Knowing with abundant precision what is good, better, and best for me is helpful. For example, I know that all water is not equally good for me. Water from the cooking of vegetables might be one of the better ones. At one time most such waters went into the soup pot.

~ Dietary items such as refined flour,sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate, and most highly processed foods may con tribute to high blood pressure. I'd like to see a better reading of facts pointing to the varying degrees of danger in such eating.

~ The best I could probably do to bring my pressure down in a healthy is to get more abundant regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise. I resist it. The next best I might do is to live a life of much less perceived stress.

~ Better knowledge of myself would help me find motivation and help me live with less stress.

~ I suspect that certain kinds of occasional fasting might help me to lower healthy blood pressure, but avoid the necessary learning and practice.

~ Getting enough sleep and rest have been a help.

~ Learning to eat more slowly might be another help.

~ Running, jogging, and walking have been a great help in lowering blood pressure and maintaining general good health in the past but have lost my motivation in recent years.

~ May the above words act within me to move me to more appropriate action.

Hypertension Notes

~ Hypertension does seem to have some inheritable factors. It may run in families.

~ some professionals suspect that kidney infection or emotional stress may trigger hypertension.

~ Physical activity of some regularity my reduce hypertension. Blood pressure is significantly lower in physically active man then in sedentary men. However those who work more than 40 hours a week tend to have higher blood pressure.

~ It doesn't take much pressure to do one damage. An average pressure of 142/85 may give a 35 year old a death rate 150 percent above the average for his age.

~ Can it be in the water? Some water, especially 'soft water,' has more cadmium then other water. People with hyper tension have been found to have higher concentrations of cadmium in their kidneys than do people with 'normal' blood pressure.

~ Is it a matter of obesity? People above their 'ideal' weight who lose weight, have a fall in blood pressure toward healthy levels.

~ Stress leads to hypertension. Great unmet needs are closely associated with hypertension. Bottled up anger is closely associated with hypertension. Certain tendencies to over conscientiousness may lead to high blood pressure. Resentment raises blood pressure.

~ ~ Low blood pressure is good for us. How low is low enough? How low is too low? The best lowness for an individual surely depends on that individual, but it is great to have some ballpark figures.I would like to have a range of lowness healthy for most people. Can you help me? My guess is that 130/70 and well below that is usually pretty healthy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Comment" So That All May Benefit

The feedback that I have been getting from you is a great pleasure and a great help. Thank you. I love your suggestions and contributions. Your questions and comments give me direction and help keep me on course. They also open my eyes and mind to considerations which might be lost to me. I do wish that more of you would put your feedback in the comment section so that others may share in our attempts to understand one another.


What is knowledge?
How is knowledge acquired?
What do we know?
How do we know what we know?
Why do we know what we know?

Where Were the Observers??

What happened to all the election observers who were supposed to be observing the Afghan election? I heard that there were supposed to be an extraordinary number of foreign observers and an extraordinary domestic observers. Why were these observers not observed at the polling places. Where were they

With Love

Moralists of many religions have been a bit like our parents were, -- telling us the 'no, nos.' Jesus was not that way. For example, he understood the Ten commandments more than learn them by rote. He restated them for us as: enthusiasm for life, respect for the dignity of persons, delight in helping others, nurturing and strengthening with love.

Some Attributes of Democracy

In a democracy:
~ The rights of minorities and the equity in distribution of power takes ongoing maintenance.
~ Balance and harmony call for ongoing attention.
~ Members control the organization.
~ Members continue to claim free and equal participation in the decision making process.
~ Each member is a free and equal governor of his country or other organization
~ The freedom, equality, and openness of participation of the overwhelming majority of its members is defining.
~ Authority is active in its public.
~ Ruler and non-ruler are equal.
~ The more direct the rule by the people the greater its purity.

Might be better that we decided on a republic.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amendment II

".... ,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
and all related laws shall be enforced.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alvera Street Roots

By Gloria Lautt
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Around Camp Thunderbird

The day after I coaxed the red racer to the patio, I found a pair of road runners there. I haven't seen the snake since.

An adolescent cotton-tail has been approaching within as near as 10 feet from me as I water.

Plasters have put the finish stucco on to sides of the house and patio. The color and texture look good. The overall effect is darn good. Very good!


How may we make the following questions more instructive, productive, or realistic? How may they be improved.

~ In what way are fields the substance of existence?
~ What light is created through the interaction of a magnetic field and an electric field?
~ What is a very good reason to suspect that radio waves are very like light waves?
~ How is a field modifying my life right now?
~ In what way are invisible rays real?
~ What confusion are you experiencing about the nature of reality?
~ In the case where field overlapping initiates configuration, what is the nature of that configuration?
~ How true is it that the length of a light wave is about the width of a single cell organism? Who has seen significance in the phenomenon?
~ How do you express gratitude for your ability to recognize underlying pattern?

What Do You Say?

Students of neurology and kindred disciplines have been telling us for over a century that we speak, not only to tell others what we think, but to tell ourselves what we think. That's not the whole story, but it seems an important part of it. What do you think the lesson here could be. I've thought it might be to take a bit more care about what we say to ourselves. Or,"Think before you speak." That seems actionable.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What Don't I Know About Faith

I've called faith a power to act informed by vision. That vision is informed by interpretation of experience, but a little optimism seems to help.
I've used the following little story as an example of the working of faith. One goes into his house at night with the thought that the electrical system has gone to hell and there is no way the light switch is going to work. He may spent the night in the dark. With a bit of faith he may be motivated to try the switch. Trying the switch he may still spend the night in the dark, but he has improved his chances for light. With continued faith he may repair a malfunctioning switch or an electrical system that has gone to hell.

What more were it good I learned of faith?

A Sheehan Was There

A Sheehan was on the Mexican boarder when Pershing had troops there and Villa and Huerta were just on the other side.
What was Jack Sirbridge doing then?

Questions Related to Prussia of the Past

When is the earliest time we may reasonably call Prussia, Prussia?

What was the nature of Prussian dealings with Geats? Where Geats a kind of Goth?

Which is correct? Northeastern Poland was part of Prussia. or Part of Prussia was northeast Poland.

Is it true that Jablon-Dobki was a small village during WWII in which Germans killed as large percentage of the population for hiding Jews? Is it true that parties interested in modern international law have said that the killing in the area at that time was of such a nature and extensive enough to be called genocide?

Is it true that Prussians sailed to the island of Birka to trade with Vikings before there was a Sweden?Is the Town on Birka Sweden's oldest?
Is it true that an important route to the Byzantine Empire ran from Birka through Prussia?

What can I learn about Ducal Prussia?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Get Understanding Now

Readers or students of "Get Understanding Now," please feel free to ask questions or make comments. If you do not make a comment constructive, please make it courteous.

What we are doing now is either attending to our awareness or being aware of our attention. I guess awareness is the main focus. We are presently focusing our awareness on the body. We are attending to one small portion of the body at a time to see what we can discover.We may expect our discoveries to be in structure, function, or sensation.

Get Understanding Now

Let me warn you that I intend to act like a teacher. You can call me Profe.

I was going to call this "You U." but that seems a bit grand.

What I intend to offer is suggestions.
I suggest that you get understanding now.

"Understanding" is the key word. It is an activity. One needs to do it. "To get" is also an action. By "Now" I mean here and now in this time and place where everything happens.

Understanding may be analyzed in a variety of ways. For now let's say that it is made up of awareness, practice, and mastery. Much understanding can come to seem hollow if it does not proceed from self-understanding. We seem to begin in an egocentric universe.

We can't understand everything and we don't have to understand anything. We do understand some things and I suggest that we set about understanding some more. So, we need to exercise our power of choice. Since my reason and a number of wise beings suggest that it is best to "know thyself" first, I choose that.

Some things you might try as ways to start to raise your level of awareness are:
~ explore how your body functions, including how it relates to your feelings and thoughts
~ witness your your emotions and see how they relate to your body and mind, including patterns in their happening.
~ observe your thoughts and note how the effect your actions and feelings
~ take some psychological, academic, and physical tests to see what they tell you
~ check out what others have learned about body, emotions, and mind.

Sounds like the course work for a BA in Self. Forget that. You can only do one thing at a time, so it seems best to choose only one thing at a time.
Oh, oh! For me, that's a bit of a problem. I'm coming to believe that there is no such thing as thing.

I'll give you an assignment. Do the following:
~ consider your meaning for 'awareness'
~ check out an other's understanding of awareness
~ try directing your awareness
~ try directing your awareness to your body
~ direct your attention to a small part of your body (nothing naughty)
~ try to make up your mind to pay more attention to what is going on with your body
~ consider getting a notebook in which to note your discoveries and your questions.

Good for you! You have raised your consciousness.

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