Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thoughts On High Blood Pressure

~ 120/80 seems good.

~ I have experienced tinnitus-like symptoms, some foot swelling, some irritability, all of which can be attributed to high blood pressure.

~ I have felt some interest in chelation therapy with some hope of seeing positive results from oral chelation.

~ I have experienced notable liver regeneration in my lifetime. There is some belief among knowledgeable persons that general liver congestion resulting from nutritional imbalance, and lack of exercise is one of the main reasons for high blood pressure.

~ I know that good exercise and good nutrition is probably very good for me. Now it seems important to find more effective motivation to get those good results from good eating and good activity. I especially lack motivation to enough good activity.

~ Knowing with abundant precision what is good, better, and best for me is helpful. For example, I know that all water is not equally good for me. Water from the cooking of vegetables might be one of the better ones. At one time most such waters went into the soup pot.

~ Dietary items such as refined flour,sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate, and most highly processed foods may con tribute to high blood pressure. I'd like to see a better reading of facts pointing to the varying degrees of danger in such eating.

~ The best I could probably do to bring my pressure down in a healthy is to get more abundant regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise. I resist it. The next best I might do is to live a life of much less perceived stress.

~ Better knowledge of myself would help me find motivation and help me live with less stress.

~ I suspect that certain kinds of occasional fasting might help me to lower healthy blood pressure, but avoid the necessary learning and practice.

~ Getting enough sleep and rest have been a help.

~ Learning to eat more slowly might be another help.

~ Running, jogging, and walking have been a great help in lowering blood pressure and maintaining general good health in the past but have lost my motivation in recent years.

~ May the above words act within me to move me to more appropriate action.

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