Saturday, August 22, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

The outside stucco looks good. I'm very pleased with the outside lighting.

There are some disturbing cracks in the new cement work

The walls of the interior of the patio should be finished on Monday.

I am successfully combating the interior tiny, meat and animal fat loving Argentinian fire-ants with -- baby powder! Bridget suggested I try it. It seems to disrupt their ability to form trails.

The round tailed ground squirrels have eaten nearly all of my smaller cactus. The larger cactus is able to maintain themselves in face of the little mammals, but still contribute a lot to their diet. Since the dogs have killed the great ferrel cat and the little fox the round tails are taking over.The land closest to the house looks like a great prairie dog colony. I run water into their holes and the often come out soaking wet. Their larger tunnel dens have safe rooms that protect them. Where I wet the earth they love to make little tunnels in which to cool off and rest during the hottest part of the afternoons.

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