Friday, May 07, 2010

Uruguay News - Breaking World Uruguay News - The New York Times

Uruguay News - Breaking World Uruguay News - The New York Times

Learning from the past. Understaning our motivations.


Information about Patanjali and his teachings are available in English.

I suspect that I can find his teachings valuable and his life interesting.

My notion is now that he was skilled in dance, grammar, and yoga.

Let me list a bit of what I think I know about about him. The following is mostly made up of guesses and fragments from a faulty memory:
  • he flourished in India about 150 BC,
  • he was a Sanskrit grammarian,
  • he was a compiler and a knower,
  • Nandhi Deva might have been his yoga teacher,
  • he was probably a master of dance,
  • He seems to have been interested in a meaningful and worthy life,
  • he wrote a work on grammar which is still available
  • he wrote a four part book on yoga which is still available.
  • he seems to have a rational and intellectual approach to reality,
  • his teaching and understanding seems experiential and supported by concrete referents.

As my interest, energy, and the fates permit I may post more on Patanjali with focus on his Yoga Sutras.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Carriers of Freedom

They knew troubadours and love, death and slavery.

700,000 years ago they had already learned lessons of freedom and beauty in what is now southern France.

Free Greeks from what is now Turkey had settled on that Mediterranean shore by about 600 BC. By 300 BC those free Greeks had met free Irish on their 'emerald island.'

From that same land freedom was carried to North and South America. People of what is now Uruguay and southern Brazil benefited. European freedom embraced Gaucho freedom. Giuseppe Garibaldi helped.

If you sit quietly in rooms below the grasshopper in Boston, it is likely that a spirit will stir you. I believe that what will stir you has a direct connection with the spirit that stirred others 700,000 years ago, 800,000 years ago, 900,000 years ago and farther back than I can imagine.

I takes stories, conversation and action to keep whole that spirit of beauty, love, and freedom.

Beginning from words in this post you can begin to appreciate your connection to Persian, Phoenician, and Arab and others. You may see how a well made thread is stitched through the lives of Adam and Adams as it is stitched through yours. It is a living thread of freedom, beauty, and love.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Wise Men Remind Us

Good mind can become wise with right words. Good religion is wisely based on truth. Intelligent desire is desire for the best.

Scientific spirit unlocks the hidden sources of power in nature.

The best in people finds its voice and moves them toward greater freedom. We have rightly been accused of materialism and have practiced it wrongly.

May we find joy in sustaining one another.

A Breathing Exercise

Warm hands by rubbing them together. Place warmed hands on either side of naval.

Exhale slowly and press hands lightly on abdomen aiming to form a slight hollow. Gently force air out of lower lungs and abdomen.

After exhaling completely, begin to inhale, slowly extending the abdomen outward so that it extends like a balloon. Take two or three seconds to balloon the abdomen outward. Use a bit of of downward pressure with the diaphragm.

Avoid chest breathing.

Repeat four or five times.

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