Friday, May 07, 2010


Information about Patanjali and his teachings are available in English.

I suspect that I can find his teachings valuable and his life interesting.

My notion is now that he was skilled in dance, grammar, and yoga.

Let me list a bit of what I think I know about about him. The following is mostly made up of guesses and fragments from a faulty memory:
  • he flourished in India about 150 BC,
  • he was a Sanskrit grammarian,
  • he was a compiler and a knower,
  • Nandhi Deva might have been his yoga teacher,
  • he was probably a master of dance,
  • He seems to have been interested in a meaningful and worthy life,
  • he wrote a work on grammar which is still available
  • he wrote a four part book on yoga which is still available.
  • he seems to have a rational and intellectual approach to reality,
  • his teaching and understanding seems experiential and supported by concrete referents.

As my interest, energy, and the fates permit I may post more on Patanjali with focus on his Yoga Sutras.

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