Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Myanmar Connection


My understanding at the moment is that in M a phongi is much like a bando monk. Bando is and ancient Hindu Buddhist system of non-violence. It is also a system of empty-hand self-defence sometimes used in defense of Buddhist temple schools. The discipline may not always be empty-handed.

Still the bando monk system, well pursued, is based on principles of non-violence and is used as a way of developing the body, mind, and spirit to achieve harmony with oneself, with others, with nature.

Bando monks are storied to have disarmed an opponent with a naked blade while the monk's sword remained sheathed. their high purpose was to do minimum damage to an opponent.

Monday, June 29, 2009


With so many talking of tightening their belts, I find myself having to let mine out.

Lost Childhood

When I heard the news of Micheal Jackson's death, I shed a tear and a half for my own lost childhood.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Click in a New Place

Move your mouse marker around the pages to find hot spots on which to click that will open opportunities for new discoveries.

Around Camp Thunderbird

Animal natives note, but seem little disturbed by, the construction going on.
Right now, there are four ravens drinking at my cooler water drain as they casually keep a persistent half grown road runner from doing the same.
Handsome desert iguanas use piles of rubble or materials as lookout posts during mating season.
Round-tailed ground squirrels use everything for shade or hang outs as though it were made specifically for them.
Jack rabbits check out each change with a concentration that reminds me of a house cat.
Cotton tail hop around in the here and now as though nothing has changed.
Removing a shed discovered snakes and geckos.
A side-winder left its distinctive trail along the berm to which new bit and hunks of broken concrete had been added.
Quail lead their well-grown chicks around seeming to use the changes as a teaching opportunity as they snack on newly uncovered bits.

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