Saturday, November 22, 2008

How and Who

Who do we have who might explain to us how the way our recent wars have been financed impinges on our present financial situation?

How have we had guns and butter?

How have we financed these wars without raising taxes?

How was the money made?

Irrawaddy Flotilla Company

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We can cruise Borneo, The Mekong, The Upper Irrawaddy, and more.
Take me with you and I will pay my own way and watch your bag. All you have to do is keep me from leaving my passport on the counter or missing the boat.

Uns, Ons, We, Us

Uns and Ons are archaic forms of we and us.

Definitions for 'we,' 'us,' and 'our' from my dictionaries:

"We" usually refers to you and I and the rest of our group.
"We" is our group which acts.
"Us" is our group upon which action is taken.
"Our" is that which belongs to us or with us.

"Group" was originally used to refer to the disposition of a set of figures. Ir came from words referring to a round lump, a mass, but also a crop. A group may be an assemblage, esppecially of persons. It is a set of individuals considered together because of similarities. A group may be considered to have a certain arrangement, disposition, tendency, mood, or inclinnation. Members of a group may have tendency to act in a certain manner under goven circustances. A group supposes and opposes.

A "we" is a group, a unit, a set of persons. who belong together, but is less inclusive than a family. A "we" is made up of persons who are likely to share in common: interests, character traits, temperment, personality traits, moods, natures, values, backgrounds, opinions, assumptions, philosophies, tendencies, inclinations, and the like.

The individuals of a give group frequently communicate.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Humphry Clinker"

Just finished reading "Humphry Clinker" by Tobias Smollett. It was Smollett's final work and probably his most optimistic. Smollett was a Scott who practiced surgery and knew Italy and Jamaica. He died in Italy on September 17, 1771. "Humphry Clinker" might be called a book of manners and is set in travels in England, Wales, and Scotland. It could serve to enrich ones travels in the area. It's form is of letters among the characters. In fact it seemed to me that the letter form helped to give the characters greater depth. We even see characters understanding or the development of character develop. It gently highlights some noble values, is humorous, and plays out situations and relationships entertainingly and praises genuine friendship, organic eating, 'well rounded' learning, holistic health with a mind and body unity, kindness, travel, and temperance.I find myself nodding in agreement when a characters their 'folly can be more provoking than knavery.'In this tasty book I encountered pimps an authors of first distinction.I also found who I heard called a 'gilly' in Ireland may be called a 'Gaelly' in the Highlands. Was also caused to wonder what st Patrick might have ti do with St. Mongah.I liked it.

I'm now reading a work by Edelman and Tononi called "A Universe of Consciousness."

Copied from "California"

"Time won't stand still, but light can travel slower than a jet plane. Electrical engineering and computer science professor Connie Chang-Hasnain led a team hat built a 'laser amplifier' that slowed a beam of light to just 546 miles an hour at room temperature __ less than a millionth of its normal speed. The invention, funded by the Pentagon, could one day make fiber-optic networks more efficient. That's right __ slow light could lead to faster networks."

A Mouse in Your Pocket

One: We heard about the whales and the dolphins washing up on the shore dead. We heard that the Navy was killing them for national security and we said, "OK."

Another: Who is this 'we' of whom you speak?

One: Have you seen any of those abnormal 'contrails' we used to see? The ones that lasted so long and blocked the sky? They seem sickening. Remember, the Air Force told us nothing?

Another: Who is this 'us' and 'we' of whom you speak?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


  • colorful red and yellow peppers, they have twice as much vitamin C and a lot more beta carotene than do the green ones.
  • foods rich in vitamin C to increase the amount of iron your body absorbs from other foods.
  • sodium free mustard by mixing mustard powder with a bit of water, vinegar, or milk.
  • prepared horseradish; it has half the calories and one tenth the sodium of mustard or ketchup.
  • a whole orange you peel; whole oranges lose less vitamin C than does any juice.
  • the Chinese or Thai cold noodles with peanut sauce you like in a lower fat version: mix 4 tablespoons of smooth peanut butter with the juice of a lemon, 2 teaspoons of reduced-sodium soy sauce, 1 tablespoon water, and some chopped scallions. Blend and then toss with cold cooked fettuccine or linguine.
  • a new fruit or vegetable every week or so and have some fun boosting your antioxidants and getting your veggies.
  • a sweet potato. a three and a half ounce sweet potato contains three times the recommended daily amount of beta carotene, half the RDA for vitamin C, and just 100 calories.
  • a fresh herb soon. Fresh herbs are more potent in antioxidant power that the dried, Culinary herbs in general have more antioxidant potential than medicinal one such as ginkgo. Fresh oregano and marjoram are great.


  • Zebrafish regenerate them all the time.
  • You have them in your ear.
  • Loud noises break them.
  • They are small hair-like cells.
  • You have about 16,000 of the in your left ear.
  • The respond to vibrations to help you keep your balance and to determine where a sound is coming from.
  • Can you tell where a sound is coming from as well as ever?
  • Soft noises cause these hair cells to shift at their bases.
  • Loud sounds can cause them to break.
  • Once they are gone, they never grow back in humans.
  • Stereocilia damage is a cause of tinnitus.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


There may be more Jews in the U.S. than there are in any other country including Israel. The U. S. probably has fewer than 6,000,000 Jews. Israel probably has fewer than 5,500000. The population of Israel is about 75% Jewish. The U.S. population is less that 2% Jewish.

2% by world standards is high:
the U.K. is about.4% Jewish
Hungary and Canada about 1% each
France perhaps .8%
You may know that Jews sometimes divide into two groups: The Askanazi and the Sephardic. Askanazi being largely Central European and Sephardic being largely Iberic, but could be Spanish via Turkey.
The Jews now in the U.S. are largely from Askanazi background as one might expect.
But counter to what one might expect earlier Jewish settlement in the U.S. was Sephardic. First and maybe earliest were those who settled in the Rio Grand valley of what is now New Mexico. Later a group settled in New Amsterdam and started a synagogue there.
The picture above, I believe is of a synagogue in Spain well before the Inquisition.
Please tell me where I am full of beans. I try to be correct in my opinions, but many of the need revision.

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