Friday, January 15, 2010


Lost my Yahoo email
Lost my rocketmail email.
Lost my firefox browser.
Lost my email address book.
Contact me here or at:

I'm sorry.

!Viva Bolivia!

The effective help by Bolivians is being felt in Haiti right now!
!Viva Bolivia!

Not Happy

The days are beautiful. My family and friends are treating me well. My new neighbors are proving to be good sorts. Its great to be on good terms with my sister. Still I'm not happy. Not sure why.
I still have diarrhea, Camp Thunderbird isn't rented yet. I'm not taking very good care of my vehicle or of this place. Did have some more cement in the fence posts here today.
Dot sure whats going on with me, but know I'm not feeling happy. May be that this diarrhea has me feeling sick and I seem impotent to anything about.

Guess John Wayne would call this belly-aching.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, Now I am in a real mess.
I not only have a badly damaged spine, but also chronic diarrhea and hypertension.
To add to that, I seem to be developing a case of real depression.
Haven't been able to find a doctor to teach me to take care of the above maladies, how can I expect to find an able therapist.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Rocketmail Email Is Back

Without much hope hope of success, I clicked on in my previous post and pulled up my rocketmail email account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how long I'll be able to keep it.

I wonder if will get my browser back.


Yahoo seems to be refusing any contact attempt through: !!!!!

Still No Sigh of Rocketmail or FireFox

No help from Spybot or Norton.

Still No Sign of Browser or Email program!!!

Haven't Been Able to Get Help

Browser and email still gone.

No help from Yahoo.
No Help from Mozilla.
No help from Rocket mail.
No help from FireFox.
No help from Microsoft.
No help from Windows.

I can still be contacted here or at

Haven't Been Able to Get Help


Today my email account disappeared from my computer.
Rocketmail is a Yahoo account. My address boox and all my addresses also disappeared!

Also lost all evidence of my Foxfire-Mozilla web browser.

Both rocketmail. com and Foxfire were default positions.

What happened?

Why did it happen?

How can I have a safer and simpler web life??

How might I retrieve my address?

How might I retrieve my 'bookmarks,' and "favorits?

How best I retreat to a safer position?'

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