Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Dear, the Crane, and the Turtle

Health thoughts prompted by a consideration of the dear, crane, and turtle symbols of classic Tao:

There is a Taoist art or practice some call Chi-kung or internal energizing exercises. Chi-kung exercises combined with meditative and breathing techniques may form a useful self-healing system. These internal exercises are probably more important and useful than are ones regular external exercises and may be profitable to continue when one is not continuing what one may consider ones regular exercises regime. An online search may start you on the the path of these exercises.

Go on, go far, return, follow the laws.

If you decide to try one or more of the deer, crane, or turtle related exercises I recommend that you determine to stay with the exercise you choose for more than three months, or twice that, if you would benefit. If you would give yourself a chance to benefit fully from associated meditative and breathing practice, the masters would have you determine to continue for a decade or more. Of course the only practice benefiting use is the one we are in the midst of and some benefits accrue throughout your practices.

Let go of that which does not include bliss, vitality, and wellness.

Modern knowledge of the workings of our bodies helps.
Learn more of your glandular system.
Begin to gather facts about supplementation or augmentation of the endocrine system by your fourth decade.
I have been slow to take this advise.
Can you help me with motivation or information?

Public Health

public health
Public Health
public health
Public Health
public health
Public Health
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Public Health
public health
Public Health

Friday, June 12, 2009


They are organized to protect their butts and to feather their nests. In so much as we are disorganized, our butts are not protected and our nests are losing feathers.

The disorganized are not even in the game. So long as we lack organization we are in no position to secure cooperation from them.

The beginning of effective organization is effective dialogue. In fact, without effective dialogue, there is no we.

Talk is a cheap commodity that can have a very nice payoff.

When Does One Have Enough

Information to act is necessary before ones actions are likely to move a situation in a positive direction.
How do you care?
What information do you need to act effectively?
How do you get the information you want?
When do you want to care?
Who needs care?
Who deserves care

I'm thinking that I might benefit by taking these questions more personally. For example: How do I care for my fellow citizens?
How do I care for my neighbors.
What care does my family need.
What caring action will I take today

Does She Care?

'Care' is a verb.
A verb is an action word.
Does he care?
Do you care?
Do I?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


A once well-known quote among us was, "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it."
'Us' implies a 'we,' doesn't it? 'Everyone' refers to 'every one of us,' doesn't it?

When you say, "We now seem to be taking some responsibility for the weather as we begin to take responsibility for our climate." Who do you suppose the 'we' refers to? Who makes up a 'we?' How do individuals become a we?

(Bad?) Blood (Wounds?)

What can you tell me about the Native America background of the following Americans?

James Brown, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau,
Jack Dempsey, Redd Foxx,
Jimi Hendrix, Langston Hughes,
Chaka Khan, Beyonce Knoweles,
Chuck Norris, Rosa Parks,
Oscar Pettiford, Elvis Presley,
Della Reese, Will Rogers,
Diana Ross, Tina Turner,
Eudora Welty.

Who else could we add to this list?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

May You Be Safe on Your Bike

In California and in many other states we have agreed that bicycle riders are to follow the same rules it is mandated that motor vehicle drivers follow. Five rules that it is good for bicycle riders to follow for their own safety are:
1. Consider wearing a helmet. Californians have agreed that bike riders under 18 must wear one.
2. Keep your bicycle in good mechanical condition.
3. Follow traffic laws. Signal your intentions before making a turn or changing lanes. Four wheel motor vehicle drivers tend to lose sight of bicycle riders as often as they loose sight of motor cycle riders. It's often a good idea to consider making eye contact with a nearby car driver just before making a lane change or turn.
4. Ride with the flow of traffic and use dedicated bicycle lanes where they are available.
5. Do not ride a bicycle if you have used alcohol or drugs recently. In California, if you are under 21 but over 13 and ride under the influence, your drivers license will be suspended or delayed one year.

I wish all a safe ride.

More Hypertension Notes.

Man, woman, adolescent, or child can have or get high blood pressure. Hypertension does seem to have some inheritable factors. It may run in families. Emotional stress may trigger hypertension. Kidney infection may lead to it.

Physical activity may not only mitigate high blood pressure, but may well reverse it. Blood pressure is significant lower in physically active men than it is in sedentary men. However, those who work more than 40 hours a week tend to have higher blood pressure than those who do not. Some sort of balance seems important.

It doesn't take a large rise in ones blood pressure to do one damage. An average pressure of 142/85 may give a 35 year old a death rate 150 percent above the average for his age.

Can it be the water? Some water, especially 'soft water' has more cadmium than other water. People with hypertension have been found to have higher concentrations of cadmium in their kidneys than do people with 'normal' blood pressure.
Is it a matter of obesity? People above their normal weight, who lose weight experience a fall in blood pressure toward healthy levels.
Is it stress? Are great unmet needs a source of stress? Great unmet needs are closely associated with hypertension. Is bottled up anger a source of stress. Bottled up anger is closely associated with hypertension.
Could it be over-conscientiousness? Certain tendencies to over conscientious may lead to high blood pressure.
Resentment? Resentment raises blood pressure.

Low blood pressure is good for us. How low is low enough? How low is too low? The best lowness for an individual depends on that individual. One can find some ball park figures. How about, say, 130/70 being low enough. If you pass out when you bend over to tie your shoes your pressure may well be too low.

I tend toward high blood pressure. The doctors haven't found enough kidney or liver damage or atherosclerosis to account for it. I find it wise to seek serenity and and a high level of appropriate physical activity for my life.

Excellent Results

We know good exercise and good nutrition are good for us. Appropriate physical activity and appropriate eating have excellent results. Now it is important to find more effective motivation for taking the action that leads to those excellent results.

Once we have the nature of that which is appropriate physical activity for us well in mind and once we have the nature of that which is appropriate eating for us well in mind, we are ready for the next step. That step may be to consider why we are not partaking of the good physical activity we consider appropriate to us. That next step may be to consider why we are not partaking of that good nutrition and appropriate eating we believe is in our best interest.

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