Saturday, September 20, 2008


In Panama City.

Looks like lots of foreginers are here to protect assets.

Richard Halliburton, the love of a lady history professor of mine, swam the length of the Canal and paid 36 1928 cents to do so.

Many Panamians belive that John McCain could, legally, become president of Panama. Seems he was born in the Canal Zone.

Work on the 'new canal' is well begun. It is inended to be much larger than the present Canal and not just the old canal enlarged.

Was walking through the Casco colonial area and thinking that it looked a lot like colonial Havana, accept for the fact that it was well on its way to being gutted and renewed beneath the historic walls. As I thought, A Venozuelan gentleman said that he had just come from holidays in Cuba and that where we were did look just like old Havana including the renewal. Seems the Europeans are very busy in Cuba.

Canal 'factoid:' Freight to and from rhe US, China, Japan, and Chile is greter than to and from other countries.

I´m pleased to be feeling well and have not formed plans for leaving Panama.

I have no spellcheck available here!

Error note: Seems the tallest building here may be 80 some stoies, not 106 as I said earlier.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Panama City

Panama City construction is still booming. For example there are dozens of new condo type buildings of 20, 40, 60, 80 stories. One is 106 stories tall and more being built today. There is a heavy construction equipment convention in the City now.

Just got here.

There is a Hemispheric conference on energy in Uruguay now. Some German interest is evident.

Don´t Know my next stop yet.

Have an English spellcheck again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

La Virgen

Went to the hill of Tepeyac to visit Guadalupe. Walked far, but not on my knees.
Went first to the Basilica where I witnessed a delagation from Puebla, offering song and flowers, being received by church fathers. From there I went everywhere. In one chaple I heard a bit of a homily(?) on health.
While on the hill I was pleased to be reminded of my experience with the Virgen of Juquila.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mexico City

I´m here.
Mexico is fine. I´m a little old and ill. By the 17th I expect to be officialy a year older and less than a little ill.
Independence celeberations are going on here.
I´ve been invited to a party for tonight, but probably won´t go.
I may visit the Virgen of Guadalupe tomorrow.
My eyes and spelling are both bad and my spellcheck is in Spanish!
Celabrations will continue until Wendnesday, but businesses will probably be doing business again by Tuesday

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I am comfortable and well in Mexicali, Mexico.

You may find it expedicious to contact me here via coments.

I feel very welcome here in the Hotel del Norte.

Now I´m off to breakfast and the TJ airport.


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