Saturday, October 10, 2009

California Teachers Are Still Losing SS Quarters

Teachers pay into their retirement account. Their pension is not a free benefit. Unlike many corporate workers teachers have been required to pay 8% of their salary into an account with the California State Teachers Retirement System. This is a higher rate than most workers pay into Social Security.Further, by a great travesty of law, teachers lose most of all moneys they earn under
SS. Teachers made and make their monthly contributions in good faith and deserve not to lose the modest pensions they were promised.

I had SS deducted from my pay for forty years. Why must I lose that just because I taught for 20 Years.

Reminds Me

Looking at the photographs on the site below reminds me of the Desert Hot Springs of the late '40s and early '50s.

I don't know of what they are likely to remind you.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bleeding First Aid

If you or another is bleeding in a way that seems to be leading to serious blood loss or just a big mess, here are seven ways you might try to control it:
1. direct pressure on wound
2. pressure wraps
3. icing the area
4. elevating the wound above heart
5. apply a product call Bleed-X or TraumaDEX
6. apply corn-starch directly in the wound and cover with a wrap
7. sugar use as the cornstarch above does a good job of staunching the flow and also acts as a bit of a disinfectant.
8. honey may flow into deep and large and deep wounds to staunch bleeding and also be a better anti-biotic than is sugar
Each of the acts should be considered short term. All wounds should
cleaned and disinfected. Deeper or more serious wounds should be treated by a physician or surgeon.


I'm still feeling comparatively ill.
I still have something going on in my gut. All my experience points to parasites. I expect the results of some cultures soon.
My right hip is newly very painful. Inversion table is of some help.
Pain in right wrist and thumb have increased.
My blood pressure has gone down a bit, but is still much too high in spite of adding medication and doubling old med.

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