Saturday, April 03, 2010

Thai Stuff or Wai to Go

  • Some Thai Chinese might be ranked among the worlds wealthiest people.
  • Thais tend to laugh at difficulties. To lose ones temper is to lose ones dignity. To lose ones dignity is to lose face. To lose face is a serious loss.
  • When in Thailand show respect. Go ahead, wai first. Show delight in your wai and be pleasantly surprised.
  • Display your Care for young and old. Display your respect for teachers and those dedicated to religion.
  • When people are treated with little respect, very bad things can result.
  • There are a dozen Thai cities well worth visiting.
  • Narcotics are well worth avoiding.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello Pligrim

We can find quiet and peaceful place in and around our homes. we can find spots that are more powerful or energizing than others. We often find our places of worship more sacred or holy than other places. There are public and simi-public places in every ad that have been consider energizing or holy in every land. Many of these locations, spots, and places have been the goals of pilgrims.

Americans don't have to go to India or the "Holy Land" to find such places of pilgrimage. There are many in each and every State.

There may be no one of them perfect of everyone. However, I bet that you can find more than fitting for you in your State. Please tell me of ones that you have found.

Below are some special places that I have heard of:

a. there is such spot in rural New Hampshire called America's Stonehenge.
b. Blanca Peak in Colorado, also known as Dawn Mountain or White Shell Mountain has been sacred to Navajo and others.
c. Sandia Crest: a Tewa sacred mountain known as Oku Pin may be in New Mexico.
d. Mt Kilauea in Hawaii is considered the birth place of Pele, goddess of volcanoes.
e. Saul's Mound, Oins Mounds in southwest Tennessee.
f. Crystal River Mounds, Florida.
g. Mt. Shasta, California; Special to Native Americans and certain seekers.
h. Lake Jackson Mounds near Tallahassee, Florida.
i. Mt. Humphreys, Doko O Sliid, Arizona.
j. Mt. Tamalpais, California.
k. Mt Kathdin, Main.
l. Canyon de Chelly ruins, Arizona
m. Sedona, Arizona; Europeans come to feel its "spiralling vortexes.
n. Old North Church, Mass.
o. Old Scotch Church, Oregon.
p. Mt. Denali, Alaska, known s Mt McKinley and as the home of the Shaman, Sa.
q. Serpent Mound, largest prehistoric serpent effigy in North America. Which State is it in?
r. In Indian Cove, J. T. Park, California.
s. The Big Horn Medicine Wheel(is it in Wyoming or Montana?) has been recognized as an intelligent energy place by the Crow, Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and other Native American Groups.
t. Old Ursuline Convent, N.O. Louisiana.
u. Voodoo Spiritual Temple, N.O. Louisiana.
v. Lands End Labyrinth, San Fransisco, CA. It's easy to get to. Take time to walk it twice.
w. Asia Art Museum, San Francisco, California.
x. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angles, LA, Calif.
y. Park Street Church, Boston, Mass.
z. Sakya Monastery, Seattle, Washington.

Add another special place or two. Tell us much more about one of the places of pilgrimage already mentioned here.

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