Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Won't They When They Say They Will

Why do they say they will when they won't?
It is beginning to seem that the doctors I choose are liers or incompetents or both.

Dr Levy, my main doctor, has not been any help with my records.
He said he would get my records from Dr. Salhotra, but has not. He was to get my records from Dr. Zadeh, but has not. He has not seen fit to tell me that he has not. He has scheduled apartments on the premise that he has and has charged me for them. Dr. Levy has said he has sent records to Doctor Gutierrez three time, but Gutierrez has not received them. I have called Dr. Levy many times about getting records to Gutierrez and and have made three special trips to his office with out getting results. what am I doing wrong?

Dr. Zadeh has said that he would send my records to Dr. Levy but has not

Salhotra has records of mine , but wont let Levy have them. Levy has records of mine but wont let Gutierrez have them.
Zadeh has records of mine, but won't let Levy have them. Levy has said that he would get records from Salhotra and Zadeh, but has not. None of these doctors have contacted me.

Gutierrez does not seem to think this strange or unusual and says we may have to repeat a great deal of the work.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


It's just talk.
What's talk?
Let's talk about it?
What was the question?
I was just asking!
What's it all about?
It's just words.
Words are about meaning.
Good meanings, bad meanings.
Moral meanings.
What's the moral?


What's the word?
Reversed position.
Reversed direction.
What does she care?
No particular direction.
Here and there.
On every side.
How may sides are there?
The area.
You know.
Succession, order, sequence.
Act or process?
On all sides.
Which side are you on?
Around and around.
The same as, almost.
Close to what?
Just talk.
Just talk.
What's just?
What is it?
Outside of it.
Concerning what?
Talk about it.
Just talk?
What about it?
What is it about?

Sunday, February 07, 2010


I've enjoyed the Hornblower series for over half a century.
Still I have never read Forester's "Marionettes at Home." Have you?

Suicide Bombers

Just finished rereading C. S Forester's account of suicide bombers with Forester's original ending. You may know it as "The African Queen."

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