Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Gentry

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln understood that the world had been, and mostly still was, made up of the gentry and the people. The gentry ruled and the people worked. The idea of Ab and George was that the people could, and should, rule themselves.

There was some discussion as to how:

The republicans said that rule should be by representatives. Others suggested that such representatives would become a sort of gentry.

The democrats said that rule ought to be directly by the people. Some said that would be rule by rabble.

Republicans won this argument, but have nearly completely lost our republic.

Do not worry. If you are not interested in these arguments, you will be ruled by someone.

You have heard that' rule or governance 'of the people, by the people, and for the people' has perished form the earth. Perhaps it was never here. I suspect that the people of Iceland came close. I have reminded you that 'the people' in the quote means 'not the gentry.' You may find it useful to review the meanings of 'of,' 'by,' and 'for.'

Guess one might say 'by' is the democratic part.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Bogota is big and comfortable.

You can still find a hotel in a handy area that most would be contented with for around $40.

Don´t forget to bring a jacket and a sweater. It can be pretty cool here even during the day.

Men might feel better with a blazzar or even a suit and tie.

Lots to see and do.

Colombian food is not always the most interesting, but in Bogota its not hard to get excellent food from around the world. I was in a Tai-Israeli place today.

More cocaine moves through Brazil that any country. Most prpobably through Bolivia, but there is a great deal that moves down the Amazon from Peru. Europe is the destination for most of it

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The weather is great here in Bogota.
Colombians carry on.
Avianca is a safe and efficient way to fly.
There are still Mejias, Restrepos, Parras and more here.
President Uribe may speak the classiest Spanish in the Americas.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Panama Too

They tell me that grain and oil are the two biggest money items passing through the Canal, but one sees a very great number of cantainer ships passing through.

Outside of Panama City, near the Canal between the Pedro Miguel locks and the community of Gambao is Summit. Summit is a small, interesting zoo located a large piece of land that began as something of a botanical experimental station. Many of the plants brought from the orient and other places of similar climate. I think the Missouri Botanical Gardens are still associated with Summit.

Tomorrow I will probably head for Lima.

Still no english spellcheck.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Coconut Water

Its good for yor daughter, Harry B. told us. Here in Panama a water coconut is called a pipa.

Panama has about 2000 islands. John Wayne liked them so much he acquired one. His friend, General Omar Trorrijos was of some helpe to him.

Look up 'pollera' on the internet. Colombians and others have been singing their praises for ages.
Saw many beautiful ones on parade yesterday.

According to my spanish spellcheck I spelled everything wrong except 'pollera' and and 'general.'
I'm sure I spelled Panama correctly!


Lazy Us.

We have sold our childrens chance for democracy out from under them. Because we have been to lazy to govern ourselves it will be nearly imppossible for them to govern themselves. Worse we have failed to teach them to govern themselves.
We didnt blink when we gave them the Saving and Loan mens debt.
Know we are going to saddle them with a another trillion dollars in debt.
We appear to hate them.


John McCain has probably never eaten ñeque, but he has probably seen them here in Panama, perhaps near his home in the Zone. Here they say a ñeque is like a rabbit, but it is a rather sweet rodent of another kind.

Patacones are grilled plantains which to my pallet are very tasty.

Espiritu Santo is the national flower of Panama. I suspect that it is an orchid. I is a fairly large plant with a small, pretty, white flower with a somewhat dove like aspect.
Its dovelikeness is from whence comes the reference to the Holy Spirit.

Still possible to find a new house here for $40,000 in an okay area.

Most homes here have a variety of fruits and spices growing in their gardens. Still I was surprised to find black pepper growing in many yards. Reminded me of South East Asia. Green is its color as it grows, of course. Green it is eaten in salads and many other dishes. I really like it.

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