Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Poor People"

I know a woman calls some people poor; she does not like them.

Others call those people she does not like 'unfortunate,' 'oppressed,' 'f---ers,'neighbor,' 'daughter,' 'citizen.' Do you have a name for them? How would describe a 'poor' person? Are the same people always poor? When are they poor?

Why might the woman I know not like the 'poor' in her life?

Trade, Trails, and Tales

Among the American Indians over the centuries there have been many great trading systems. I think we took a look at a trail that was part of such a system. That is the 7000 year old trail north from the Gulf of California sea route at where it passes near Organ Pipe Nation Monument. Over these routes goods and certain people traveled over many hundreds of miles. My tale of 'the little bells may have suggested to you such a system.

The Hopewell system is one that you might enjoy learning about yourself. Perhaps you will tell us tales of its trails. Perhaps the story of the young time wanderer we left in New Mexico will aid your real imagination.

What we can call the Hopewell Exchange System had probably already passed its peak before the earliest European visitors had begun to move in. It had extended through the Mississippi, Arkansaw, Missouri river systems and into the Great Lakes and probably well beyond to include the tributaries of these great rivers and to even Beyond the mouths of the Mississippi and the St. Laurence.

The great days of that system were probably the centuries between 200 BC and 500 AD.

The Hopewell System may be seen as an extension and continuation of the Adena culture and systems, which seems to have been strongly active from about 2000 BC to about 200 BC. The Adena culture was probably centered in the Ohio valley, but extended into what is now Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, New York and beyond.
Still, it probably covered and area smaller than did the Hopewell system.

Adena people as did Hopewell people after them cultivated pumpkin and other squash, sunflower seeds, and pittseed gooseberries which are, they tell me, much like quinoa.
They were also, of course hunters of wild game. Their ancestors had hunted very large game indeed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

How does Myth Relate to History?

You have express interest in myth, but haven't suggested how it relates to history. To pursue your interests you might consider that:
~ The King Arthur legend counts as myth. Morgan le Fay and Modred of the legend may interest you.
~ Accounts of other peoples gods count as myth. Check out Odin, check out the Holy grail.
~ There are great stories connected to the names found in most myth
~ Hermes and Pan may bring you to interesting stories, histories, and more.
~ Attatched to the following names are multi-colored threads that can lead you to wondrous learnings: Quetzalcoatl, Tiresias, Jupiter, trolls(who hate{they say}noise), Hestia, vestal virgins, and more.
~ Look at Japanese, Filipino and Egyptian myth.
~ Look a creation myths
` Most especially look at myth stories.
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Concerning Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester CathedralImage via Wikipedia

I have heard the following:
~ It has stained glass images of golf dating form 1350.
~ It has some kind of connection with Berkeley
~ It was A Saxon religious community.
~ In 1017 secular monks were expelled form a monastery there and replaced by Benedictine monks.
~ Harry Potter was there.

Please correct my information or add to it


Dannon Light & Fit Diabetic Friendly Yogurt (w...I

You may experience remission by adding about 2 oz of dietary fiber supplement to your daily intake. Continue to eat plenty of high fiber foods for about 60% of your caloric intake, figure out how to reduce sugar to less than 5% of caloric intake.

Venomous Snake Bite

An effective first aid for a venomous snake bite is cold therapy. Chill(do not freeze) the bite area with any source of cold. A particularly good source might be one of those highly portable products that creates cold by a chemical reaction inside a sealed plastic bag.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


* (en) Myanmar Location * (he) מיקום מיאנמארImage via Wikipedia

Myanmar is a complicated country to govern. Upsetting the balance there is likely to cause the death of a great many innocent people.

Upsetting the balance of power in that beautiful country is like to start a long lasting, multi-sided, civil war.

The present regime their is imperfect, but it is preserving the nation and lives of its peoples.

"The generals" are willing to talk, are open to change for the better, and are able to follow through on well considered compromise.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As a Seeker

As a student of life you may find your consideration of the following of practical use to you.
  • Let yourself investigate principles.
  • Go on to experience how one configuration relates to another.
  • You are designed to find order in the univease. As you grow you will find that order more and more beautiful.
  • Give yourself time and opportunity to explore, with another, the tones from a monochord.
  • Re-explore the breadth of ration and proportion with a child. 
  • Be a bit more ready to recognize it in your own life.
  • The child of four can begin to explore number. Four is a wonderful beginning number.
  • Introduce yourself to the new this week.
  • Learn more and much more of purification.
  • Practice purification.
  • Search the measure of the curious, the ambitious, the covetous within you.
  • How much do you desire knowledge? honor? profit?
  • Consider the relative value of the virtues: temperance, courage, wisdom.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

MORONGO VALLEY, CA - APRIL 11:  A desert cotto...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Its that particular time of year when the evenings are such that the round tails and the lizards go home earlier than usual and the night hawks come out to ear earlier than usual. and one has the pleasure of seeing calm and resting jack rabbits as night hawks gracefully hunt.

The red racer has claimed the area beneath my high dresser as his/hers. She seems to like to watch my toes as I brush my hair and is content so long as no big moves are made over his head.
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We Don't Live as Long

Why don't we Americans,live as long as the peoples of many other countries.

We are shown evidence that our heath care system does a better job of protecting life than do the systems of many other countries. So, why our poor longevity?

Could it be that a significant number of us have poor access to that system?

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California Drivers

Understand the laws and rules of the road. Pay attention, avoid distractions, be courteous.

Take a sample written test at

Marginal Revolution

Marginal Revolution is an interesting blog to check-out if you want a bit of background for understanding the news. It's strong on economics and is a bit biased toward the well-being of people.

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